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Friday, 29 December 2017


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… 

Three days later, we had our induction which was graced by the Governor of the state. The induction saw many people corps members slumping as we stood under the scorching sun waiting for the dignitaries. It was a very tedious day for the Red Cross and Emergency response team.
The induction ceremony started from 8am and lasted till 2pm. We were all relieved to retire to our hostels to prepare for the welcome party which would hold that night, a night to remember. I have been unconsciously looking out for any sign of Precious but had seen none. A mind was telling me that maybe she had pressed some buttons and they re posted her to Abuja.
After tasting the camp food the first day. I resolved not to eat from the kitchen again also with others. We resorted to eating in Mami market. Having paid for our meals and drinks the first two days, they stopped me from paying. We now took turns in paying for the meals and drinks. Today one person will handle the bills and another for the next day. It was a thing of fun between us.
Since we came to camp, Shania used every available opportunity to show everyone that cared to know that we were dating. It was not a secret to both Purity and Divine. Her position beside me was not negotiable. Within the few days we already stayed in camp, half of the well to do guys in her platoon were already trying to get acquainted with her, her platoon commander inclusive. It was a thing of concern to me at first, but she convinced me not to bat an eye lid as I’m the only person she has an eye for.
Every night, after leaving Mami market, we will always excuse ourselves from the others to have a little time for Us. On one of those nights, precisely the second night in camp, she had told me that she was a bit not too comfortable with the closeness between Purity and I. She said that she had observed the way she looks at me, and how my name never leaves her mouth even in their hostel.
I assured her that there was nothing and nothing would happen between Purity and I. I told her the only thing I had with her was being in the same platoon and the fact that our platoon members had resorted to calling us twins instead of our names.
Before we left for the camp, we promised each other that instead of pulling up an attitude whenever we feel grieved over the other person’s attitude to always come out and talk about it and make things easy.
We made time for ourselves by always secluding from the others and spending some little time before going to bed. Our spot was under a mango tree which was away from the rays of light. The mango tree had some molded benches around it. We always spend time doing some romantic mushy things before going to bed.
Owing to the fact that we were told to come with enough money as we wouldn’t be allowed to go out and make withdrawals, most people came fully stocked with cash, myself inclusive. Shania handed all the money she came with to me. Whenever she needed to buy anything, she will beep me up, either I went to her or she comes to where I am to collect the money. I had over a hundred and fifty thousand in my waist pouch.
I will be blind to say that I haven’t noticed Purity’s closeness to me. I first noticed her unusual quietness when she realised that we shared the same name in the hotel to the whole leaning on my shoulder every morning during parade. When in our platoon she is always clinging to me.
Purity has a wonderful personality. She portrays this big and strict girl personality that makes any guy making advances towards her think twice. No wonder Yusuf said she looks way out of his league. Below that strict personality is a very emotional girl. I have tried to understand why she keeps a double personality but couldn’t place a finger on it.
There is this quiet composure she maintains each time she is around me, but I cared not to attach any importance to it. After all we met before coming to camp so I assumed that was the reason for the closeness.
Divine on her part is a free spirited fellow. She is jovial and friendly to all but knows her limit. She is someone that is outspoken and flows during conversations, there is no room for unnecessary quietness.
One thing I didn’t fail to notice was that, whenever her twin sister starts pestering me, she smiles and sometimes uses some funny lingual which I couldn’t comprehend. From their lifestyle one can aptly deduce that they were from a well to do family.
Yusuf on his side is from a rich Muslim family. He is also a free spirited individual but one problem with him is his talkative and boastful attitude. Away from Divine he is always drooling over her but whenever we are together, he gets tongue tied.
To Be Continued…

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