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Thursday, 21 December 2017



"Mommy!!" Alberto screamed with glee when he saw our mother open the front door. He rushed out of the car running into her arms, telling her about the pizza he got.
She carried him in her arms, walking towards us.
"Good evening ma'am" Luke greeted.
She smiled and gave me the good pick look.
" Thank you Luke. Do come inside, you both must be really hungry. Come, eat with us" momma insisted.
"If Gabby, would be okay with that. I sure will." He said and I give him an evil eye.
"Oh nonsense! Please come in." She said ushering him into our home.
The wooden floor looking so neat, the dinning was properly arranged like she was expecting us. All though George's toys were here and there. The house still had that homie feeling after all the people inside it were going through.
I went into my room so I could shower. It was exactly how I kept it before I left for town. My teddies peacefully asleep on my bed. I giggled as I touched everyone of them. I couldn't take them to my house because I didn't want anyone to find out about my love for teddies. It was a bit childish.
I walked over to my wardrobe, got a leggings and top to wear. I got into the bath. Soaked in there for a few minutes. I could hear mom and Luke laughing all the way from the living room. I got off the bath, dressed up. Looked at the mirror and gave off a faint sigh.
It was a hell of a day. I gently brushed my dark long hair then parted them in the middle. I almost looked like Mona Lis a. I smiled at my reflection.
Alberto came running into my room."Gabrielle!! Aunt Quinn is on the line!! " he shouted giving me my phone before running out again.
"Hey love" I voiced out.
"Awww hey Cinderella" she giggled and I felt a little blush coming up my cheeks.
"Luke's there right? I had to give him clothes for you to change into in case you had to sleep at the hospital " she continued.
"Yeah..He paid the hospital bills so I'll be back today" I told her.
"He what??! " she sounded dead surprise.
"Paid the hospital b..."
"Bills...Yeah yeah I heard you. I mean, are you serious? Luke? Wow.. Where are you guys now?" She cut me off like she always does.
"At my parent's. I guess we'll be arriving a bit late. You know how persuasive mom can be. She invited him inside to have dinner with us. I wonder what she'll do next" I said rolling my eyes.
"Oh okay, that's fine. I'll call you later then. I've got to call Edwin. Love you so much cupcake. See you soon" she said and I responded before dropping the call.
I got to the living room to see my mother showing Luke our family photos.
Are you kidding me mom? Like really? What next? Tell him how you met pappa?
"Oh, thank goodness you're here. You took hours. Now we can eat. Luke said to wait for you. Isn't he such a nice gentleman?" Momma said smiling at Luke who I could tell was blushing his cheeks out.
"Mmmh.. Yes, of course" I fake a smile.
We all took out seats on the dining. The meal was delicious! I trust my mother whenever it comes to cooking. She loved to try new things and she never gives out her recipes. I could only wonder why she haven't gone for a cooking competition 'cause by now, we'd be bloody rich!
"Thank you so much for the meal Mrs. Salvador. It was the best I've ever tasted." Luke complimented her with that charming smile of his.
"Thank you momma. You're the best" I said standing up to clear the table.
Momma and Luke went outside to discuss God knows what. I finished the dishes, kissed George and Alberto goodbye promising to visit again whenever I had the time.
"Momma, We'd be leaving now" I informed her when I got outside.
"So soon? Why don't you two spend the night here" she offered.
I just stood there astounded by her words.
"No momma, maybe next time. We've got work you know, I promise I'll find the time to come visit again" I finally said hoping that it wouldn't hurt her.
"Yes Mrs. Salvador. She's right." Luke said and I mouthed a 'thank you" before we hugged her good bye and got into the car.
The drive was quiet and awkward. Why was being alone with this guy so awkward? His eyes were fixed on the road, both hands on the steer wheel. I on the other hand, looked outside the window. It was all dark and there were no street lights.
I imagined for a minute what my life would have been if my dad wasn't such a jerk. How loved my mom would feel, my brothers in better schools, me..back to college gaining a degree in international relations. I thought about all these before falling asleep in the car.
Luke's Prov:
I looked at her while she stared out the window. Her hair falling beside her. Her long fingers feeling the wind pass the through them. I got back to concentrating on the road.
I turned to at her when we got into traffic. She was asleep. I stretched to look for a towel inside the bag I had brought for her. I covered her up just in case she was cold.
I ran my fingers through my hair. I think I'm falling for her. I can't stop thinking about her or can't question the things I do when it comes to her. She's not like most girls I've been with. She's different.
I've come to notice her love for food is inevitable, the way she pushes her hair behind her ears whenever she seemed troubled, the way she handles her family. Her beauty and happiness seems to brighten my world up.
We got into a gallops and she woke up, looked at me then mumbled something under her breath before sitting up.
I loved it when she mumbled. God, I loved everything about her. Meeting her at Quinn's party was the best thing ever. She looked like a sexy goddess in her black short gown and net leggings. Quite shy at first but opened up to us later on...but I did noticed that she was bit bothered about something when she saw Jake and Chelsea messing themselves up in the midst of all those people.
Was it her love life? Did they hurt her? Abuse her love? I would haunt them down if they had ever touched her skin or hit her. I looked at her again, she was back to sleep.
She was like an angel. Her beautiful green eyes were now closed. Her hair was slightly on her face, I got it off, gently rubbing her cheeks. They seemed rather cold.
Should I tell her how I feel? I drummed my fingers on the steer wheel.
No, I'd wait. I don't want her to feel uncomfortable around me or avoid me, that would be hell.


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