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Thursday, 28 December 2017


The knock on the door woke me up around 6:30 am. Shania’s hands were around my waist with her head buried in my chest. She seemed not to be disturbed by the knock on the door. I disentangled her hand from my waist and gently shifted away to answer the door. I had that early morning embarrassing stiffy which led the way to the door. Peeping through the lock, I made out a frame of a lady standing outside.
“Who is there?”
“It’s me, Divine.”
“Oh!” I said before opening the door. “Good morning ladies” I greeted as I saw the two girls already dressed ready to leave with their bags.
“Good morning” they both chorused. “You are still sleeping?” Divine asked.
“Yea, we retired late last night.”
“Heard your girl came in yesterday too” Purity asked.
“Let’s say hi.”
“She is still sleeping” I replied making way for them to see her culled under the duvet sleeping.
“We are ready to leave, maybe we can beat the queue as everybody will try to come in today” Purity said.
“Oh! Ok, we will soon be ready too. Do you guys have someone that will drive you to the Camp?”
“Not really, we will try and see if we can get a cab outside, though it’s still too early” Divine replied.
“Ok let me call my cab man, maybe he will come around and pick your guys then come back for us.”
I walked back into the room with my stiffy still leading the way. Though I tried sandwiching it in-between my legs while talking with them. But now as I walked, it sprang out again and I’m sure they must have seen it. I looked back in time to catch them smiling. Well they have seen it so no need covering it anymore.
I picked my phone and dialled my cab man. He said that I should give him fifteen minutes to be there. I told him that some two girls will be waiting for him in the bar that after he must have dropped them, he should come and pick me. While I was on the phone with the cabbie, Shania woke up. Looking around, she saw the girls at the door and smiled to them. I guess she must have recognised Divine. Before I dropped the call with the driver, the girls were in the room already. They exchanged pleasantries with Shania while Divine introduced her twin sister. I told them to wait for the driver at the bar that he is on his way. I told them to also keep a spot for us if there is crowd at the camp. They thanked me and left.
“Hey what is this you are walking around with?” Shania asked as she walked up to me kissing me and also stroking my Joystick through my boxer.
“It’s something that belongs to you” I replied reciprocating her kiss.
“Then why are you showing it off for all to see? It should be kept hidden you know. ”
She slipped her hand into my short and pulled out my Joystick. “How I missed you” she said referring to my Joystick. Adjusting herself, she bent down and enveloped it into her mouth. I watched as she licked my pre Pour before sucking on the head. I shivered as waves of pleasure simmered through me to my brain. She sucked on for a while before pulling my Joystick out from her mouth. I looked at her as she walked seductively towards the bed. When she got to the bed, she bent and pulled up her nightie with her Buttocks positioned in a perfect doggy position, she signaled me to come with a finger. Her dripping Kittycat lips looked so tempting from that view. I walked slowly towards her and guided my Joystick into her Kittycat. She pushed back her waist to welcome my Joystick while I adjusted before thrusting in and out slowly. Her waist kept pushing back, meeting my thrust half way. It was fun and more arousing watching her from that angle pushing her waist back. I kept on with the slow thrust for a long while before deciding to increase the tempo. Her moans were already resounding through the room while I increased the speed of my ramming into her. When she couldn’t take the pressure of my thrust anymore, she lowered her upper body down on the bed grabbing the sheet tight with her waist still propelled high. I kept ramming into her with a maintained acceleration. I noticed her
To Be Continued…

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