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Friday, 29 December 2017



Of all days, it chose today. A day I had to work my ass out in the office. I placed like two extra tampons in my bag,just in case it got extra bloody down there.
I hated periods. I wonder how my great great great great grand mothers coped without pads on their periods or were they married off before that age to get pregnant? Hmm thank goodness civilisation came through.
I walked slowly to my car, got in, tried starting it up but it began playing games with me.
Can this day get any worse, really?
After trying it again for the seventh time, I gave up and decided to walk to work. I was so uncomfortable. I had cramps and felt like shit.
"Hey Gabby, you okay? " Rosie asked from her table.
"Yeah, thanks" I muttered walking past her.
I'm guessing that was kinda rude to do but I really don't care about that right now, I just wanna finish up here and go straight home to my bed.
Oh and Luke, I have to go see him before I forget.
I changed into my uniform then got out to see him when I bumped into Milton who seemed excited to see me.
"Hey you" he put his arms round my shoulder.
"Yes, hey...what's up?" I gently pulled his arms away.
"Are you sick or something" he said touching my forehead.
"No. I'm fine, just.. Not a fan of Mondays" I smile
"Ohhh right, me neither...." He just kept talking. I couldn't hear most of the things he said cause my cramps got in my head and for a second there, I almost cried out.
Luke came right out of his office, seeing I and Milton together talking... Instead of waving a hello
and walking on to wherever it is he was heading to like any normal guy would, he came over to where we stood.
Juuust great.
"Morning Gabby" he smiled warmly, moving his large hands to my waist and holding them.
"Mmh, morning Luke" I smiled back.
"Milton,hey, didn't see you there" he grinned.
How could he not? Would I just stand in the hallway talking to thin air?
Poor Milton looked down at where his hand was and chuckled.
"Oh, you guys are dating?" His eyes wide open.
"We're getting there" Luke said before I could talk.
"If you'd excuse us Milton, we would get back to you" they laughed and with that, we went to his into office.
I relaxed myself on his comfortable leather chair, stretching my legs.
"Tired so soon" he smirked.
"You have no idea" I shook my head.
"What's wrong?" He placed his hand on my head then on my neck.
"Nothing" I muttered.
"No, not nothing. You're a little hot. Are you sick" he said sitting on his table facing me.
"I'm really not" I was about getting up when...I felt my uniform wet..
...with blood.
Oh Lord why??!!
How the hell am I supposed to leave here without him seeing the blood on his seat. This is really bad.
My face went white with shock and my eyes got watery.
"Gabby?? You okay" he furrowed his brows.
"Luke can you get me Rosie?? Please?" I begged.
He chuckled "Lady problems?"
"Yeah, periods I guess...I'm no lady but I've got sisters. Don't worry, tell me what you need and I'll get them for you" he pecked my forehead with his plumply lips.
"Seriously? This is weird. You're weird, but...I need my tampons, a cotton wool,detergent, water and a bucket" I listed.
He set out to leave the room.
"Oh and a black nylon! Thanks" I yelled.
He got into the office handing my bag full of tampons, carrying a small bucket of water and a nylon with detergents and a cotton wool inside.
"You're my hero" I gave him a comforting smile.
How he managed to carry all these items into his office was none of my business all I cared about was getting myself cleaned up. Thank goodness he has his own toilet in his office.
"Need anything else, I'll be out the door. Your clothes are in there too since your uniform's stained" he pointed at my bag.
I stood up and hugged him smiling like a little child" thank you"
He left the room.
I rushed into the toilet, cleaned myself up and got changed before I cleaned the chair. I carefully wrapped up the bloody uniform in the nylon.
I knocked twice at the door giving him the signal to come in.
He got in wearing a smile.
"Thanks.." I shyly looked at the ground.
"You're most welcome. Please, have a sit. I'll go get something for you to eat so you could take some pills" he said.
"What? No, I'm fine. Luke, seriously. See?" I turned around.
"Mmmh yes, that's cute but I need you to eat and take the pills first alright?" He insisted.
"Fine, okay.." I mumbled.
He picked up his wallet from the table then left the office.
I got bored so I decided to mess around for a while. I played boss,went through some of his files and books on the table. Wrong, I know but hey, he did say we were heading somewhere so I've got 45% right to.


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