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Wednesday, 27 December 2017



 Katie waited patiently at the reception of Huckings Incorporated. She finally had an appointment with her. It was easier for her to get one and that still surprised her because she had thought it would be hard to get her attention. But something told her that other reporters weren't so lucky. The past week has been dry and uneventful. Not that she didn't like it but she hasn't heard from neither Tony nor Fred for some days now. It couldn't have been over, she knew it. The more reason she was disturbed. She was going to check out her new house that would take nothing less than four months to perfect. She was going to check the structure and see where they were on the site. But right now, she needed to focus on the job that brought her to town. "She wants to see you now." The blonde oval faced lady presumably the secretary came to meet Katie where she was sitted with her files and tab. "Okay, thanks." She stood up and walked to Georgina's office, a typical successful rich woman's office. She looked around the gorgeous office. It was spacious and beautiful. It was well ventilated and decorated. Since the office was on the eleventh floor of the building, the view of the streets looked small and dim, but still beautiful anyway. One could easily see the woods, fields, houses, shops, fellow companies from the window just as the woman who was meant to be Georgina was looking right now. She was leaner than she expected with her back turned to her and glass of wine between her fingers. Her figure looked like that of a model's and it was obvious the gym was friends with her. Her hair was long and black, very black. She wore a gown that cost more than Katie's yearly rent back in the city. Katie had always dreamt of buying a dress by that same designer.
      "Beautiful isn't it??" Said the voice of the woman, very calm and soft. "Just as if you have the whole town under your feet and you can either crush them or rule them. The feeling you get when you can see everything from just one place." She continued. "Seems like a place where someone can think and reason, not a place where someone can wade off sorrow and all. Could imagine a successful business woman like you has a place like this to reason and to come up with ideas." Feeling obliged to, Katie contributed. The woman finally turned to her. "Brilliant, very brilliant. I'm impressed." She was beautiful as a matter of fact and apart from the lines on her face that make-up couldn't cover, she looked very young but no matter how hard she took care of herself, age is something that can't be avoided. "Pardon my manners, i'm Katie Laurens, a reporter from National news." Katie introduced. "Of course, the most brilliant of them all." Georgina said. "I'm flattered." Katie smiled. "Oh common, i'm very sure you have thought about the reason I chose to have an appointment with only you out of all reporters, I want to make sure my story isn't manipulated or misunderstood and after a lot of investigation, you are the best person I came up with." Georgina said as she ordered for cups of coffee on the receiver. Katie knew that getting the appointment easily meant something was different, but she still felt there was more to it because she knew she wasn't the best reporter in the whole city. The woman wanted something that only Katie could give and she wondered what. "And again, i'm flattered and very grateful. So ma'am, if you don't mind, we should get to business." Katie said. "Oh yes, let's move to the couch" And that, they did. Katie brought out her apparatus as she settled down for the interrogation.
      "As a child, what did you dream of becoming when you grew up?" Katie asked. The woman resembled someone, just as Katie took a close look at her. But she didn't know who. "Smart. I haven't always dreamt of being a business woman, that question was personal wasn't it?" Georgina smiled just as their coffee was brought to them. "Figured it was the best way to get to know and understand you as a person, besides, not everyone had the privilege of achieving his or her childhood dreams" katie responded as she thanked the Secretary and took a long sip from her coffee. "Yes. I've always dreamt to be an actress. A model. Wanted to be a star, to act, to pretend to be someone else, to be seen by many. Funny enough i've always thought to be a villain." Georgina said. "Odd, everyone wanna be a hero" Katie looked closely at her and tried to remember who she looked like. "Not everyone, or do you?" The question struck Katie. This woman seemed to know a lot about Katie and this interrogation felt she was the one being interrogated instead of interrogating. "What brought about your dream of being a business woman and being this successful?" Katie continued. "Well, personal stuffs. When things didn't go the way I wanted them to be, I had no other option, I wanted to prove myself to someone." Katie looked at her straight. "The person must be someone special then." Katie knew she was going to avoid the question. "Next question Miss Laurens." Katie smiled knowingly at her. "Do you or did you have a family?" Katie asked. "Yes, I had a husband and a son." Georgina replied and without being asked to, she continued. "Lost them a long time ago, and my son is the reason i'm doing all of this." Katie wanted to know more. "What happened to them." Katie asked. "An accident, I was the only survivor." Georgina said in a way that made Katie feel sorry for her. "I'm so sorry for that" but she just smiled. "Oh don't be, its in the past." Katie had the impression that she was a strong woman and she liked her for that. How she wished she also could get over her past. "One last question miss and we will be done for today." Katie declared an hour later after asking other business questions. "Oh miss, I wish it wasn't the last and i'm looking forward to our next appointment, twas fun talking and sharing things with you. Please ask." Georgina said. "What's the name of your son?" Georgina was hesitant at first and Katie thought she wasn't going to talk until she said it. "Fredrick."

    Katie prepared coffee and settled down in her room in front of her desktop to work. The investigation was suspicious and she intended on finding out everything about this woman. Something told her she wasn't who she seemed she was and she was going to find out who she really was. It wasn't because the name of her son was Fredrick, well, thousands of people bear that name, but Katie just had a strange feeling. She browsed the net for Fredrick Huckings. There were a lot so she limited it to Danpa since it was Georgina's home town, there, she found none. No one was bearing Frederick Huckings in Danpa and even in Middle city, none. Her so called son doesn't exist. Katie became more interested. Something just told her to check on Fredrick Stiles and she saw his written interrogation when he also showed his face to the public. Oops, so Fredrick was a business man too. Well, that must be the reason he rode expensive cars. She went through his statement thoroughly and found nothing related to Georgina there. Silly, what was she thinking, how could mother and son bear different surnames? Well, maybe Georgina wanted to pretend to have a family when she had none, most business men and women did that to earn the respect of people as being matured enough.
  She was almost so sure until she saw something that made her change her mind in Fredrick's statement. He was talking about his family. 'My mother became our enemy and went against us, even changed her name just to be distinct from us, she shouldn't be part of this statement...."
   Katie began to think. His mother was his enemy? According to his business statement that she just went through, he was the most successful business man in Danpa. Forget the fact that she was fortunate to meet him under strange circumstances, he was going to be a challenge to Georgina. What if the statement "I am doing all of this for my son" that Georgina said meant that she was in the business to face her son since she was his enemy. Wow, this was damn complicated and she intended on finding out what the hell was going on and it would start by she, asking Fred some questions about his mother whom he called his enemy. She was going to find out about the relationship the two had. What if Frederick was Georgina's son?

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