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Saturday, 30 December 2017



I ate my food like I haven't eaten in like 3 months. Gulping real hard. I wasn't the type of girl who knew how to control herself in the presence of a man.
He chuckled as I kept eating on.
"What?" I spoke with my mouth full of burgers.
"Nothing, you're just so hilarious" he smiled taking my chips.
I nodded in agreement.
We spent the few minutes eating together on his table. I didn't only feel safe with this guy but I felt...comfortable. I wasn't scared or insecure about anything and he on the other hand, was a sweet gentleman. Thoughtful, smart, responsible and totally understanding.
"What's going on in your mind Gabby, you've been lost in space" he grinned.
I smile and hold his large hands.
"Yes, I'll date you"
"I'm sorry, what?" His blue eyes open in surprise.
"You heard me, I'll date you Luke" I chuckled.
He stood up, walked to where I sat. He knelt down like he was going to propose.
My heart skipped. If he was gonna ask me to
marry hi m hell no. I won't. I'm not ready for that kind of commitment right now.
"I promise you Gabby, I'll never hurt you. You don't know how I feel hearing you say that to me. I won't let you down. I won't make you cry. I promise to do whatever it takes to make and keep you happy" he pressed his lips on mine. His kiss, soft and sweet. Then he stopped to look into my eyes.
I wasn't good at that intimate stare stuff I don't know why but to me, it's kinda weird.
"Wow...." I felt my eyes get a little watery. No one has ever said something like that to me before.
"Why am I getting emotional?" I chuckled, whipping my eyes with my hands.
He smiled " I love you".
"I love you too" I gave him a short kiss.
"C'mon, let's get you home." He held my hands.
"Wait, I can just drive or walk's not far" I said.
"You didn't come with your car today and I don't want you to walk home.
Gabby, you can take the week off if you want. I need to see that you're alright" he looked at me with his blue eyes.>
I sighed.
"How'd you know I didn't come to work with my car? And.. Taking a week off, that's really a lot. What would I be doing home, alone?"
"I didn't see it outside"
"And if you get lonely, you can call me. You know I'd be there in no time"
He smirked.
We set out of his office with him holding my hands.
At the reception, Rosie gave me the evil eye as we passed.
I'm guessing she's gonna need to see the Ophthalmologist soon because, She'll be seeing more than just I and Luke holding hands.
One thing about love, you never know where the hell it's gonna take you. You never know who it'll give to you but one thing's for sure, It's never gonna give you the wrong one if only you open your eyes to see it.
Luke dropped me off at my house and headed back to finish his work at the office. He insisted on staying with me but no, I can't let him abandon his job as boss just because of me.
I washed my stained uniform in the Washing machine, took my bath, took some pills too.
Made my self a plate of cereal while I rented the
Notebook movie to watch.
In the middle of the movie, I heard my phone ringing all the way from my room.
Oh that was a long journey.. Why didn't I take it here with me in the first place?


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