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Wednesday, 20 December 2017



We got into the hospital, Quincy and Edwin were still talking with mom. I couldn't hear them but all mom did was nod at whatever they said. I felt a little guilty for not putting myself in her shoes. Her family been torn apart and she's trying her best to keep it together but nothing seems to work out.
I hated hospitals. They had this really weird smell that made me feel uneasy. The last time I was in a hospital was when mom gave birth to Alberto, and I came just so we could take her back home.
I wanted the problems to end, I needed it to. I can't let my brothers grow up in a broken home. How would they raise their own homes? It's up to me to make their lives comfortable and to make them feel loved.
I stood up and walked over to where mom was.
"Hey guys, thank you so much for been here. I'm really lucky to have you both as friends. Thank you" I said to Quincy and Edwin.
"What are friends for?" Edwin responded.
"Yeah, just stay here and keep your mom company. You can come pick your things up at my place tomorrow" Quincy said hugging me.
I nod. They went to sit at the reception with Luke.
I turned to my mother who was staring at me softly. I took her hands in mine and said alas "I'm sorry I yelled at you mamma, I just hate what pappa is doing to us. It's so unfair."
"I know, I know child. But you're wrong when you say 'I'm unhappy'. You're here, your brothers are fine and your father.. Well, he's still alive. I'm satisfied Mi amór, don't you worry your pretty little heart." She told me cupping my cheeks and giving me a kiss on my forehead.
" I love you mamma" I said hugging her before she left to be with Alberto and I had to see Quincy and the others off.
We got to car, Quincy and Edwin hugged me goodbye. Luke seemed rather sad but tried to hide it. I hugged him goodbye and just as I was about to let go, he whispered something in my ear which sounded like "I love you".
I looked at him perplexed but he just smiled and got into the car.
I went back to the hospital and then to Alberto's room. Mom and George were already there. Alberto was asleep. I sat on his bed admiring his innocence.
His long dark lashes closed. He had pretty brown eyes just like our mother. His brows covered by his fringe. His pink pouted lips. He looked adorable even while looking pale.
I told mom to take George home with her while I stay the night with Alberto. After few minutes of refusal, she went home after all.
It was noontime now, so I decided to go see the doctor. I walked around but couldn't find his office.
" I'm so sorry ma'am but please, where can I find the doctor's office?" I asked a nurse.
After a minute of looking at me from head to toes, she answered.
"Oh, just down that hall. Over to the right. You'll see a White door with bold words 'Doctor Hamilton' written on it" she said smiling.
I think maybe it's because I was still in my PJ's, whatever. They have no idea what I'm going through. Change of clothes were the least of my worries right now.
I knocked at his door before getting in.
"Good afternoon, Doctor Hamilton. I'm Gabrielle Salvador.. Sister to Alberto Salvador. He was brought in here earlier this morning by my mother" I said watching him search for a file.
"Ah...yes. Welcome. Please have a sit. He's alright now right? I gave your mother drug prescriptions and I told your husband that your brother is fit as a fiddle to go. I'm surprised you're still here" he said taking his glasses off.
"Husband? What husband? Doctor I'm not married. Who was the man?" I asked giving him a confused look.
"Tall, brunette? He came in with you guys this morning" he said.
"Oh" I laughed.
"That's just my friend Doctor. Anyways, I came to find out about the bills." I said feeling a lump in my throat.
"That was settled by your tall friend" he responded returning to his paper work.
What? Why would Luke do that? When did he? I thanked the doctor before leaving his office.
I got back to Alberto's room to see him awake and beside him was Luke. Speak of the devil and he appears.
He was dressed in a black T-shirt and black trousers. He looked dangerously beautiful in black. His hair neatly combed, his blue eyes fixed on me as I walked in. I appreciate all he had done but I don't want him getting involved with my family.
"Sister!!!" Alberto cried cheerfully.
"Sweetheart! Oh my goodness, thank God you're awake and fine. " I say kissing his face.
"Luke? What're you doing here? I thought you left with Quinn. And why did you pay the bills too? You didn't have to That's just too much." I said still hugging my brother.
"Well, one after the other Gabby. I came to give you new clothes to change into as directed by Quinn. Everything you need is in here." He said raising a bag up.
"And..why I paid the bills? You're right. I didn't have to. But, I chose to. Don't ask me why. Just pack up so I can take you to your parent's. Maybe we could get something on our way there for your brother." He stood up and walked outside.
Are you freaking kidding me?! Who the hell was THAT for? Me? Uh uh...I doubt.
"C'mon sis, let's pack up! You heard him. I don't like it here. I wanna go home to mommy" Alberto begged with those cute little eyes of his.
I smiled." Okay, but it's just because of you love. You deserve to be happy" I say kissing his forehead.
After packing up, Luke helped me get the things into the car and off we went out of the hospital premises.
"I saw this really good pizza place on my way here, you think we can get in and get something to eat? You must be hungry" he said smiling but still got his eyes fixed on the road.
He was right, I am hungry. No matter how sad or upset I was, it never affected my appetite.
"Yes, please Sir" Alberto said from behind me.
Luke looked at me then back at the road.
"Okay okay geez..." I mumbled.
When we arrived at the pizza place, it was huge! I couldn't get in there looking like I'd gone insane.
"How am I supposed to go in there with my PJ's Luke. We should just go to my parent's. I need to shower too. Alberto?" I look at him for approval.
"No.. I want pizza! I want pizza!" He yelled making Luke laugh so hard.
"Well if he wasn't here how'd you think pizza would get to you? Quit it okay? Please, Let's go home." I beg him.
Luke held my hands and shook his head. "Gabby, let him have his pizza. You can sit in the car while we go get it to go. Alright?" He said softly.
"I... Okay,Fine. Get me like one too before I pass out." I chuckled.
They spent hours getting pizza and finally came out hands full.
"What took you guys so long?" I ask as he got into the car handing me my share and an energy drink.
"Thank you" I said.
"I'm sorry, we were the last to be served. That's why." He explained and we continued the drive.
Alberto cared less about the stranger who just bought him pizza. As long as he was nice enough to take him out, the stranger turns into his friend.


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