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Saturday, 30 December 2017



    Fred waited impatiently in his office for the knock on his door. What exactly was she doing here? He never mixed his business life with his personal life. Never! So what was Katie Laurens doing in his office? He had been waiting since his secretary called him that Katie wanted to see him. Its been two weeks now since they last saw after the dinner date. He had been disturbed ever since, and had been stalking her everyday since he heard her story, but Georgina Huckings was giving him a tough time. She wanted to take control of the market which Fred wouldn't allow. He had been in the business long before her and after all, she was just a woman, an ordinary woman and he wouldn't lose to a woman. He had spent the better part of his two weeks coming up with new ideas to attract more shareholders to his company and recruiting more experts to handle stuffs, he would still lead the economic market no matter what.
     Oops, and there he heard it, the knock he had been waiting for. "Come in." He called and the door opened as Katie walked in. He had expected something casual for an informal visit but her dressing spoke indirectly to him that it was strictly business which made him wonder what exactly she was here for if not for a friendly visit. "Hey Mr Stiles, I'm Katie Laurens from National news and I'm here to ask you some questions." She said. So she was a reporter, interesting. She was even working for National news, the best News company in the city. He gestured for her to sit. "Oh Katie, you don't have to be formal, you know that." He told her. He couldn't take his eyes off her. He never did. Her curves and hips were brought out by her tight suit skirt and the lines curving her breasts were shown by the camisole tightened by the suit jacket that was buttoned right below her breasts. Her flat tummy made her shape gorgeous and she looked beautiful the way she styled her blonde hair. Either casual or formal, she was spectacular. "Yes I have to be, because this is strictly business." She replied raising her chin up in a gesture that he was sure, made her feel in control. "Alright ma'am, you can ask your questions." He said just as he called his secretary for two glasses of wine for the both of them.
     "Mr Stiles, I'm very sure you have been interviewed before by other reporters when you were about showing your face to the public so I'm going to leave the primary and go straight to what brought me here exactly." She said looking at him straight in the eye which made him wonder if it wasn't the same lady that was crying on his shoulders, so vulnerable, two weeks ago. She looked cold and harsh, well, he loved those who kept their personal life away from business. "Miss Laurens, you're keeping me on suspense. Have I done anything wrong?" He asked as their wine was brought to them. "Not exactly, but when I was going through your statement, I saw this part and I came to think that you didn't expatiate on it well, I'm here so you could complete it." She showed him some writings on her tab and he saw the part she zoomed, his statement about his mother. He became very uneasy. "I will be very sad to inform you that its personal and I have the right to my privacy in my business, I told other reporters that." He told her. But she wasn't moved, she dropped her files and tab and came to sit on the same couch he was sitting, a little bit close to him. "Well, other reporters, not Katie. Fred, forget being formal now, look at me as the girl that you met two weeks ago that shared her ordeals with you when you were on the same bed, I want you to tell me about your mother and why she changed her identity and refused to be identified by your father's name." She said. Fred was surprised how she could change easily in a moment. He couldn't do that. Anytime he was personal, he was strictly personal and same with business. "Thought you said it was strictly business." He asked her but she just smiled. "I knew you weren't going to tell me that easily according to what I read on the reporters' file about the reason you couldn't tell them about your mother, so I thought I could ask you as a friend." She was just too sweet to refuse and though a lot of people have asked him that he didn't tell, he felt like pouring everything to this lady. "Why do you want to know?" He asked. "Well, I'm working on a report that I found out was associated with you. So Fred, please talk to me as a friend. Don't hide anything. I trusted you with my past, trust me with yours and I won't make it public, I promise." She touched his hands and he felt vulnerable immediately. Tears welled up in his eyes as events started coming back to his memory, events that he had tried his best to lock out, been long he told anyone about it.
    "Vanessa Stiles, that was her name. Very beautiful and caring. She was the best mother in the world when I was twelve. I loved her dearly but not as much as my father, even at that age, I could tell he loved her more than his own life. We were all happy together and things were going on smoothly." He remembered how things had been, how his mother would take him to school every morning and tell him he loved her. How he was always showing off to his friends the beauty of his mother, how she was the closest thing to him, he missed those moments. But now, it was like they never even happened. "She travelled when I was fifteen, I never wanted her to go but she had to, for business reasons. I felt something bad was gonna happen to her and I wanted to follow her but she wouldn't let me. She left. And that was when my mother died to me. She didn't come back for two years, two fucking years. Dad also didn't know her where about, he was broken, we thought something bad had happened to her as I said. We were restless, we couldn't live our lives 'cos she wasn't there. We reported to the police and involved everyone and every news station we could, we spent one year hoping. Even those at her work said she never reported and even wanted to fire her until they realised she was missing." Fred looked at Katie, she was paying full attention and never left his hand, was encouraging him. He remembered how things had been tough for them for the two years she was away, how he had fallen sick most times. How he would write a letter on a kite each day and fly it to her and wait outside for a reply that never came. "We had lost hope that she would ever come back until one day. One fucking summer afternoon that we heard a knock on the door. I went to open it and it turned out to be Vanessa. She had changed, her face had changed but there was still a little resemblance that made me know it was her, she wasn't that beautiful but her figure also changed too, she had that supermodel shape and when I saw her, I didn't know whether to run and hug her or just close the door. Well I closed the door on her face and shouted that my mother was dead until my dad came to open the door and let her in. He accepted her, he loved her, he brought her in back and we celebrated and rejoiced." Fred couldn't help but think that if his father hadn't opened the door for her that day, if only they had kept her out of their house and lives, things wouldn't be the same way they were, his father wouldn't be handicapped. "We thought it was only her physical appearance that changed, little did we know that her behaviour and way of thinking also changed with it. She was another person entirely, very different and cold. She and dad had quarrels every fucking time, they always fought and dad always apologised, we always did as she wanted. Dad loved her to the extent that he willed all his properties to her when she asked for it. He was blinded by her love and I was too young to understand what was going on, at seventeen. They kept everything between them. She started treating me badly, always beating and wiping me, always irritated by my sight, she always locked me indoors when she had visitors. Strange visitors. Until she told my dad she wanted to be a supermodel, that it had been her dream all long and didn't want to stay with us, she wanted to leave and she did just that taking all we had, all our properties along. Dad didn't wanna give up on her, he never did, he chased her, begging and begging for her to come back. He went to extreme length to get her back. In the process of begging her, he had a fatal accident when I was nineteen that made him handicapped with less than one possibility of becoming normal again." He cried hard, the pain was just too much for him now when he remembered the state his father was. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry." He looked at Katie as she offered him an handkerchief. "She never came back, still never did. She changed her name, to a stage name or something, I don't care to know. Heard she died in an accident some, years later, she deserved more than that. She used my dad and I and made us suffer." He still wondered what made her change. She never told them what happened within the two years she was away. But he didn't give a fuck, she betrayed them and it was all he could think of.
      "I'm so sorry Fred, so sorry, you've been through a lot and...." Her phone rang then, she excused herself to pick it and when she came back, she became very uneasy, he noticed, her face became pale and he wondered what happened. "I'm really sorry but I have to go right now." She said. "Is everything okay?" He asked but she just waved it off. "Its nothing." He stood up to meet her. "Well, guess I have helped you in your report well enough." She smiled. "Yes, I got all I need." She said and took her files then walked to the door. "Katie.." He called, she looked back. "Wanna ask you, who are you reporting about?" He asked her. "Georgina Huckings, I guess you know her already." And with that, she walked out. What!! Georgina. Interesting, he was going to still talk about her with Katie, guess it was high time he paid her a visit.


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