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Sunday, 17 December 2017



" head" I grumbled trying to get myself up. I think I might have gotten a headache from crying last night. I checked the time. Past 7.. Shit! Past Seven??! Did my alarm get broken or what? I rushed into the bathroom, turned the water on while I quickly brushed my teeth.
I can't believe I'm running late, that has never happened. I've been punctual ever since I was a kid. Lateness was not my thing. I'd get to school before any student.
I couldn't put on any make up, there wasn't time for that. Now that I've got a New boss, I don't know what punishment I'll be given for arriving late at work especially as a janitor. Oh no, what if he suspends me or even worse, fires me.
My heart pounded so fast now I couldn't concentrate. I put on some jeans and a hoodie (my love for hoodies though) with sneakers.
I had to go with my car now just to make sure I get there before 8:20. I drove as fast as I could and by the time I got there, seemed to me like they were having a staff meeting.
I got off my car, ran over to Rosie who was surprised to see me turning up late.
"You look like hell" she said a smile.
"Well, good morning to you too Rosie" I said, adjusting my trousers properly.
The meeting lasted for about thirty minutes and just as we were all leaving the room, I heard that British accent again.
" Gabrielle Salvador? I would like to see you in my office in twenty" he said in a formal way.
"Y...yes Sir" I said anxiously.
Hmm he didn't smile, didn't call me Gabby that felt..odd. Or what if he's actually being so formal 'cause he wants to suspend me for arriving late today? I felt my blood thicken and my hands get cold.
I went over to my locker, changed into my uniform then headed to his office. But before I left, I said a little prayer, hoping it wouldn't be a suspension or anything worse.
I knocked twice at the door, no answer.
"Sir, it's Gabrielle Salvador, you asked to see me" I said aloud.
"Oh, do come in dear" a voice responded from inside.
Dear? Who's he calling dear? I opened the door to see him busy with lots of paper work.
"Please, sit." He offered.
"Thank you Sir" I said pulling the leather chair out.
He carefully closed his pen, arranged the papers then folded his arms staring at me. This went on for few minutes and I felt really uncomfortable. I almost asked 'what? Trying to find your sense of reasoning?'.. I kept my eyes fixed on the ground, my hands gripped to the chair.
"You okay?" He asked breaking the silence.
I look up at him, why was he asking such a question? Do I look that bad? Now that I think of it, I didn't get to look at my reflection before leaving the house.
"Yeah I guess, why do you ask?" I say pushing my hair behind my ear.
"Its just that you don't look so good, are you sick? or did you have enough sleep?" He asked again.
This guy has got to be kidding me. Was this why he called me up to his office? At least its not a suspension.
"Thank you for your concern but, I'm really fine. Just tired. That's all." I tell him with my hands still gripping the chair. I need to leave. I don't like been around this guy.
"Okay, if you say so. You don't have to be afraid to tell me whatever it is that bothers you, you're a friend of my friend so that makes us friends right?" He said with a wide smile.
Smiles aren't contagious to me but his, got me smiling back.
"Yeah, sure. Friends." I laughed at his words.
"What's funny Gabby? Tell me" he said sitting comfortably in his chair with one hand on his chin.
" Well I don't know anything about you, Sir." I say folding my hands.
"What's up with Sir? You're making me feel old. Its Luke, please just call me Luke okay Gabby?" He insisted.
"Even at work?" I ask
"Yeah, it doesn't matter. Anyways I called you in just to find out if you're okay. You didn't look quite like what you looked like each time I see you" He said.
"What did I look like?" I asked in a serious tone.
"You look beautiful. And today, you looked sad" he said standing up.
"Okay" I responded quickly. Standing up too.
"I'm sorry, but I have to go. I haven't uhm.. cleaned the restrooms." I told him hoping the discussion of
me would end but no.
"Why did you choose to work as a janitor?" He asks blocking me from making any other move.
"T...that's private. See you after work though." I said with a smile walking towards the door.
"Yeah we will" he said with a smile.
What the hell was that? Calling me up to his office just to check on me? Really? Friends? Telling me I'm Beautiful. This is getting awkward.. Thank goodness it's Friday, I won't have to see him or be alone with him till Monday. Urrgh! I hate this!
I mumbled to myself as I worked. Washed to toilets, put in new toilet papers. Honestly, this job was getting strenuous everyday. I thought by now I'd be used to it but I guess my body is quite different. It doesn't get attached to things.
"Hey Rosie" I greeted slipping into a chair like a lifeless thing.
" oh poor you, he must've given you double works. But why were you so late? Its unlike you" she said looking at me pitifully.
"Uhhh yeah he did." I lie
"I don't know, I guess I was just so tired and my alarm clock broke" I explained
"Okay, that's understandable" she said
"That's my break..gotta get back to work. Thank God its Friday! Get your party spirit on Rosie!" I say dancing my way out.
I had to wait for everyone to leave today since it's Friday, I need to clean up before going home.
Once they were all gone, I plugged in my earphones and danced while I worked. One of my favourite things to do.
My dancing was rather funny. I had my own moves and preferred fast rhythms.
I tried to do the moonwalk but I ended up tripping. I thought I heard a laugh. I removed my earphones, turned around there was no one. Nuh uh... I had to leave, I'm not the kinda person who'd go searching for the sound like they do in horror movies. I had forgotten to get the taser this morning so I had nothing to protect myself with if I was attacked.
I ran to my locker changing to my clothes. Immediately I opened the door, I saw him.
"Christ!! Luke! What the hell? Are you trying to give me a heart attack? I say hitting his chest.
He only laughed harder and I recognised it. Had he been watching me all along? I didn't think anyone would be here. Its 8:30pm and wait..why was he still here?
" What are you still doing here? Shouldn't you be home?" I said walking towards the hallway. He followed.
"We were supposed to see after work, remember?" He said with a smile.
"Oh yeah true, but its really late and I need to rest" I told him while we got outside.
"Tomorrow then? Edwin's coming over to Quinn's maybe I could join him." He said as if looking at me for approval.
Oh great, just when I thought I wouldn't see him, he breaks that wall off.
"Okay, that's alright." I say walking towards my car.
"Thanks, see you then. Have a wonderful night." He said before walking over to his car.
"You too, Luke" I responded.
I got into my car. Waited for him to leave first just to be sure he wouldn't follow me.
I drove over to Quincy's. I didn't have any other clothes for tonight or even tomorrow but that didn't matter, we wore the same size.
I called her up to open her door.
"Hey, I thought you were gonna arrive earlier, you okay?" She asked, taking my bag from me and talking me over to the sofa.
" why does everyone keep asking me that? Do I look that bad? I'm fine, just tired. I wish I could tell you all about work and Luke today but honey, I'm tired and of course..." I stopped to notice her smiling broadly.
"Hungry" we said together giggling.
She prepared a quick food for me. I ate like 2 plates extra. I had a dreadful appetite.
After that, I took a shower and fell into deep. I couldn't think of anything I was dead exhausted.


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