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Wednesday, 27 December 2017



"Gabby! Hey! Wait!!" I could hear him call from a far.
Who am I kidding? This is stupid. Coming here was stupid. I don't know how I feel right now. The least thing I wanted was to hook up with a guy who's in love with someone else.
"What?????!!" I yell turning to see him running towards me.
"What do you want Luke?!" I was real mad now.
"Doing all those nice things for me, Calling me up, staring at me in ways I can't seem to understand sometimes... What the hell do you want?" I slur and couldn't hold my emotions in anymore.
"Please don't cry, Gabby.. I..stop crying please" he walked towards me to hold me but I raise my hand to stop him.
His jaw clenched... Hard.
"Don't do that shit with love someone else remember? I don't know why I feel the way I feel right now but I'd get over it" I turned to keep walking but he hold me back and I dart to face him.
We were really close now, I could feel his breath on my face. His huge figure covering me up.
"That someone else is you" he whispered.
Did I just hear him right?
"W...what?" I furrowed my brows hard.
"Yes, I love you. I love you Gabrielle Salvador. I wasn't sure until now...I know you don't feel the same way about me but I can't help it." He cupped my cheek with his hands.
With one hand at my bare back and the other still cupping my cheek, he pressed his lips to mine, our tongues meeting and caressing each other.
My hands ran from his back to his broad shoulders then onto his soft thick hair. Our lips perfectly fit like they were made for each other.
He brought sparks of passion inside me with just this kiss.
He paused to look into my eyes, ran his fingers over my cheeks "C'mon let's get in and by the way, you look bloody sexy in this dress"
I nodded smiling shyly and with our hands intertwined, we got back inside the room.
The music still on, I couldn't find Quinn nor Edwin anywhere. We sat on our tables and a butler came to take our orders.
"I didn't want to tell you how I felt yet" He said staring at his empty cup.
"Why?" I smiled at him.
"I guess because I felt it was too early and you wouldn't believe me if I told you. I wasn't sure you would like me. But when you told me you were out with Milton, I was a bit bothered" he ran his fingers through his hair to put them back in place.
"You mean jealous" I smirked.
"No." He smiled.
"Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure its 'jealous" I raised my brow at him.
"Okay, maybe... a bit jealous" he admitted.
I laughed at his words.
"And what about you? You were jealous too" he folded his arms relaxing on his chair.
"Me? Jealous? Nah" I shake my head taking a drink.
" oh come on, I know you were" he smirked.
"Fine, I was. I don't know why I was but I was" I shrugged.
He took my hands in his, staring at me he said" I'm not good at asking this but Gabby, would you date me?" wtf wtaf?
"Date? You? Uhm.. Can I think about it?" I asked in my cutest voice.
"Oh yes, of course." He looked crushed already. I'm sure he's not used to ladies telling him the I'll think about i t kinda stuff.
The rest of the evening was wonderful and magical. That kiss was like a door and now, he'd gotten in. We talked about our childhood experiences, our most embarrassing moment and first love. This wasn't officially a date but, it was the best night I've had so far.


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