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Tuesday, 26 December 2017


The next morning I woke up with a headache,still feeling nauseous and hungry as hell, I darted off the room with a hand to my mouth.
I spent 15 minutes undergoing a 'cleansing session above the toilet. I stood up to wash my face at the sink. After that, I give myself pep talk in the mirror against drinking that much. I was finally getting myself after I took a long hot bath.
I changed into a T-shirt and shorts. Tied my hair in a bun and strolled to the kitchen.
I unfroze the sauce and made myself a wonderful breakfast. After eating so much that I could barely do the dishes, I went over the sofa and turned the TV on to the music channel.
What a boring Saturday. I looked at the clock on the wall 12:37pm.
I wonder what I'm gonna do with my time. I decided to call Quinn.
She picked up at the second dial.
"Hey girl, what's up?" She said immediately
"I'm okay. No, I'm not okay. I'm bored sooo bored. When will you ever pay me a visit?" I said walking around.
"Maybe later tonight, We'd all be going out" she unsurely.
"Yes!! But where? The mall?" I suggest.
"What would would we be doing at the mall by 9pm?" She asked sarcastically
"Okay okay, whatever.. Where are you right now anyway?" I finally sit down crossing my legs.
"At Edwin's" she responded
"Ohh I get you now. You little naughty bitch!" I laugh.
"I have no idea what you're talking about but I will see you tonight. Wear something hot!" She giggles and we say goodbyes.
I'm just gonna go back to bed till that time comes.
Something ho t. I'm looking forward to whatever's gonna happen tonight.
The sound of my phone ringing woke me up from my nap. I looked at the screen, Luke's name boldly written.
Why is he calling?
"Hello?" I answer, my voice a little cracked.
"Hey, how're you doing lady?" He said in his thick British accent that made me smile like a little kid.
"I'm very well now, thank you. Thanks for dropping me off last night" I say getting off the bed.
"Woah.. I thought you wouldn't remember how you got home last night" he sounded a bit surprised.
I laugh"I guess I'm different"
"Yes, you really are" he muttered.
That awkward silence again..on phone.
Was that all he called to tell me? I really wanted to ask him hey? Anything else? But hell, that would be rude.
"Uhm Luke?" I called to be sure he wasn't dead on the phone.
"Yeah?" He answered.
"I really don't know what else to say anymore" I laugh.
He laughs"I know, neither do I, but it feels like you're here with me just talking to you on phone"
.... How the hell am I gonna responded to that?
"Mmh same here" I blurted out, covering my mouth before I realized what I'd just said.
"Thanks, you'd be coming with us tonight right?" He asks.
"Yeah, definitely. I'm gonna shower now, so uhm we'll talk later?" I lie.
I don't like it when calls get this awkward. I mean if you're not gonna say anything why not drop the damn call and save me the energy?
"Okay, sure. Have a Wonderful day" he said.
"Thanks, you too" I dropped the call feeling a bit relieved that whatever that was, it was over.

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