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Monday, 11 December 2017


In the world of today so much is centered on nuclear weapons because of the threat it poses to humanity .History has favored this weapon as one of the most destructive ever made by man .it killed over 200,000 people when it was first used  on two Japanese cities and also leaving many injured.
The important question here is, are they for Peace or Anti-peace but one thing I know is why keep something so deadly when you have no use for it. Some individuals might argue that they are for self defense but what are you defending yourself from if you aren’t also giving the impression of being the one that will even start the attack.
Nuclear weapon for one has created a case of national and global insecurity there have also been reported cases of more than a dozen documented instances of the near use of nuclear weapons as a result of miscalculations or accidents.
A lot of money is also spent on maintenance and possible creation of these instruments of mega destructions lets us all assume that all this funds are channeled into more important necessities like Education, research, poverty eradication etc who says there won`t be a better tomorrow. Because when an average man is educated, employed, receiving a good income and living a lovely life, there won`t be too many cases of suicide bombings which is gradually becoming a trend in the world and also a huge threat.
It`s well known that most of the people that partake in the act of suicide bombing are mostly uneducated and hence are easily confused that they are fighting for a right cause, I believe if this people are shown the light, our world will be a better one.
We all live in fear knowing that we are doomed if these nuclear weapon falls into the wrong hands. Let`s all come together and support world peace.
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