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Saturday, 30 December 2017


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
Everybody was in an elated mood owing to the welcome party to be held that evening. Some artistes were already hinted to grace the party. The state Governor had promised us to invite Mish the ‘Akwa-Ibom ayaya’ crooner and Iyanya the ‘Kukere’ crooner. The party was scheduled to start by 8pm till 12am.
Owing to the population of the corps members, the party was to be held on the parade ground instead of the Pavilion. Yusuf left the hostel before me in order to get seats for us. The DJ was blasting the speakers by the time I came out from the hostel. I dialled Yusuf and he stood up directing me to his position. The parade ground was dimly lit with the lights focused more on the stage.
The girls came and joined us. I told them to secure the seat while I left with Yusuf to get some drinks from Mami market. We bought bottles of Smirnoff Vodka and two packs of Hollandia yogurt to dilute it. I had noticed that Shania was wearing a short white skirt, one could easily mistake it to be a short. We came back with the drinks and some disposable cups and the party started in earnest for us.
Amidst the party, Yusuf was making efforts to get his grooves with Divine who seemed more interested in the party than the convo Yusuf was consistently trying to start up with her. Purity on her side seemed unnecessarily quiet that evening sipping from her cup chipping in intermittently into the discussion. I asked her a couple of times if everything was ok which she always replied in affirmation.
The crowd went agog when Mish started his performance. Everybody was singing along with him while others were dancing to the music. Divine was standing, dancing and singing while her twin just sat pressing her phone and sipping from her cup. Yusuf relaxed back in his seat with his cup in hand watching Divine twisting and whining her waist.
Shania left her seat to sit on my laps, grinding her bum on my Joystick which was already gorged. I smiled up at her and kissed her neck.
“Is the drink getting to you already?” I asked holding her waist.
“Yup, a little” she replied giggling.
“Did I tell you, that you are smoking hot?”
“Nope, you are just telling me.”
“What’s wrong with Purity? Did she tell you?” I whispered into her ears.
“Nope, maybe she needs to sort out herself, meanwhile I think I forgot to wear panties, do you mind checking?” she replied, smiling to my face.
She felt my hard Joystick move and smiled the more. “He knows mummy is around.”
I slipped my hand into her skirt and felt her clean shaven already wet. I pretentiously looked around to see if the people around were paying attention to us but everybody’s attention was focused more on the show. I noticed Yusuf looking at us from the corner of his eyes while Purity was still glued to her phone neither interested in us or the show.
While looking around, I was caressing her under her skirt as she tried hard to stifle her moans. I kept on playing with her clit while she clung to my neck moaning into my ears. Suddenly, Purity stood up and without saying a word to anybody, she left. Shania’s moans were becoming a little audible but got swallowed in the noise from the party.
She parted her laps more while I dipped my middle finger into her Well. She jerked and moaned out which attracted Divine’s attention. She looked at us and smiled knowing what was going on. She bent down and whispered to us
“You two should f**cking get a room.”
“We already have one” I replied her.
She smacked Shania on her bum and went back dancing.
“Why not help Yusuf out” I said to her laughing. She looked back at me at raised the middle finger. Turning to Yusuf, she bent and pecked him before resuming her dancing. She seemed not bothered by her sister’s moody situation, even when she realised that Purity wasn’t around anymore, she seemed not worried.
After a while of manipulation her, she shifted a bit giving herself space to pull out my Joystick. She caressed my Joystick for a while before raising her waist. After a little adjustment, she lowered herself unto my Joystick. Cold shivers ran down my spine when I felt my Joystick within her warm walls. She sat on it and whispered into my ears, “If you are good to go nod your head”. I waited a while to savour the feeling before nodding. She started whining her waist on my Joystick sending bolts of pleasure into me. She kept whining on my Joystick when Iyanya mounted the stage and his Kukere rented the air.
I was feeling so out of the world with our little escapade. The fact that we were f**cking quite in the mist of the crowd without being noticed by anybody made it more fun and pleasurable. After a while she stopped whining and started moving her waist up and down slowly. With the way she was moving slowly, my Joystick was getting more engorged inside of her.
She kept humping up and down on my Joystick with the rhyme of Iyanya’s song which has changed to ‘your waist’. I felt her walls contrasting on my Joystick; she steadied herself while I held her waist and started thrusting in slowly. Immediately I felt her warm Pour dripping down my shaft, I started exploding inside her. She clung tight to my neck breathing heavily into my ears, while I held to her waist pouring my Pour into her.
After we recovered ourselves, she stood up and smiled, kissing me passionately. She picked her phone from the seat and told me that she was off to her hostel. I poured some drinks into my cup, stood up and walked her down to her hostel.
“That’s a nice performance you put up out there” I said as we walked down her hostel.
“I’ve been planning for it since morning, so that’s a plan well executed.”
“Do I say thank you for that?”
“No don’t worry, it’s a welcome package for you.”
“I will be needing more of this welcome package if you don’t mind” I said smiling.
“Don’t worry it’s all yours, once an opportunity presents itself you will always have one.”
I walked her to the hostel and after kissing good nights I went back to the party. What other welcome party could I have asked for? When I got back, I saw Yusuf talking with Divine. I quietly settled on my seat without their notice. The guy seated behind me with a girl I presumed to be his chick tapped me on the shoulder.
“Bros I dey hail o, you bad gan” he said while the girl giggled looking at me.
“Ah! Wetin man go do na?” I replied smiling wryly to cover up the little embarrassment I felt.
“It’s allowed sha, just that my own here no even gree give even if na small kiss make I take manage.” He said turning to the girl.
“Why na? Babe why you no wan shine small teeth for my guy na?” I said to the girl. She smiled coyly and looked away.
We were still talking when I heard Divine raising her voice. I turned and saw her shouting at Yusuf.
“Are you out of your mind? How dare you try such rubbish?”
Yusuf made to stand up but she pushed him back to his seat. I stood up immediately and led Divine out as the scene was attracting people’s attention already. She was still fuming with anger when we left the place. I told her to calm down and tell me what happened.
She told me how Yusuf pleaded with her to seat that he wants to discuss something with her. She sat down and he started telling her how he likes her and would want them to date. She said Yusuf continued saying rubbish obviously from his drunken state. On noticing that he was drunk, she told him to tell her all those stuffs tomorrow when he is not drunk. They were still talking when suddenly she felt him trying to force his hand into her short. She had cautioned him at first but he persisted and that infuriated her and she flared up.
I calmed her telling her that Yusuf was actually acting out of drunkenness and not from his right mind. I walked her back to her hostel and came back but Yusuf was not around anymore. I bade the guy and girl sitting beside me goodnight and left for the hostel.
When I got to the hostel, I met Yusuf sprawled on his bed snoring. I took our buckets and went out to fetch the water we will use the following morning, while I was fetching water, I kept hearing people talking about a girl that was called up to the stage by Iyanya.
To Be Continued…

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