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Monday, 18 December 2017



I watched Quincy as she raided her wardrobe of what to wear for Edwin's visit. I don't get why she's getting all worked up. I mean its not like they haven't met before, they have..countless times. I don't see the need for a lady to raid her closet just because she wants to look attractive for a guy, that doesn't mean you have to look unkept, no. I feel you should just be yourself and if he loves you for it, good. If he doesn't, still good.
"Aren't you gonna help me?!" She screamed throwing clothes at me.
I giggled "Nooo but I know what I can do" I say, winking at her.
"Make me up?" She asked anxiously.
" yeah but not now. I'm gonna get something to eat and.." I got up walking to the kitchen.
" I had a weird night at work. Luke called me into his office to ask if I was alright. Urhk! I don't know what his plans are, but I ain't falling for it. He said to come over with Edwin today." I said loudly from the kitchen. Made a cereal and got back into the room.
"Did you even hear me?" I asked with a spoonful of cereal in my mouth.
"Yeah, yeah.. Listen, Gabby" she turned to look at me, hands folded.
"He just wants to know you. Hang out with you, become your friend. That's all, Okay?" She said calmly and slowly.
"Whatever.. I don't need any more friends. One's a company, two's a Party. " I replied with a smile.
After turning her room into a total disaster, she gave up and chose to wear her skinny jeans with a tank top. I made her up as promised.
We ate breakfast together then decided to watch TV till the visitors arrived.
"Did I tell you I had a fight with Travis and we broke up?" I broke the silence.
Her eyes went agape. "Travis, Elvis. If you ask me, they're similar and weren't good for you honey.. I'm really sorry bout that. Oh you poor thing. Two break ups in a month. Sheesh" she gave me a tight hug before we heard the doorbell ring.
"Its them!! Quick! Go take a shower. What were you thinking not taking a shower till now" she said pushing me away.
I ran to the bathroom. I think she just transferred her virus to me, I quickly showered. Found a T-shirt and a trouser, applied just a lip balm, put my hair in a messy bun(while still a little wet) then got to the living room to see Luke. Just Luke? What the hell now?
"Hi, uhm where's Quinn and Edwin? I asked with a fake smile.
" Quinn said she needed to get lady things and begged Edwin to take her. Seemed to me like she just wanted to leave so bad" He said while watching the TV.
That girl...she purposely left us here. Alone! I tried to hide my anger so bad I felt myself getting hot.
"Oh, okay. Well, you're welcome. Do you want something to drink? Water, Orange juice? Alcohol.. Though its past 1." I said walking into the kitchen.
"Water's fine." He said and I nod.
"So, mind telling me a little about yourself? He said with a smile.
" Well.. My name, Gabrielle Salvador. I'm twenty. I'm half Puerto Rican. Nothing much really. " I responded offering him a cup of water.
I don't really know what to say when I'm asked about myself. There's nothing much to say, really. I remember when mom used to tell me, if any guy asks you who you are Gabby, tell them you are 'not interested' and walk away..If he's serious, he'll come meet your papa if not, baby let him're a jewel. My Jewel. Don't let any one in until you truly, I repeat truly love hi m.
I smile at my thoughts and look up to find him staring at me.
"What? It is my world." I laugh.
"Yes, indeed it is". He smiled.
Luke's Prov:
She was beautiful, her laugh, the way she presented herself. Everything. She was just perfect. But I feel bothered though. Why work as a Janitor? She seemed bright. Why that choice?
" uhm.. I'm sorry to repeat my question but, why do you choose to work as a janitor? " I ask, after studying that her mood was calm.
She sighed " I told you, its private. And I don't really know who you are." She said pushing her hair behind her ear.
"I understand. I'm honestly sorry, I didn't mean to pry. Well, I'm Luke Levington. L.L as called by my friends sometimes. I've been friends with Quinn for a long time now but haven't seen you around. Why so?" I ask again.
"Actually I'm always busy..with work, family issues, relationships... Life. I did visit though but not very often then. Now I'm totally free. " she said and I noticed she bit her lips like she shouldn't have said all that.
I laughed causing her to smile.
I like it whenever I'm around her. I feel free and calm. There was an awkward silence, so severe you could hear a pin drop. I was out of words to say, but I loved been here. With her.
I kept my eyes fixed on the ground and I felt really hot. Why the bloody hell was it getting so hot?
Gabrielle's Prov:
I'm soooo gonna kill Quincy, she left me alone here with a total stranger! What if he tries to rape me? I was only two chairs away from him. I didn't like this silence.
My heart beat faster than usual.
"Uh, excuse me, I'll be right back" I said to him.
I walked into the bathroom, turned on the water while I dialed Quincy's number. It rang twice, no answer. I tried the third time before she picked up.
"Hey babe, don't worry I'm almost home just give me five minutes.." She said through the phone laughing over God knows what.
"You better be" I dropped the call and got back to the living room.
"This is awkward. I don't know why but next time, I wouldn't choose to meet you in a house." He said standing up.
"I know right? I thought I was the only one. I've never really met someone in my house. Normally we meet outdoors, the park or maybe take a walk. " I say demonstrating.
"Same with me. Apart from parties of course. Those are exceptional." He said.
"Here, I found these pictures, you could watch em just so you wouldn't feel bored" I said handing him an album.
The door opened and in walked Quinn and poor Edwin behind her with lots of packages.
"I'm so sorry to leave you guys alone. I'll make it up with a fun game! " she said clapping her hands cheerfully.
"A truth or dare really?" I asked sarcastically.
"Yeah, exactly" she answered.
We made a circle and began playing.
I tossed the bottle and it stopped at Edwin.
I smiled mischievously "Truth or dare Ed."
"Truth" he answered with a smile.
"Ohkay.. What was your first impression about Quinn when you saw her at first" I ask.
"Well, I thought she was a fashion goddess cause she was with you dressed in what I couldn't recall and I was on a date in this fancy restaurant. You guys were just looking into the restaurant like you would want to life in it forever. So I ditched my date, wrong of me I know. Then I followed you two all the way here. The next day, I met her again in a bus. From there, we got to know each other and love stepped in." He finished off then turning to give her a kiss.
"Ohhh I feel jealous! But I asked for a first impression not your entire love story" I snapped giving him a thumbs up afterwards.
The game went on for hours and got boring when everyone decided to go with truth throughout.
Edwin kissed Quinn good bye while I gave Luke a hug. He smelled so nice.
"I love your Cologne" I whispered in his ear. He smiled and waved goodbye.
"I'm never forgiving you for leaving me alone her with him. You did that on purpose! " I said to Quinn dragging the chocolate she had bought from her.
"How'd you.... I'm sorry, I just want you to be happy. I gave you guys that moment to get to know each other privately. I won't lie to you, I like Luke. He's an incredible guy trust me. Just give him a chance." She said looking at me with those truthful blue eyes of hers.
"What?? You're joking right? Quinn if you're asking me to date him, that's a no! I can't not after what I've Been through...I don't ne..."
"I'm not telling you to date him silly, just give him a chance. As a friend" she cut me off, hitting me with a waterproof.
I thought about it for a few minutes and said "okay but.. No more house visits. I don't know what to do while you were gone."
"Its not gonna happen again cupcake" she promised handing me chips.


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