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Saturday, 16 December 2017



"Are you kidding me?!" Quincy said, her eyes gleaming with glee as she clapped her hands excitedly.
"Why the hell are you feeling bubbly? Look, I don't know what that guy is up to. Showing up at the office as my new bos s. Really?? Quinn I'm getting a new job" I say standing up from the bed.
She laughed so hard I thought she had lost one of her nuts.
"Honey, you like him" she told me with a smile.
What? Like him? Why? I think he's weird. Sure I like the way he looks as a normal person but not in a way of crushing on him. I'm not so sure I'd love another without the fear of being dumped again.
"You're crazy. I do not, I repeat Quinn... I Gabrielle Salvador, do not and will not ever like your weird friend Luke" I said indignantly.
"Okay let's assume that you do not like him. Yet. Then why do you wanna get a new job?" She asked in a more serious way now.
Why do I wanna get a new job? Hmm... I don't have any important reason though but something about that guy makes me feel uncomfortable. Call me judgmental but guys so perfect like that, are just players.
"Hello, Missy! Gone to the dream world so soon? Or you just realized you do like him?" She teases.
"Honestly, I just don't like him. That's all" I said.
" okay, whatever.. you hungry?" She asked with a calming smile.
" 'Hungry' is an understatement, I'm famished!" I say throwing a pillow at her playfully. She giggled and we left for the restaurant. I can't remember the last time I actually went to the restaurant with someone. I usually eat alone. Quincy was always around, yeah but some times I feel like I bug her a lot.
The restaurant was indeed classy. This was a place you'd go with your lover not best friend. It had classy chandeliers, the waiters were nicely dressed and so polite, the tables were wonderfully arranged with black table clothes on them. Oh it looked so lovely.
I wonder if they're still hiring.. No, not now. I won't change my job just because I feel uncomfortable with a stranger. First thing tomorrow morning on my way to work, I'm getting a taser. I don't know why I haven't gotten one. I get off work late and walk down home.. It's been settled I'm definitely getting a taser.
"'d you find this place? Its so lovely!" I say pulling my seat out.
She giggled "well It's all Edwin..This was where we had our first date and where we had our first kiss as a couple" she said happily picking up the menu.
"Urrrgh.. Love is messed up.. Too messed up, it makes me sick. I'm gonna eat whatever you're eating" I say dropping the menu when I couldn't understand what I saw in there.
"Why would you say that?" She said with so much confusion in her eyes. Then I remembered I hadn't told her about Elvis. Well it's better out than in so I told her everything she needed to know, how it felt like a prank but it wasn't, how every night I stay up late thinking he'd call but none.
"I'm so sorry that had to happen Gaby, he doesn't deserve you. It's a good thing he left anyway, I never liked him". She told me holding my hands.
Never liked him?? She must be joking. Everyone loved him. His perfect choice of words. His looks, his uprightness and his love for religions..he was just 100% for me.
" yeah..please let's order already! I don't want to die of starvation " I said pushing away the thoughts of him.
We took hours in the restaurant, Quincy was a slooow eater. I love eating with her 'cause I get most of hers, but in this case I needed to be home early. I needed to rest and get ready for whatever tomorrow brings.
I dropped her off at her place and went over to mine.
Getting to my building, I saw a male feature but couldn't recognize the face.
Who could that be in this late hour? What the hell does he want. Why didn't I get that taser on my way back than waiting till tomorrow.
I grabbed my bag and few stuffs I bought, got off the car.
"Hey baby, why'd you leave me in the dark all along? No calls or texts" he said walking towards me with open arms and I recognized him. Travis.
I totally forgot he existed. We only saw when I wanted us to. He hardly comes over to my place for God knows why.
He looked like he'd had rough days too. I liked him but the love was gone long ago when I caught him messing up with some chick at a party I wasn't supposed to attend. I wanted to break it off with him then but I felt he might die. Don't ask me why.. He just so vulnerable to anything that comes his way.
"Oh.. hey you, I'm sorry bout that but you see, I've been busy" I try to explain to him.
"Too busy to make time for us?" He said slowly coming close to me then grabbed my bottom.
I felt irritated and insulted and the same time. Did he come all the way here to sleep with me? He's crazy. Real crazy. And this has to end tonight!
If he's thinking he can come here and try to sleep with me, that ain't gonna work. He's not having it. Never!
"What are you doing here?" I said, getting his hands off me and walking towards my door.
"You mad at me?" He asks looking at me as I walk past him.
"No, I'm just asking." I answer turning to look at him once more. Contemplating my decision to end it with him tonight.
He walked over to me. Cupped my cheeks with his hands and gave me a kiss on my lips. It felt longing, calming. A part of me needed a break tonight, a part of me wanted him into my home.
"Stop" I said pushing him away and walking towards the door again.
"What's wrong with you?!" He yelled.
I just hated been yelled at especially by guys. Travis is one hell of a guy, he's got quite a temper.
"You need to go Travis, please just leave." I said to him not looking back.
"Gaby, do you love me? I mean like, do you still do? Because I don't understand you attitude no more. It disgusts me. I came here to fix things up. Give you a night to remember..."
"And then walk away??!!" I yelled cutting him off and turning to look at him. My eyes felt like they were burning, burning with anger.
"If I disgust you, then please get out of my life. Because I have tried to put up with your games and all you've ever done was make it more complicated. But no Travis. I am done! I have so many other things to do now. You don't support me in anything I do, you don't call unless I do, you don't even care if I'm okay or not!! Don't you dare come here talking trash to me! Don't you!!" I yelled again, tears flooded my eyes and I couldn't stop them.
"That how you want it huh??" He said with a chuckle.
"You're gonna regret this! No one would ever love you! You ugly selfish bitch!" He yelled back before leaving..
I stood there crying at his words. He always murdered me with words. But I'm so glad he's gone. I don't need him. I don't need any guy in my life. Not now, I can do without them. I've been fending for myself ever since I got out of mid school. Life has been tough for me but it's making me stronger everyday. My house, my car, those were all gotten out of my hard work and more are yet to come.
I grabbed my keys, opened the door. Turned on the appliances, arranged the things I bought. I took a long bath, thinking of everything that happened tonight and hoped it was the last boy drama I'll ever face.


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