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Thursday, 28 December 2017



We were outside talking when Quinn and Edwin finally appeared.
"Where have you guys been" I whisper yelled to her.
"Somewhere... Lonely" she smirked.
"Ew ew ew...get away from me. Did you guys.. You know, do it?" I raised my brows at her in shock.
"Uhm...almost but, no." She looked sad.
The guys were having a little chat ahead so that gave us - me enough privacy to talk with her.
"Good thing if you ask me" I shrugged.
"I guess" she laid her head on my shoulders as we walked.
"We kissed" I gripped her tightly.
"You and who? That hot guy?" She pointed at a Blondie guy who looked indeed hot.
"Really?" I emotionlessly stared at her.
Her blue eyes went from normal to agape. She lifted her head, looked at Luke, then at me, back at Luke then at me again.
"Luke??" she said with glee.
"Why are you so happy?" I smiled
She hit my arm"you pretentious bitch! So you do have feelings for him!"
"Yo...keep it down" I hushed her.
"I guess I do now" I shyly smile at the ground.
She laughed so hard I had to cover her mouth.
"Seriously.. Stop it's not funny. He asked me if I would wanna date him" I griped her again.
"So? What're you gonna tell him?" She said.
" I don't know. I'm kinda scared." I shrugged. Why do I keep doing that?
"Honey, Love is mostly about risks. I know you're scared of getting your nasty ass dumped or heart broken but, what if He's the one?" She pointed at Luke who was still blabbing about God knows what to Edwin.
I paused to think.
"That's exactly what you should do. Think hard about it tonight. Ask your self do I love him that much to trust him with my heart? And girl, follow your heart." She hugged me.
I hugged her back.
"Babes, let's get going" Luke winked at me.
We increased our steps to the car. Got in and left the party.
They dropped me off at my house first, Luke walked me to my door.
He took my hands and I looked back at the car to see Quinn and Edwin's head popping out the window, grinning and giving me a thumbs up.
Urrghh..Quinn can't I trust you with a little secret anymore?
"I'll love to see you Monday morning in my office" he kissed my forehead.
I nodded.
"Have a good sleep my love" he let go of my hands slowly like he never wanted to let go. I smiled warmly at him as he walked back to the car, waved a good bye to them as they drove off.
I sighed loudly opening my door, turning the lights on. I took my heels off. Thank goodness they weren't that high and they were comfortable to walk on.
I slowly got out my dress thinking about all that happened tonight.
One word for it - magical.
Yes, I have feelings for Luke. I guess they were there all along and decided to spring forth gradually when he turned out to be everywhere I went.
I want to date him, get to know more about him. Let him into my imperfect world. He's not like Travis. Doesn't stay late at night, he's honest and totally open with me, he's supportive and ALWAYS there for me.
Neither is he like Elvis, he's not a black American, whenever I'm around him, I
I was too tired to take a shower and I think I love the scent of his Cologne all over me. I put my phone on a charge then got in bed and then, I heard a beep sound. I sluggishly got off the bed reaching my phone, I see a message icon.
I clicked on it.
Hey beautiful, I wanted to say a big thank you for showing up tonight and also for giving me a magical night. I love you and always will.
An uncontrollable smile grew on my face. Hell, I don't what to reply with. Okay okay.. I got this.
I typed:
You're most welcome. Thank you too. Have a wonderful sleep...
Much love, Gabby❤.
Just as I was about to go back to bed, another beep sound.
Oh..I definitely will, because I've got you❤
I smiled like a little child as I got in bed.
I wished every night would end this way...


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