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Friday, 15 December 2017



Waking up to the sound of my alarm clock wasn't one of my favorite things to do. It was 5:30am already and I felt like I only closed my eyes for an hour. I looked out my window for a while, as this was my morning routine. Rolled over to the other side of my bed to check my phone for any calls or texts from you know wh o. None. I got off the bed to the bathroom, quickly took my bath, did my make up and was ready for work.

The office isn't far from my house. Just four blocks away so I didn't take my car. I worked as a janitor. Its been a year since I got the job.

Mom had been working her ass out to make ends meet in the family,Dad on the other hand was not helping matters. He would steal money from mom and go to gamble it all away. Sometimes, I wished that he had died a long time ago, but I didn't want my mother to loose the love of her life. No matter how hurt he made her feel, she had never stopped loving him. I pray he realizes that before it's too late.

I decided to help mom out with the financial status of the family. I pay for my brothers (George and Alberto) fees in school, I make sure that I send money for food stuffs before the end of every month. It isn't easy but I do my best to make sure that my family remains happy and satisfied.

"Good Morning pretty Elle" Billy greets politely like he always does.

I smile "morning Billy, you sleep well?" I responded.

"I sure did" he tells me while running off past me.

I smile again. Shaking my head. He's always in a hurry to nothing.

I got into the janitor's room, got changed into my uniform giving myself a little pep talk. I put my hair in a pony tail. Picked up my brush, mop and dust pan then headed to clean the reception.

"Good morning Rosie" I greeted the receptionist.

"Morning dear, uh.. You heard about our new boss?" She says dropping her pen like she'd just remembered something important to do.

Anytime I feel like snooping, I just go over to Rosie's table. Trust me when I say, women are the best story tellers.

"New boss? Nope. But please, do tell" I try not to sound savage.

"Well, Of course!. He is pretty young to be a boss. I mean where'd they even find him?" She looks at me expecting me to answer her question.

"Oh Rosie, I have no idea. Uhm... can we talk later? I need to go clean the boardroom." I tell her with a smile trying so hard not to look disrespectful.

"Okay dear." She said responding to my smile.

Its a wonder how smiles are contagious but that doesn't work on me.

I hated cleaning the boardroom. It's got lots of chairs and that does not make my job easy in any way.

I was almost done until I felt a presence in the room and when I turned, you wouldn't believe who it was. Luke??!!!

What in God's name is he doing here?? This must be a dream! It had to!!

I was about to loose my balance if it wasn't for the chair behind me.

"Hi, we meet again" he says with his incredible thick British accent and a smile.

He's got dimples.. Lawd! This man was like a Greek statue. His jawlines so perfect, his broad shoulders fitting into his suit. No no.. I need to stop these stupid thoughts. I barely know him.

"I guess so, good morning. But what are you doing here? I haven't seen you around as a worker. Do you work here?" I ask walking over to my materials trying not to fidget.

"I work here now, yes. As your boss" he says with a smile again.

Was he trying to flirt? Why is he smiling so much? And hell no!! Why does he have to work here? The least thing I wanted in this world was for any guy to know where I work and what I worked as.

"Okay good. Gotta go though. Bye" I walked away as fast as I could without looking back.

"Wait." He ordered

I froze then slowly turned to see him walking towards me.

"You forgot your mop" he said handing the little devilish object to me.

"Oh..." I laugh nervously

"Silly me, I'm sorry about that. Thank you" I said before leaving him standing there.

This isn't going to end well. I watch this in the movies. Your new boss who you kinda know and starts hitting on you. Threatening to fire you if you don't do whatever it is he wants you to do. And then you'd turn out to be a sex slave! Eeeek! No freaking way! I need to start searching for a new job. And quick before he tries any funny business.


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