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Sunday, 31 December 2017



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I got up putting the movie on a pause, walked to my room.
It was a video call from Quinn.
"Hey giirrrl" she waved. She was dressed in tees and shorts. In a place that didn't seem like her bedroom.
"Heey, where you at sis?" I yawned.
"Guess..." She smiled mischievously.
"Why the hell do you love to play that guessing game with me even though you know I am terrible at it?" I huffed
"Because it's fun, duh" she rolled her eyes and I shook my head smiling.
"Anyways, I'm at Edwin's. finally happened!!!" She whisper-yelled.
"What finally happened?" I asked puzzled.
"You know, me and Edwin" she clasped her hands together smiling broadly.
"What?!!!" I said almost letting my phone fall out my hands.
"Are you crazy??!" I was still surprised.
"What do you mean are you crazy? I love him, and he loves me. He didn't wanna at first but, you know how hormones can be" she shrugged.
"I don't know what to say, what happened to team Virgin? " I raised my brows.
"Nothing. Girl...I couldn't wait. I mean, till I get married? Naahhh that's such a long time." She chuckled covering herself with the white blanket on the bed.
"Well, you're an adult and free to make decisions for yourself. Just be careful alright?" I poked at my screen.
"Thanks mom" she teased.
"Since we're giving each other updates, I'm now Luke's girlfriend" I laughed.
"Omg omg omfg.. I'm so happy for you!!" She cheered.
I knew she was gonna be happy about this. For some reason, I feel she has been setting me up with him ever since we met.
Leaving me alone at the party at first, leaving us alone at her house, telling me to give him a chance, inviting me to their so called dinner party. That bitch. I won't be surprised if it wasn't her who told him where I worked.
"Thanks" I muttered.
"Shit, gotta go Gabby. He's getting out the shower." She dropped the call.
Ew...the thought of them having sex was all in my head. Did she have to tell me that right now?
The rest of the evening was boring, quiet and...alone.
I got tired of watching TV and I had no books to read. I hated living alone. Maybe I could bring in my brothers for the holidays. It was getting to Christmas now that I think of it and I know they've always wanted to come here.
Yeah that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Mom and dad could finally have the house to themselves and maybe he'll get back to his senses. Juuust maybe. I hope.
I walked into my bedroom, getting ready to go to bed.
I wrapped myself up in my duvet. Immediately I closed my eyes, my leave your lover ring tone sounded all over the room.
I looked at the screen:
Luke calling.
I let it ring for a while before picking up. I read somewhere in a magazine, you should make him wait. I'm guessing this was how.
"Hey you" I sang.
"You never told me you had such a wonderful voice, love." He teased.
I chuckled.
"I'm not joking. Honestly, your voice is angelic." He continued.
"Oh really? Why, thank you. You home yet?" I said.
"On my way. Just finished off from work not too long ago." He explained.
"Okay, that's alright. Be Careful, it's not advisable to make calls while driving though" I ran my hands through my hair, putting them at a side.
"Thanks love. I'll learn to abide by that rule. I wanted to check on you. How do you feel now?"
I smiled, world greatest boyfriend. Wow.
"I'm fine, I'm okay now. About to sleep and you should too when you get home" I rubbed my belly.
"Okay, I will. Thanks. I'm happy you're fine now." He voiced out.
"Me too. Good night babe, sleep well and sweet dreams" it sounded weird calling him that but, things gotta change now.
"I love you so much"
I smiled like a silly child hearing him say that again even though he always tells me that.
"I love you too" I said softly before dropping the call.


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