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Saturday, 23 December 2017




The next few days went by quickly.
The next few days were so boring.
Boring and quick - not a good pair.
But you know the fun part? Who am I kidding, there was no fun part. My life was boring. I sat in the reception thinking about Milton's offer. I needed to shake some negative things off my life. I needed to get wild for a while.
Yeah, I'm definitely gonna go with him to the concert.
I was on my way to give him the good news when I bumped into Luke at the hallway.
"Oh sorry" I muttered.
"Yeah, you okay? Haven't seen you in what? Like two years now" he teased.
"I'm pretty sure it's just two days" I laugh.
"And I've been wanting to see you but thought you were busy. Rosie said you guys had a project to work on" I said.
"Yeah, yeah a pretty hard project I tell you. You know, we needed to hire a model for our advertisement but so far none has showed up. I'm loosing hope" he ran his hands through his hair slightly messing it up but it seemed like they obey his touch cause they fell back in place.
"Mmhh okay, don't you worry. It'll be fine" I say trying to leave him so I could catch up with Milton.
"Can I have your number?" He said in his deep British accent, holding me back.
I was kinda surprised at first, guys don't usually ask for my number in such manner. They usually use these weird pick up lines.
"Oh please don't feel uncomfortable Gabby, I've got Quinn's and Edwin's. I need yours too. Just in case.." He looks at me with those pretty blue eyes of his.
"Okay okay, whatever. No night calls" I said typing it in his cell. He gave me a flash immediately and I saved his number before taking off.
I went into the office where all the clerks worked. I see Milton at his table full of paper works. His blonde hair slightly falling into his face and his brows furrowed, possibly getting confused but hey, I cared less.
"Hey, sorry to disturb you" I said gesturing at his papers.
"Oh no's fine, c'mon let's go outside. It's better there" he insisted and I nod.
Luke was having a talk with Rosie when we walked past them, I could feel his stare all over me.
I don't know but I didn't like the thought of him been with Rosie especially after what she told me. Was I jealous? No, hell no. I mean why would I be? I didn't have any feelings for him whatsoever and he's not my boyfriend.
If he wanted to date anyone in the office he's hella free. I don't care.
"Okay, so you thought about my proposal?" Milton interrupted my stupid thoughts.
"Yes, Absolutely. I'll go with you to the concert" I giggled.
He seemed so happy he lifted me off my feet.
"Whoa whoa.. I didn't accept to marry you. Its just a concert." I huff pushing him away.
"Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to. I'm just really excited. I was expecting a no" he apologized rubbing his hand behind his neck shyly.
I looked inside the reception to see Luke glaring.
Pffffft.. Really? Wtf? I glared back at him and he walked out leaving poor Rosie clueless.
"So you'd pick me up at uhm..let's say 7:00pm? Gimme your contact so I can text you my house address".
I scribbled down Lord's way 2 block A Behind Pep's Pet Store on a piece of paper. We exchanged contacts and he left feeling like a school kid who just got straight A's on a test.
My hand reaches my phone through the dark, the power was bad and I groan at having to read the time on the bright screen. 5:07am.
I pull the blankets off me, turned the shower on while I slowly prepared for work just to pass time.
I had to prepare spaghetti and sauce for breakfast, but it seemed time got back at me cause it was now 7:15am and the sauce wasn't ready.
I just turned off the gas, put the half done sauce in the freezer. I don't want to get to work late today. I need to finish off early for the concert.
Just like the rest of the days in this week, today was worse. It was really hot and the power hasn't been restored back. Workers going to and fro looking for where to photocopy files. The place was stuffy as hell.
I on the other hand had no problem except that I hated sweating. It was just so uncomfortable!
I don't know where the hell Luke was but, he better fix this (like he works at the power station) else I'm gonna have to find some other job..probably as an ice cream sales girl.
Working on a bad power was the worst thing ever I swear..think about it, you've got to sweat all through! Endlessly! Even after you're done.
I quickly round off with everything, left early with the excuse of I had a lady problem . I got home and luckily, the power was back on. I took a hot shower, dried and straightened my long dark hair. I picked out a black Tee shirt with the words Rock o n written boldly on them, my blue crazy jeans and black sneakers to wear for the concert with Milton.
I didn't waste much time, I applied a liner and a lip gloss (my temporary love for them though).
I heard my doorbell ring. I ran to open it to find Milton looking His blonde hair semi-messed up but it made him look kinda hot. His perfect jawlines. He looked really hot.
"You look amazing Gabby" he scanned me.
I smile and felt a little blush sweep in my cheeks.
"C'mon, let's get going" he grabbed my hands and led me to the car. He opened the car door for me.. I must fess, I'm really impressed by his demeanor.
We drove for like 40 minutes before we arrived at this hotel..really big and weird that they chose to hold a concert in here. Of course I carried my taser in my bag just in case he decides to do something funny.
We got inside the seemed more like a party than a concert.
"I thought you said it was a concert!!" I yelled trying to get him hear me cause of the loud music.
"I thought it was honestly. I think my cousin tricked me" he said holding my hands as we find our way to the bar.
Or he lied.
Maybe this was just what I needed. A party. Get wild for a while, have fun.
"You got liquor" I ask the bartender immediately I get on the chair.
Milton looks at me, surprised that I drink I guess. It's been a while.. Like three months if I'm not wrong. It won't hurt to go back to it.
"What?" I slur at him.
"Forgive me but I didn't think you're the kind of person to drink" he said ordering a Scotch.
I laugh hard " me too Milly, me too. You drink too so that makes the two of us" I took a shot at my liquor.
"Mmmh! Shit, that felt great! Try mine" I said taking his.
This went on for hours and we decided to hit the dance floor. We danced for a few minutes..grinding, twerking and twisting our hearts out. I cared less about anything else.
I went back to the bar to drink while Milton made out with some hot chick he was flirting with earlier.
I'm glad this isn't a date and that I don't like him. I wonder why we haven't been talking. He's a hell of a guy(in a good way) he's fun, mad fun to be with.
I felt the building turn upside down. The bartender went from three to six, the crazy people started to form weird shapes and my lids closed gradually.
My face slammed at the table.
"Oooooouch...can't you be less painful dork?" I curse at the table. Mumbling other things to myself before everything went blank.


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