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Monday, 18 December 2017



Chapter 2

     Frederick Stliles trailed slowly behind the lady that had hit his car. He had finally found his prey, he had thought this Friday night would be the filled with boredom, turned out he was wrong after all. The Lady was gorgeous he must admit, not really the kind of girl he hung out with but she would do for the night, he thought. He got drowned in her emerald eyes and the gracefulness of her steps thrilled him, she was stunning but in a grotesque way, she wasn't really beautiful but she was sexy for sure, her curves made him drool and her oblivion to the way she affected him drew him more closer to her. She was obviously new to the town, if not she would have known mechanics don't have a particular closing time, it was an advantage to him.
     Fred wasn't a guy who was into girls and at twenty-nine, he still never thought of marriage as a necessity. Girls were tools used by him to satisfy his needs and judging by his looks, they clung to him like a magnet to an iron. Some wanted him for his money, some wanted him for his looks while some just wanted to be popular through him. He was never serious about any girl because to him, they weren't worth it. He was just a carefree, play boy who could easily get whatever he wanted, even the sexy looking babe in the car right before him. He wasn't the kind of guy who believed in love and everything concerning it,life is meant to be enjoyed and he would enjoy it to the fullest regardless of how many people were victims to his wishes,that is Fred. He smiled wickedly to himself
     The car in front of him finally stopped in front of a huge twelve-storied apartment and the lady got out of the car. He turned off the engine of the car and got out of it. He walked up to her and looked her in the eye,still smiling. "What a nice house you've got here" He said. She realized the irony with just a look into his eyes and said "Thank you" in a scornful way. She led the way to the reception and he followed behind. She said some things to the receptionist and collected a bunch of keys then led him to the elevator. They rode in silence. Finally,they got out on the seventh floor and she opened the door of the house. He noticed she didn't have a sense of belonging with the house,he observed she acted like a stranger just like him.
   "Isn't this your house?" His curiosity couldn't stop him from asking. "No,it's not, it's my friend's" She replied reluctantly. She didn't seem too pleased with him but Fred was passed that,he didn't care what she felt about him,he never cared about anything. They entered the apartment and Fred was shocked to the down of his foot. He had expected the structure to be simple and old but it was just like a first class apartment. The beauty of the house amazed him and the expensive portraits,chandelier,sofas and T.V set stunned him to the core. Everything here was luxurious and as a rich guy himself,he knew what was expensive and not. He found out the Lady was also staring just like him. "It's your first time here?" He asked. "Yes,and in the town,the last time I was here was when I was twelve" She replied and removed her coat showing the beauty which was concealed by it right before that time,her bony back and the full shape of her breasts. "Settle down,lemme go make coffee and some snacks" She said and dashed into a room like she knew her way. He sat down and observed every little thing up to the rug he was stepping on. He must admit he was impressed.
   Shortly,the Lady came back with two cups of coffee and was dressed in a thin gown that showed the full curve of her breasts and outlined the shape of her damned ass. Holy crap,didn't she realize he was a man and she was affecting him a lot?? She sat opposite him after handing him a cup,folding her legs in a way that exposed a plausible part of her tighs, if he didnt know better, he would have said she wss trying to seduce him, but he was too familiar with girls to be oblivious to a novice which this Lady obviously was.
   "So will you tell me your name?" He began. "Katherine Laurens, call me Kathie" Her voice was too deep for a girl and she was the first girl he had met that didn't flirt with him which surprised him. This girl and everything about her never ceazed to surprise him. "Frederick Stiles, call me Fred. So Katie what do you do for a living??" He asked, gently sipping the coffee as he tried hard not to look at her open tighs before he would be tempted to feed on them. "Its none of your business I think, you are only here to spend the night and nothing else, would repair your car tomorrow, now if u would let me, I should show you where u will retire" She said and led the way, her curves sexilly moving rythmically with every gentle step she made, he gently followed her to a not-too-large room where he settled in. It was like a man's, maybe the so-called friend of hers was married.
    "Feel at home, goodnight" She said and turned to go, he couldn't let her go just like that, no way, he had to do something to stop her. "Katie" he called not knowing what to say. It was the first time he was speechless with a girl, what was it about this girl that made him nervous. He was attracted and it was a strange feeling because he was never attracted to girls. Something told him this girl was dangerous and he should run as far as he could, away from her. But he couldnt, hell he couldn't. His eyes kept going down to the curve of her breasts, her shape, her ass showing through the thick lines of the night gown that stuck to her lean body. He wanted her, his body craved for her, then he realized he was trembling, even to touch her. He was usually bold and stunning, always knew what to do with girls, was always the one in control but this girl, he felt vulnerable to her. A part of him said he shouldn't touch her, the other part wanted her on his body.
   "Yes?" she turned back, flashing her lashes at him. He went closer then to her, taking his steps gently till he was only about a feet away from her. He saw her nervous face too, she was nervous, he knew but he couldn't read her mind through her face, he couldn't tell if she felt the same, if she wanted him too. Then he went closer more and the tension grew between them. He touched her long hair and shifted it back so her ear would be visible. Pushing closer to her without taking a step then, he whispered "Thank you". She appeared to had expected more but anything she felt was erased fast as she gathered herself, moved back and raised her gorgeous chin. " You are always welcome, goodnight" She said fast and left. He was alone now, he paused for a minute before checking the closed doors in the room finding a bathroom in one of them. Exactly what he needed, a cold shower to refresh his brain so he could come up with a reason why he was acting strange with Katie.
   Five minutes later, he was settled in the tub. His mind went to his life, he had no one to call at home reporting his absence for the night. There was no one to call his family, not like he wasn't doing fine without one but there was still no ONE. Except his crippled father though, the only relative he had. Cameron Stiles became crippled about ten years ago and it was due to a woman, a woman. It rang in his ears repeatedly, a woman. The same woman that made him hate all women, the same woman that turned him to who he was right now, the same woman that made his life incomplete, the same woman that broke his existence. His mother. His very own mother.
    To Fred, she didn't deserve to be called a mother at all because it would be an insult to motherhood. She never even acted like one. She cared about herself only, and that same fact led his father to the hospital for about ten years now. His father made a mistake that he would never make, His father loved. He loved too deeply and treasured women, what did he get in return?? Disability. Which would be with him till he died. Well, Fred already made up his mind never to make the same mistake his father made, he wouldn't love, never. He was gonna continue his carefree way, he would never care for a woman, he would continue to be the strong man he was and no amount of Katies can stop that
    As if knowing he was just thinking about her, Fred heard Katie's knock on the door. Well, what does she want now? She already refused him, is there anything wrong? There was only one way to find out. Fred cleaned up and wore a robe he saw in the cupboard just beside the well-laid bed. He walked hurriedly to the door and opened it. "Fred"


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