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Sunday, 17 December 2017


Chapter 1

  The roads were still as smooth and nice as she remembered them. The sidewalks were still as busy as she had left them. Fifteen good years away from home haven't brought much change to her hometown, Katie Laurens thought silently. She manoeuvred her car towards MacBerlin's Avenue as fast as she could in a frenzy, excitement pouring all over her. She was back home after fifteen years. Dampa wasn't really a place everyone would like to be but it was where she was born, it was where she had made her wishes, it was where she had dreamt about love and happy ending. 
   Its a pity she had left all of that and went to the city to strive hard to survive after the death of her parents. The last time she was here was when she was twelve, she was so little, full of dreams and goals, very optimistic and she felt she had everything she wished for. Well, things turned out the wrong way, the good things took another part and started to fall apart. She had gone to live with her aunt in the city where she learnt a lot and faced a lot. 
   Well, leave all of that alone for now, she told herself and tried concentrating on the road. Her phone rang just then, she saw it was Tess Jacobs, her best friend with whom she was going to live with. "Babes" she said into the phone. "Hunny i'm very sorry but I won't be around to welcome you, Danny wanna take me out on a date" She heard Tess' voice echo in her ear. She had anticipated meeting her and she was disappointed things weren't gonna work the way she expected, but well, she could postpone everything. "Its okay Tess, I will be fine by myself" She tried to make her voice sound assuring. "I'm really sorry love, just feel at home, prepared some things for u already to make it up to u, take the keys from the receptionist" Tess said. "its okay Tess, I will be fine" She said and cut the call. She had planned a lot of things that were meant to happen on her arrival, she felt sad and angry. 
    Just then, without concentrating, she ran into a car and hit it really bad, it would have been fatal if she hadn't pressed her breaks quite fast, she hit her steering in anger and got out of the car to examine the damage. She tried staring into the car to see the driver but the tintness of the glasses obstructed her view. She wore a sympathetic expression, ready to apologise when the driver's door opened and long legs flew out of the car. A man came out looking ravishly handsome that she wanted to vociferate how good looking he was. She had seen more handsome men before and got unaffected, she wondered what it was about this man that affected her too much. She suddenly became nervous and tried hard not to appear cheap or intimidated. 
    "Look at me" The man said catching her offguard. "Excuse me? " she asked "I said look at me let me know if you are blind or just drunk" He said with a deep voice. Anger poured through her "I am not blind nor drunk Mr man, it was just a mistake and I apologise vehemently for damages caused by me, now if u will excuse me.." She rushed out and turned towards her car only to find a hand hold her arm back sending currents and signals through her body. "Where exactly do u think you are going young lady?" He asked, and for the first time, Katie looked into his eyes only to find fury and contempt in there. She bacame scared but her pride would never let her show it, instead, she raised her chin up, ignored his handsomeness and searched for a suitable reply. "I already apologised gentleman, what else do u want?" She demanded. "You think those tactless apologies can repair the damages done to my car?? Where do you think you are going? You are going no where without repairing my car!" He roared angrily
    Katie didn't know how to handle the situation, how on earth would she repair the car? She knew no one here and she has just come back after a long time, what will she do? She pondered on how to handle the handsome man looking down at her. "Look, I dunno how to repair a car nor do I know where to repair one, accept my apologies please" Katie never begged, she wondered what prompted the action. "You don't know how to repair a car but you know how to hit one, that's nice, you ain't going anywhere without repairing this car" He insisted. "fine, I will repair it" she said, really angry now. The man grinned wickedly, "Good, unfortunately its too late for any mechanic to still be around and I can't take this car home like this to be sure u won't run away" Katie knew what he was driving at and felt there was nothing bad there. "Fine, you can stay at my place for tonight and I will repair it first thing tomorrow morning, is that fine by you?"She demanded
   " Not too fine by me 'cos I will miss the comfort of my bedroom only to manage with a girl who can't see properly while driving" He said. Katie hated him at once despite his good looks, who does he think he is to insult and mock her that way, she couldn't put up with his disparaging attitude. "What the hell do you want? Its the best solution to this obviously, not like I am too pleased to accommodate an arrogant stranger in my home" She retorted. Expecting to instill an anger in him, she was surprised to see him smile. "As you wish ma'am" he courtesied "Lead the way ma'am". Katie angrily went back to her car, turned on the ignition and drove towards the direction Tess described for her. It was gonna be a hell of a night with a stranger trailing slowly behind her car, she couldn't stand him talkless of ne roof. Well, all would be over the next morning and she would go back to her life and plans. She smiled and drove on.


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