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Friday, 22 December 2017



I was so tired. I hadn't had much rest and I've got work to do tomorrow. I'm gonna have to call a meeting in the office so we'd start off our projects. I'm way behind time and the deadline's on Friday.
I parked the car in Quinn's garage then I got Gabby's things out the car. I knocked at the door so many times before she answered.
"Gosh, Luke! Its 11:30pm. Couldn't you guys just sleep at her parent's?" She asked angrily.
"I'm sorry to wake you but, you need to come get Gabby. She's really tired and I can't carry her out of her own will" I said politely.
"Well, do you expect me to carry her? Of course you'd carry her. I'll hold the door for you" she whined walking past me to the passenger door.
I opened the door, carried her in my arms while Quinn held the door. I carefully placed her on the couch. Reached for a blanket where I suspected Quinn was using and covered her up anyways.
"There, there"
"Good night then Quinn" I said leaving her place.
She escorted me to the door waving a good bye to me.
I'm not sure I'll have that sleep I wanted but I sure want to get my project done before Friday. First thing tomorrow morning, 5am. I'll be at work. I can't let the company loose this contract.
Next morning
Gabrielle's prov:
"Luke?" I whispered.
"I'm here, I'm here" he said kissing my lips softly, holding my waist with one hand and caressing my breasts with the other.
I moan at his touch causing him to deepen our kiss.
He pulled away, looking into my eyes he said "Gabby, I'm in love with you"
I pulled him closer to me, our lips interlocked perfectly. The next thing I knew, we were on his bed. His blue eyes got darker and his hair damp with sweat.
"I want you to moan" I whispered.
"Make me" he whispered back kissing my neck going down to my chest.
"Mmmmh.. Luke..w..ait" I mumbled.
"Gabby!!" I heard someone call.
"Gabby!! Dammit, wake up! You'll be late for work!! " the voice much clear now. It sounded like Quincy's.
I opened my eyes to find her beside me. I got up sluggishly.
"What time is it?" I ask
"6:15! God, you sleep like a wood" she said angrily leaving the room.
I walked to the bathroom. I had this weird feeling. I can't seem to understand but it's nothing good. I gave my face a wake up was h then quickly took my bath. I wore Quinn's black leather jacket and her black trousers.
She sure got great choice of clothes. I brushed my hair and did my normal light make up.
Quinn already prepared pancakes so I just ate breakfast with her.
"I had the stupidest and most uncomfortable dream Quinn" I said slowly chewing my pancake.
"Oooh dreams. Me like. Tell me" she said rubbing her palms together.
"Luke, he... We... We were smooching! And almost had sex!" I said almost irritated at my own words.
The pancake in her hand fell off "w...what?!" Her eyes went agape and then she busted into endless laughter.
I didn't ask her anything else. I just kept eating until she was done with her ridiculousness.
" I'm sorry baby girl but it's really funny you're feeling upset about it. C'mon Gabby, it's just a bloody dream. Nothing more" she laughed again.
I mimicked her words then got up to leave for work. I packed up my things into my car.
"Thanks Quinn, it was really fun spending the weekend with you" I said giving her a hug.
"Absolutely. And babe? Take your mind off that dream before it gets in your head" she hit me playfully.
I drove off in a hurry. Nothing on earth was stopping me from getting that taser. Lucky me, the sales guy was outside his shop.
"Hi, good morning. You got a taser?" I asked as polite as I could.
"Morning Angel, I sure do. Hold on a bit okay love?" He said smirking at me.
I was running late but it was worth it. He came out handing me the device and I paid him with my credit card.
I got into the reception. Rosie wasn't there. Maybe I ain't the only one coming in late these days. I changed into my uniform then went on to carry out my work.
The office seemed empty. Even Luke's office. This is weird, has rapture taken place? I ran outside to check. Nope, everything was normal.
At exactly 12pm, everyone started coming out of the boardroom. I ran into my locker room. I don't wanna see his face. Sheesh... I hate dreaming about someone then waking up feeling different about them.
There was a knock at the door. Lord.. I prayed it wasn't him. I opened the door to see Milton(some guy who has been checking me out ever since I started working here). He was a cute Blondie. Quite my age or younger. But naaah Boy Bye.
"Hey Gabby, uhm do you mind if I have a word with you?" His deep voice sounded all over my little room.
"Okay, no problems" I said stepping out and closing the door behind me.
"There's this concert my cousin's holding up and I was wondering if you'd like to come with me. No strings attached, just two colleagues going out on a concert." He said smiling broadly.
I felt sad for him. After mustering up the courage to finally talk to me, he was gonna be disappointed. If it were before, I would've accepted to go with him but then again..I had a weird dream. It might not be Luke probably someone else and God is trying to warn me. Thank you Lord. Ain't no guy gon' have my ass.
I chuckled "Milly, when's the concert?"
"Oh, Friday night. 7pm at Royal Stay." He said nervously.
"I can't seem to know my schedules on Friday but I'll think about it. Don't get your hopes up though" I told him with a warm smile.
He nodded and left.
I haven't seen Luke all day, should I stop by his office to say "hi?" No no he's probably busy. I'm just gonna mind my own business. Though I haven't thanked him for getting me home last night or even paying my brother's hospital bills. I don't want him to think of me as an ungrateful bitch. Perhaps I should call him? But I don't have his phone number. Shit.
I walked to the reception to find Rosie back. She was wearing a heavy make up unlike her. Her hair parked in a messy something that didn't look anything like a bun. I'm guessing she just had a manicure cause she took her time in handling the keyboard.
"What's up girlie" I tease
"Oh hi Gabby, arrived late again? " she didn't seem in a good mood today.
" okay? You don't look alright. Someone get you mad?" I say playing with my hair.
"Urrrgh!! I hate your boss!" She said brusquely.
"What did he do?" I rolled my eyes.
She pulled me closer "All this, all of this" she gestured.
"I had myself look attractive for him but he didn't even look at me! All he did was talk about this boring project!" She said hitting the table.
I felt a little jealous I can't seem to know why. Whatever, if she likes him it's no big deal.
"Easy there Tiger, you should just be yourself. If he loves you for it, wonderful! If he doesn't, fine. Don't kill yourself for a guy. You really don't look pretty sulking" I tease and she smiled.
"Get outta here you crazy thing!" She playfully threw paper balls at me.
"I ain't gonna pick those up I hope you know" I said before running off.
We closed pretty early today and I still haven't seen Luke. Hope he's alright. Wouldn't want one of my friends falling ill.
Well, I'm gonna have a long bath when I get home, change my nail Polish and have a me time. I bought the walking dead series on my way home.
While other girls preferred to watch mean girls 1&2 I preferred to lock myself up in my house, popcorn in my left arm, remote in my right arm..watching walking dead.


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