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Sunday, 24 December 2017



"Gosh, Helena. Its you, Helena! Helena!" Katie screamed as she woke up from her dream. "Katie what's wrong, are you okay?" She felt Tony closer to her. They were both on the bed and the room was extremely dark. No it wasn't a dream. It couldn't be a dream, it was reality. Then she saw it, she saw her cousin, her sister, just at the edge of her bed. How had she entered, couldn't Tony see her too? What was she doing here? "Helena, how did you get in here? You are dead, you are meant to be dead, Wayne killed you, how are you still alive?! " katie asked her. Helena was looking gorgeous but lifeless, she wore a long white robe and she was glowing and shining. Yes, Wayne had killed her that night, she had died instead of Katie. How was she still here, she was real, very real. "Come, follow me" Helena told her. Woow, she smiled at her, she wanted to hold her, she had to follow her and never let her die again. "Yes sis, I'm always with you" she got out of bed and continued following her, and following her, and following.....

"Katie!!!!!!" She turned to see Tony behind her, running to her. No, he shouldn't stop her, she was going to be with her sister and no one would separate them anymore. "She is calling me Tony, I've got to go" She told him "oh hell, you've got to be kidding me" The next thing, Tony dragged her back to the bed. She was pissed. "What are you doing, why couldn't you let me go? She asked me to follow her" Katie yelled. "Follow who? No one is there for crying out loud and you were just about to commit suicide, you were just about to jump off the window saying you wanna follow some sort of girl. Are you crazy or what!" Tony yelled back. Katie tried to reason with him, Helena was gone already. Had she seen her ghost? She didn't believe in ghosts, it felt real, she felt real. "I'm sorry Tony, I didn't know what went wrong" She apologised. It wasn't the first time, she used to see Helena everywhere, always calling to her, the other time, she might be in need to help and would call Katie to help her. Or Katie would see her falling through the window, just like the way she died. "No Katie, you are just insane, you have gone totally mad" Tony yelled. "Really?? Now I am mad? Thought I explained everything about me to you before we started dating...." Tony interrupted her "Yes you did, you had a horrible past, bla bla, are u the only one who has a bad past? Are you the first person to? Why must you act insane? First you refused to let me touch you, now I have to put up with your insanity" Katie was pissed now. She was insane now? And he kept using the word insane, why? He claimed he loved her, why would he make mockery of her past and her fear? She had trusted him, yet this was what he thought of her all long. He pretended to have cared, he told her he would make her forget everything yet he was here calling her insane. "Is this about the dream or the fact that I didn't allow you to have sex with me?" Katie asked gently. "Both. I'm sick of everything, how long do I have to wait? What more would I have to endure? I'M so fed up right now" Tony said as he got off the bed and paced around. "Thought you loved me" Katie was hurt. He had always wanted her for sex after all, he had pretended to care about her past so he could get between her legs, well, it was good the truth came out at last. "Yeah, I did, but love has a limit you know" And that was it. "Let's call it quits then" She said and stood up to start packing her luggage. She would leave first thing in the morning. "You know I never said that" Tony stood in her way. "You didn't have to"

And that was how everything ended, she hadn't felt really hurt because it wasn't a new thing, but the fact that she had high hopes that he could be different pissed her off, not hurt her. Was there anything that could hurt her? The relationship had been breaking since the time she refused him sex. His behaviour had changed but she chose to ignore it, hoping things would be better. It wasn't the first time she had had one of her dreams and hallucinations, he was just looking for an excuse to get rid of her and she already made it easy. He didn't care about her past, he was just after what he wanted and since he couldn't get it, he decided to let her go. Tonight was the perfect excuse. It ended between them.

Katie looked at him now, seated beside Fred as they ate their dinner quietly, he didn't look that disturbed by her presence and she also tried her best to ignore him. He wasn't worth it and he was the least of the persons to affect her. "Tony came to town months ago and started a business here. We became partners as i bought some of the shares of his company, came across him on my way here and he wanted to see you, my date" Fred smiled at her. He didn't know they weren't strangers, if not, he wouldn't be saying so much about Fred. "Nice meeting you again Mr Lorrel" Katie sent a smile to me. "Call me Tony" he returned it. Katie stood up to go to the restroom to gather herself and have a free time. "If you'd excuse me, I will be back" She stood up and left. She stood at the restroom for a long time before she started to think. He'd better not be stalking her, he had clearly come for business so she should have no problem with that. He was a son of a bitch that she has nothing to do with anymore. He had thought her insane and crazy, he had made mockery of her, so she shouldn't feel disturbed about him. But she was disturbed, not because of him but because of Fred. He might tell him some things about her and that would change his opinion on her, she didn't want that. Besides, she had shared part of her past with Fred, the same thing she shared with Tony and he hadn't made mockery of her, at least not yet. Why was all this happening to her? She had come to Danpa to relax and see to the construction of her house. She had been transferred to this place for work and she decided to use the opportunity to complete her house here. It would take about six months before everything would be over. She was a reporter and things were going on here, she was sent to make a report on Georgia Huckings, a successful millionaire that intended on coming to the public soon enough, she was going to learn about her and compose her story to present her to the public. By that, she must have to be able to answer all the questions of the press and that wasn't going to be possible until she learnt everything about Georgia, the new face of the public. Katie would soon reach that place, where it would be her that reporters would report about, she was also gonna be successful and that would be soon. She had all of that to think about and not being caught up in the middle of a date between her ex-boyfriend and her new friend- well, he was still a friend.

"I can see you are wearing my present to your... date" Katie looked back to see Tony walk up to her, smiling. "What are you doing here?" She demanded. "Oops, don't worry, I won't tell anything about us to your boyfriend, just chill, he won't find out if that's what you're scared about." Katie felt the anger boil inside her. "He is not my boyfriend" Even after knowing he didn't deserve an explanation, she still gave it. "Everything is just coincidental." She raised her chin up just as Tony walked closer to her. "Yes, I would've known, everything about Katie Laurens is always out of the ordinary." He was mocking her, she knew it, but she wouldn't get affected by that, she was way passed that. "Guess I'm the special one here then." She smiled at her reply. "Yeah, I would think so too." He tried to touch her but Katie shifted backwards. "You are still as beautiful as I remembered you to be, even more beautiful in the gown I gave to you. I knew it was gonna suit you well. And as fate may have it, as if knowing I would be here, you wore it. If it was under any other circumstance, would have thought you wore it to impress me." Katie smiled, he was trying his luck, but she knew better. "Tony you should know by now that I impress no one." She stood upright and faced him, showing she was scared of no one. "Yes, I always knew you to be spectacular and different, you always had the guts in you." He said. Well, she was done with the conversation. "What are you doing here?" They both knew she wasn't talking about the restroom. "For you Katie, I came here for you, I want to have you back."


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