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Sunday, 24 December 2017



"Hey..Gabby? You dead?" A voice woke me up from a deep sleep I didn't realise I was having.
What in the world?...
I rubbed my eyes and took in the surrounding of the party I was still at in a blurry vision that slowly focused itself into a more clear picture.
The lights in the ceiling shined in muted red and onto the room full of crazy looking people walking and bumping the crowded room with one or more red cups in their hands.
"Gaaaaaabby?" I heard the same voice that woke me up very close to me say.
I turned to see Milton beside me who was obviously high as hell. My face still on the table, I have been drooling..yuck! My hand still holding on to my liquor, my other hand holding the bottle of liquor.
"Whaaaat?" I slur at him.
"W...what time is it?" I ask lifting my face off the table. The room looked fuzzy and so did everything in it.
He took a long look at his watch "2:25am".
"Mmmh.. Okay bye" I stood up to gain my balance.
"Where you going? I can ta..."
I placed my finger on his lips to shut him up.
"Home and no. You can't drive me home. You're drunk and I certainly am not ready to die tonight. Thanks anyway" with that, I walked out the hotel waving my hands to him.
I looked like a mess having to walk down the street like a 'totally normal person'. In fact I need to call the Walking dead team and sign up for auditions as a zombie.
My hair was all over the place - you name it north, east, west, South.. I looked like shit. Thank goodness I didn't wear heels, that wouldn't have ended so well.
And then I thought 'where the hell was I heading to? I don't know my way from here'. I saw a bus stop sign and decided to wait there for the bus to arrive.
10 mins gone, no bus.
20.. Still no freaking bus and I felt really dizzy.
I give up, I'm calling that guy. I don't care if he's with Rosie right now in his bed but I needed my friend to come rescue me.
It took me two minutes to find my phone in my bag. I dial up Luke's number. It rings twice.
"C'mon son..pick up the damn phone"
And he picks up.
"Heyyyyy Luke, it's been a while I heard from you. Uhm how're you?" I try to keep it casual but naaah it wasn't working.
"I'm okay, I guess. What's up?" He sighed.
"Fine, I need your help. Please please can you come pick me up? I'm stranded at the bus stop. The one after Royal Stay. Please." I beg.
"Okay, hold on" he dropped the call.
Yeah thata boy.
It didn't take too long before a black car parked in front of me. He got down and walked towards me.
He looked sexy in his sweatpants and a white T-shirt. His brunette hair in place. Like seriously? Couldn't he for once look dreadful?
"Nice work young Lady." He said folding his arms. His biceps form and I could see his large veins pop out his skin. He was mad I could tell, but why the hell was he playing dad to me.
I stood up to walk up to the car but stumbled on my way. I felt large hands catch me, preventing me from getting hurt from my clumsiness.
"Thank you" I gained my balance and got into the car.
The drive to my house was quiet. Too quiet.
"Why were you out so late?" He asks finally breaking the silence.
I sigh."I went for a party with Milton."
He sped up a bit. Oookay, now this was getting awkward. I wasn't ready to die but it seemed like death wanted me so bad.
"Why?" He asked in a way I could barely hear.
I laugh "how do I answer that? Well I don't know, because I wanted to" I said sarcastically raising an eyebrow.
He brought the car to a break, turned to face me.
"Do you like him? Do you have feelings for him?" He blurted out.
"What? Milton? No, no freaking way" I slur
"You're sure?" He looked into my eyes like an interrogative officer.
I furrowed my brows "what does it matter to you if I do? Isn't that what everybody is on to? You and Rosie!"
Good, very good Gabby. Bravo! Nice choice of words girl!
"What do you mean?" He asked confused.
"Never mind, forget about it" I said waving the topic off but no, it was spilt milk already.
"Hell no. What do you mean by 'Rosie and I?" He sounded prepared for an argument.
I don't know what's the big deal of keeping it to myself anyways not that I care.
"You like her don't you?"
"Are you serious? You think I do?" He smirked.
"Uhh yeah?" I say unsurely.
"You're wrong. I do not. I like someone else." He said, putting the car on drive.
"Oh.. Good for you" I looked out the window. Why the hell am I getting mad right now? I feel like shit. I feel like destroying something.
Soon we were at my driveway. I got off the car, was about to get off when he said "wait, I'll help you in".
Before I could say anything else, he got off the car turning over to help me walk.
" I'm really fine" I assured him but this guy really doesn't know when to give up his good works.
He helped me onto the sofa and got into the kitchen to get me water.
"More liquid?? Please no" I beg
He chuckled handing a cup of water to me" It was your choice to drink that much"
I gulped on the water for a while.
"I uh.. I should get going. You need to rest. Get sobered up" he said
"I'm not drunk" I rolled my eyes.
"Oh, of course. You're not. Drunk." He said with a cheeky grin.
"Do sleep well, I'll check on you tomorrow" he walked to the door.
"Thanks so much! Good night" I said waving to him.
I wasn't drunk. I was wasted.
I managed to get on my bed, removing my clothes. Ending up half naked. I dozed off within seconds.


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