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Wednesday, 27 December 2017


I entered Akwa-Ibom a day to the NYSC camp resumption. I had picked cab at the park and asked where I could get an accommodation. The friendly cab man drove me to a hotel not very far from the NYSC camp, I could easily get to camp when it opens the following day. After he dropped me
at the hotel, I paid him and collected his contact because I would be needing his services later in the evening and the following day. I checked in and settled in the hotel, showered and laid in bed to
rest, setting the alarm of my phone at 6pm. Shania’s flight as she told me will be landing at Akwa-Ibom airport from Lagos by 6pm, I slept off afterwards.
After the NYSC posting came out, and co-incidentally I was posted in the same state with Precious and Shania, I foresaw drama unfolding in the future. I wanted to tell Shania but decided against it. It should better be a surprise to the both of us when we meet in camp. I wouldn’t know what her reaction might be, would she believe me if I tell her?
Precious after her message, kept calling but I did well not to pick her calls so that when we meet at the camp everybody will look surprised. Since we were to report to camp one week after the printing of our call up letters, I know the waiting won’t be long before the drama began. On the contrary, my sisters had told me of how fun camping would be. It had always been something I was looking forward to. Jenny had warned me to be careful with the two girls I was going to Akwa-Ibom with after I told her about the posting. She had also jokingly told me not to bring home a pregnant woman after my service year. A night before I left for camp, the family had convened a meeting on my behalf and advice and prayers kept pouring from every angle. At the end of the meeting, it was a relief going to bed.
I woke up to my phone ringing, it was my mum calling. After I talked with her, sleep eluded me. It was not yet 6pm so I showered and went down to the bar. I settled with a bottle of Harp and surveyed the hotel premises. A lot of taxis were coming with people I believe to be prospective corps members. Since the hotel was close to the Camp, it was in the right site. I was still looking around when two girls came into the bar. These girls have got a height to kill for, both fair and their skin shun in the
evening sun. One was slim looked more like those that can eat a bucket of food but you can hardly see them add a pound while the other was plump with the right portion of boobs and bum. They settled in the table opposite mine. The plump girl went to place their order leaving the slim one to her phone. I was dazed by their beauty and exceptional resemblance. No doubt they are twins.
While looking around the bar her eyes met mine looking at her, she smiled and nodded while I did same. What a beautiful smile she has. It will be dirt on my Honor if I allow these girls to go without becoming friends with them. I was still contemplating on the move to make when the plump girl came back with a pack of yogurt and small bottle of magic moment and two glass cups.
Picking my bottle, I went around to their table. “Hi! Do you ladies mind if I join here?”
“No! It’s no problem, make yourself comfy,” the slim girl replied with a smile while the plump girl also smiled too. “Thanks. You are corps members? I asked settling down.
“Yea Prospective” she replied stressing the prospective and laughing.
“Come on, once you are mobilised, you are a corps member already.”
“You can’t be so sure until you are done with the camp registration without any issue.” The plump girl said amidst pouring their drink. “By the way, I’m Purity a prospective corps member” I said making sure to stress the prospective. “Purity?” the slim girl asked while the plump girl smiled.
“Yes, why?” I asked surprised at their reaction.
“Is that your real name or a nick?”
“It’s my real name, are you surprised?”
“Yea, by the way I’m Purity and this is my twin sister Divine?” “You gats be kidding me, are you for
real?” I asked surprised.
“Yea, seeing someone that goes by that as a real name for the first time.” She replied.
“Same here.”
“What’s your other name?” she asked.
“Someone should tell me that this is not happening” she said while Divine laughed out spilling some contents of the drink from her mouth. She apologised covering her mouth while her twin kept looking at me in surprise.
“Come on, what’s the problem?” I asked lost in their mood.
“I’m Emmanuelle’ she finally said.
“Wow! Are you serious?”
She nodded and sipped from her cup while her sister kept laughing. Her mood and her sister’s reaction showed that there was more which they definitely won’t tell me. We talked more and got
to know each other well. They were also lodging in the hotel. In the midst of our discussion, Shania
called and told me that they just landed. I called the cabbie who told me to give him five minutes that he will be there with me. While waiting, we kept talking about stuffs we’ve heard about camp
and how fun we think it’s going to be. Barely five minutes later, the cab man came and I excused myself from them. “I have to pick someone from the airport. It a pleasure meeting you girls.”
“Yea, same here,” they both replied in unison like they practised it.
“Which room are you guys, maybe I can check up on you when I come back?”
“23, room 23” Divine said.
“Ok then, see you guys later” I said and
The drive to and from the airport didn’t take much time as I expected. Shania was already waiting and locating her wasn’t difficult. Though stressed, she was looking so very beautiful and
breathtaking. We left the airport and headed back to the hotel. After unloading Shania’s boxes from the both of the car, I paid the cab man off. “You look stressed out” I said as we entered the room.
“Yea, very. The flight was delayed cos it was raining in Lagos so we had to wait. And the several gallops in the air would have made me pee on my panties. It wasn’t just funny, everybody was scared
till we landed.”
“Well, thank God for journey mercies.”
“Yea. How many hours did you spend on the road before you got here?” she asked lying down on the bed.
“Approximately five hours. Had to board two different buses before I got here” I replied untying the lace of her sandals.“Why didn’t you just take a flight? It would have been much easier. ”
“I told you before that I have a phobia for height, moreover I wouldn’t have wasted eighteen thousand, five hundred on a flight ticket. Who wan try that one in this harsh economy? They gave me the money but I took a bus instead.”
“Purity you can never change. In fact I’m going to tell your mum. ”
“She knows already miss gossip. I told her I won’t fly when she gave me the money.” I replied unbuttoning her shirt. “Jenny said I shouldn’t allow hunger kill you in Akwa-Ibom. So from now onwards, it’s either you do what I say or get ready to starve.” She said smiling.
“Yes ma’am” I replied in mock seriousness with a salute.
After I unclothed her, I had that stirring in my groin. It has been a while and I so much wanted to dig into her right way. I laid on her and gathered her face into my palm, giving her a deep kiss. With our lips locked, we savoured on the pleasure of our lips. We sucked on each other’s tongues and lips like our lives depended on it. After kissing for a while, I stood up and carried her to the bathroom. I could
see the longing in her eyes as she stared at me. I sat her down on the toilet sit and pull off my cloths throwing them outside the bathroom. I turned the shower on as we both stood under it. We allowed the water to run down our body for a while before deciding to lather up. I carried her back to the room after we cleaned our body, placing her on the bed, I laid on her as we resumed kissing. The heaving of her chest pushed her boobs against my chest while my rock hard stif pressed hard on her
abdomen. Slipping off from her lips, I kissed from her neck down to her boobs and feasted on them; I sucked on one, tickled her hard tips with my fingers while she kept moaning and wiggling
under me. I kept on sucking her boobs interchangeably while tickling her already swollen clit with my fingers. She was so dripping wet that I could feel it gushing down her butt crack.
After spending some quality time on her boobs, I left them red and swollen kissing my way down to her holies. Parting her laps wide, I dipped a finger into her wet cunt. She moaned out loud and wiggled her waist pushing it up. I smiled at the expression on her face while I tormented her. Thrusting slowly into her with my finger, I came down and placed my tongue on her clit.
Feeling my tongue on her clit, she clasped her laps around my head and pushed my head down while also pushing her waist up. I gave her clit a few suck before her orgasm came. I pulled away and allowed her squirts to flow down to the sheet. I know why I had to make her cum first not minding how stiff I was down. Since it had been a while I had sex last, I know I wouldn’t last long, so I had to make sure she got to her climax before I stick in my dick. When she recovered from her orgasm, I went down and kissed from her belly button up to her lips. Leaving her lips once again, I kissed down to her boobs and resumed sucking. As I sucked on her boobs, she propped herself up and held my semi- turgid dick and started stroking me. With the way she stroked my dick, my hard on came back strong and I was ready to go. Pushing her down gently, I parted her laps; pushed a pillow under her waist; savoring the sight of her well shaved and dripping pussy before inviting my dick. Holding my
dick close to her pussy, I started rubbing dick head to her clit. Shania never disappoints with her moans, it can make you want to do more. When my dick started being over sensitive with the contact it was making with her pussy, in one swift thrust, my dick occupied her holies. She opened her mouth and her eyes budged while she dug her fingernails on my back. The tightness of her Walls on my dick
drew me closer to the edge. I know I was close so I started thrusting with speed after which my seeds came rushing down. No matter how many times you have sex, that feeling when you are about to cum never eludes you. I jerked and bucked as my cum rushed out. When I felt it close to my tip, I pulled out and started jerking myself off on her. She stared at me while I kept relieving myself of the accumulated seeds inside of me. I couldn’t believe the amount of cum I poured on out on her.
When I was done jerking off, I bent down and gave her a kiss still breathing like someone that just finished a marathon.
“Welcome to Akwa-Ibom,” I said as I laid beside her.
“Wow! Thanks and that was massive.”
She said referring to my cum.
“Yea, I have been saving it up for you.”
“Why didn’t you cum inside of me?” she asked turning to face me.
“Hmm!! Because you didn’t tell me to.”
We cuddled for a moment before going to wash off. We dressed up and went to get something she would eat. On coming out from my room, I looked at the room number opposite mine and for the first time I noticed the number, room 23.
We went to the hotel café to eat. While we ate, Divine came in and walked to
the counter. I called out for her. When she saw me, she smiled and came around our table.
“Hey! What’s up?” she said when she got to my table. She smiled to Shania and greeted her.
“I’m good, how are you?”
“Good, came to buy food.”
“Where is Purity?”
“She is upstairs.”
“Oh! This is my girlfriend, she is the one I went to pick from the airport I said to Divine and turning to Shania, this is Divine, we just met not long ago and she is a twin.”
“Hi!” Shania said as they shook hands.
“Are you PROSPECTIVE too?” Divine asked Shania while I laughed.
“Sorry?” the confused Shania replied.
“Are you prospective” she repeated now laughing.
“I don’t understand or are you guys playing with me here?”
“No, no one is playing with you, she means are you a prospective corps
“Oh! Yea” she replied now laughing.
“Ok then, I will see you guys later let me get going,” she said turning to go pick her food from the counter.
“Ok, our room is opposite yours.”
“Are you serious?”
“I will tell Purity” she said and left.
“That girl is funny” Shania said when she left.
“Yea met them before coming to pick you.”
“Purity is her twin sister?”
After we ate, we went to the bar to have some drink. While we drank, we discussed random issues. Shania asked after Precious and I told her that it has been a while I saw or heard from her. I told her that she will possibly be
in Abuja because that’s where she worked her posting to, knowing that it’s just a matter of few hours before things starts unfolding. We stayed out till 11pm and decided to retire to bed.
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