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Thursday, 28 December 2017



    The room was dim and blurry, very blurry as a matter of fact, only someone used to the environment could find his way around. It was really quiet and dark. The building was isolated down the thick side of the woods. No one knew there, so no living soul was around. A lady walked gently and efficiently around the room, pacing back and forth, very helpless and sick. Very disturbed. She looked at the man sitting opposite her gently, he looked relaxed with a cup of coffee in hand. He was looking at her like she was mad. Even in the thick darkness, his face was visible, stunningly handsome, and cute, if he wasn't her brother, she would have fucked him right there on the spot.
    "You ain't even worried about how things are going. It might get out of hand, all the things we have walked for might go down the drain." She told him. But he just smiled and drank his coffee. "Relax, nothing is going wrong, in fact, this is how I planned it to happen." The man said to her amazement. "Oh really? For Kate to find out about who Georgina really is and getting to know that I'm still alive and after her?" She stopped pacing and faced him. He drank the last drop of his coffee and stood up to meet her gaze. "She would know who Georgina really is, but she would think she is Fredrick's mother, and she would know you are still alive, but wouldn't know you are after her....." And coming closer to her, he continued. "Helena." He smiled just as he went to the switch to turn the light on. Helena Jefferson's face showed in the room, standing sexily with a knowing grin on her face. "Oh Wayne, so you actually want Kate to know I am still alive but as a friend instead of an enemy. And she would think Georgina is Fred's mother instead of ours, it would make her trust Georgina till she gets what we want from Kate. How brilliant of you Wayne." Helena smiled at her brother as she also finally took a sip from her own cup of coffee, feeling more relaxed. "Now you get it baby doll, I've always known you to be smart." Wayne Jefferson walked back to his sis after refilling his cup and they cheered then took a sip together. "But I have one question, Fred, he would recognise his mother wouldn't he? He would know Georgina isn't his mother in case Kate asked him." She couldn't help but ask.
      "Oh baby doll, what a very nice question." Wayne smiled showing he had everything planned. "Well, its been over ten years now and his mother is dead thanks to us, I trained Georgina for years just to act perfectly like his mother since she was in her custody for a long time, Georgina would come up with a perfect excuse as to what changed her face a bit. Besides, I don't think Fred would be too concerned about the face of the mother whom he thinks betrayed his family, poor boy." Wayne explained making Helena laugh very hard before he also joined in the laughter. "Oh Wayne, we've been waiting for years and our plan is finally going into force, our hard work is paying off and soon, we will get what we want, after killing Katie and everyone else standing in our way." Helena smiled. She was wicked, she knew it, she had always been. Even right before the innocent Katie was brought to their lives and everything changed there on. Changed for the better though. She vowed to make Katie suffer and pay for all the sins her parents committed before they died, well before Georgina, Helena's mother killed them. How she wished she had been the one to kill them, but she was too young to, awwwwn, was just thirteen when they died and cute little Katie came right to the killers of her parents. Funny, wasn't it?
     "How is Tony doing?" Wayne asked Helena. "Well pretty cool, trying to get in his way between Kate and Fred. Well, he would make Fred also think she is insane, you never can tell, both of them might testify against Kate in court and prove she is really crazy to handle her properties, then, all of her inheritance will come straight to us." Helena smiled, she had been waiting to lay her hands on the wealth and treasure that Kate's parents sacrificed their lives for, just for Kate to inherit it. Well, unfortunately, she and her brother won't allow that, all the wealth belonged to them, and only them. Some people might think this was all about the wealth they wanted to get from Katie, but it was more personal and intense. She and her parents actually did something more terrible to the Jeffersons that they would never forget, time for payback. "What if Fred refuses to testify too?" Wayne asked. "Well, I'm very sure the jury wouldn't listen to just the voice of one man against many other witnesses that we'd come up with." Helena smiled widely and finished her coffee.
    She remembered quite well how things were going on well with her family, how they were all happy, with her father too, there were no problems in their lives, until the Laurens took everything away from them, everything they ever had and broke their family to pieces by taking their father away from them too soon, since then, things started to fall apart. Then at ten, Helena vowed to take away everything Katie had also and make her suffer just as she had suffered a little bit while with them. Wayne had raped her for years and Helena enjoyed every bit of it while pretending to be the kindest sister to Katie. Helena smiled now at the thought. She had always been a good hypocrite. 
    "Smart." Wayne commended. "So what is our next plan?" Helena asked him, not being able to contain her suspense. "We wait for Georgina mom to do her part." And then with a big smile, he added. "Cheers."


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