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Sunday, 31 December 2017



        Katie gasped for breath as she got into her car. She removed her jacket to ease off the heat that wrapped her like cloth. It was her voice, she recognised it quite well. Oh she did, how could she forget that kind of voice? Never. The same voice that hunted her dreams, that never left her everyday. That same voice had called her. Helena. Gosh it was Helena's voice, she was alive, Helena was alive. How was that possible, how?  She had watched her fall from the window. She remembered that night. How could she forget? She remembered quite well how Wayne had come to her room that night as usual. She was already nineteen then but was still living with them, enduring all the pain and terror which only Helena knew about. They had planned it together, that Helena would be the one to sleep on the bed instead of Katie and Katie would take a picture of Wayne forcing Helena, then they would send to their mother and they would agree that Wayne was going through mental disorder for trying to rape his sister. He would be taken to the Mental Asylum and would be out of their lives forever. They had planned everything well but things didn't go as they planned. Wayne had started forcing Helena and when he realised it wasn't Katie, he got angry and pissed and they started arguing. Katie had managed to take a picture and was still hiding when Wayne mistakenly pushed Helena down the window. Katie had come out of her hiding place and watched as Helena fell shouting her name. Wayne pushed her away so she wouldn't see her fall on the ground. He was also scared and afraid. He had killed his own sister. Katie used the opportunity to run out of the house and out of their lives forever. She never went back till today only to be saved by Tess' family and they became friends before she started to live by herself. 
     Now Helena was alive and back and had actually called her to meet up at a bar close to Georgina's company. How had she survived? Katie couldn't help but wonder as she parked in front of the bar now and got out. She entered the bar and waited for her, her heart beating ten times faster. Was it a prank or was she really alive? She sat on a table and waited.. Then a figure stood over her, a shadow at first then it grew into a shape, a gorgeous one. Katie looked up to see Helena looking beautiful in her red flay dress and a diamond necklace and earrings. She wore silver heels to match. Helena had always been the fashion one, she was the one that taught Katie how to dress but Katie turned out to like jean trousers and tops while Helena developed a desire for nice gowns. Katie stood up to meet her. She saw her face, glowing. She hadn't aged much for the past eight years, not at all. She was still the same, just that she had grown full breasts and an interesting figure. They stood there for a while, each of them silent. "Kate....." Katie ran straight to hug her. She wrapped her in a long warm hug. Her sister, her lost sister was back, back to her.
    "Helena, have you been?" Katie finally asked after releasing Helena and sitting down opposite her. Helena smiled. "Missed your sister this much?" She asked. "Oh gosh." Katie held both of her hands and kissed them. "I've been really good, at least free from Wayne. How bout you?" Helena asked her. "Oh yes. I've been doing spectacularly well Helena." Katie said. "Helena? Thought we gave each other names, I call you Kate, you call me Lena. Forgotten so soon?" Helena said, Katie laughed, how she missed her sister. "Oh common. How could I forget such a thing, I never forget anything related to my sister. I've just not come out of my shock that you're here, I...I thought you died." Katie looked at her straight. "Well, guess I didn't." Helena smiled. She was looking more beautiful than Katie remembered. "How did you survive? I saw you fall off the window, how exactly are you still alive?" Katie asked her. "I was saved. The window was facing the streets directly, I fell on an ongoing car, it was mere luck. The owners of the car were also surprised and shocked, the driver stopped the car immediately after feeling something hit their car. They took me to the hospital where I stayed for weeks. I explained everything that happened to them and they decided to adopt me. They took very good care of me." Katie could smell some lies in her story, she had a feeling Helena was just trying to make her believe, not what really happened. But she was past caring, oh yes she was, no matter how she was saved, all Katie could think of was that she had her sister back. "I wanted to see you, I've been trying to contact you but my foster parents said it would be good for me if I stayed anonymous for some time so I could be safe. Then I decided to check you out once more, I saw your blog, you are a reporter I see, got your information from there." Katie smiled, she couldn't stop smiling. "What about you? What do you do now?" She asked. "I am a business lady now, I work for my adopted parents." Helena said. "Woooow, I'm happy you are alive Lena, I can't express my happiness baby, thank goodness." Katie said and she suddenly became quiet before she asked. "Have you heard from Wayne?" Helena looked at Katie and her smile wiped off. "No I haven't, have you?" Katie shook her head.
     They talked for another one hour incessantly, catching up on stuffs. Katie told her too about how she survived and about who she was staying with and also, what she was doing presently at Danpa. They even shared boyfriend stories and all the dates they have had. Katie told her about Tony and Fred but not about Georgina, she was still working on that.
    "Katie, can you leave Tess and come and stay with me, I don't wanna let you go again, no please, don't say no, I don't want you away from my sight." Helena finally said after some time. Katie didn't think twice about it, she also wanted to be close to her and she knew Tess would want some privacy with Danny, so she was going to meet her and live with her and never lose her again, not ever. "Oh yes, Helena, I will, I also don't wanna lose you anymore." With that, they both stood up to hug each other for a long time before finally departed.


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