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Tuesday, 26 December 2017



"Oh my God, its burning." Katie screamed as she ran towards the gas cooker and turned it off, using a cooking fork to stir the egg she was frying. "The egg or your heart?" Tess asked her. They were both in the kitchen preparing breakfast of egg, soft bread, jam and some French Fies. Tess came to her and handed her a cup of coffee, she held hers too. Tess was a redhead, though still beautiful, you could call her a brunette, she wasn't as slender as Katie but she wasn't too fat, her skin was as smooth and white as snow White's. Katie had always been jealous of her beauty and figure. She rested on the kitchen table now just as Katie arranged the egg she fried into the soft bread and spread jam on each bread. "Tess, my heart isn't burning and small things like this can't affect me. I'm never going back to him." Katie said just as she walked pass Tess to the refrigerator after sipping out of her coffee and dropping it. She got two soft drinks from the refrigerator and walked straight to the dining while Tess trolled behind her, still wanting to hear more. "Its the reason he came here, for you." Katie arranged the ready-made bread on the table and walked back to the kitchen to bring some plates and the soft drinks. "I know Tony better than that Tess, he is far from letting a girl be the reason for his decisions. He is here for a reason and that, I don't care about." She placed everything on the dining and went to bring two glasses for the drinks. "Are you saying all of this because its what you think or its because of Fred?" Tess pressed just as she assisted in bringing the french fies to the dining and they arranged the plates well.

Oh Fred, she remembered how he had brought her home. He didn't kiss her, and she wondered why. She would have thought he thought her too ugly to until he told her how beautiful she was and how she was making him go crazy, he kissed her on the forehead after all and they departed with the statement 'we shall see'. Meaning it was still not going to end there. The way things were going was confusing Katie and sometimes, everything felt like it was planned and was not a coincidence. "You should know me too well that I don't make decisions 'cos of anybody and definitely not a stranger that I just met two days ago. Something I can say for sure is that Tony didn't come here just for me and he doesn't want me back, he wants something through me and I don't intend on giving him anything he wants." They both settled down to eat. "You think its sex?" Tess asked. "Nope, something more, it can't be sex. Why would he come back for the same reason we broke up after knowing fully well I ain't ready to give him anything? Its something different" And her mind told her it was something dangerous. She wasn't ready for any distractions as she came here mainly for work. She already had an appointment with Georgina the next week and she needed to prepare her questions and her work tools. She needed to free her mind from whatsoever was happening because the mind does every work, the body is just a means.

Tess prayed. "We thank you God for the gift of this food and for the lives of the people about to eat it. We pray that we may always see reasons to thank you as we would never lack, bless us and keep us safe from any harm, we pray through Christ our Lord." Katie responded "Amen." Just as they were about to eat, a knock was heard on the door and they were both surprised. "Maybe its Danny, I'd go get it." Tess said and went to the door. Katie took one of the bread and started eating, savouring the sweetness and opening one of the soft drinks. Tess was taking long and she didn't hear any sound of someone entering. She decided to stand to up see who it was. She walked to the entrance and saw Tess, backing her, arguing with someone. "Tess who is it? " Tess looked back. "Katie I told him you don't wanna see him." Katie moved closer. "Who is...." Just then Tony's face showed from the door. What the hell was he doing here and how did he know where she was staying, this son of a bitch. He pushed his way past Tess and walked to her just as Tess closed the door behind him. "What are you doing here?" Katie demanded, stepping him in his tracks. "I came to see you." He said.

"What part of I don't want you back don't you understand?" She asked. Tess walked past them, "I'd leave you two to talk." And she left. "Katie, no matter what you do, you can't get me away from you." He said, he wore a tight jean and a designer top that showed his figure well from head to toe, he had always been handsome even when casual or official. "Well, I ain't stopping you. You can chase as far as you can, none of my business, now if you'd let me, I will escort you to the door." She said and was about walking by his side to the door when he held her arm to stop her. Then knowing not where it came from or how it happened, she felt his mouth on hers in a very deep kiss, he continued kissing her until he stopped and stepped back. She felt him on her lips, she remembered how passionate their kiss used to be and how close they always were. She remembered how she had cherished him above all things and left her goal just to be with him until she lost her first job because of him. But he proved he wasn't worth it. "Do you remember Katie, how our kiss used to be? How it used to feel? How you had always wanted more. Tell me you don't, tell me you ain't still affected by me, tell me you don't want me back." His voice was hoarse and rough and passionate that she was tempted to wrap her arms around him shouting she wanted him back in her heart and in her bed. But she knew too well than to do all that. Apart from not being cheap, she wasn't stupid too. She didn't expect everything to be normal by her affirmation that she wanted him back. Things would never be the same and she wasn't ready to go into a relationship that would be half heartened. Katie raised her chin up, walked up to him and faced him eyeball to eyeball. "Tony Lorrel, you don't affect me anymore, I feel nothing for you anymore and lastly, I don't want you back and never will, understood? Now get OUT." she said and pointed to the door for him to leave. He smiled in a way that told Katie he wasn't affected by her harsh words, then he walked out.

She didn't want him back but those words, she knew deep down in her heart that she didn't mean them fully. She would die before she let him realise that. Besides, she might still have something for him, but she wasn't going back to him. Not ever!!!


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