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Monday, 25 December 2017



 Fred sat alone patiently waiting for his date to come back. He had not been able to get his eyes off her since she emerged from the car an hour ago. She was looking extremely beautiful tonight and to top it all, she was sexy. The gown was specially made for her as was fit for her slim body. Her beauty made him speechless all night, he wondered how he would have coped if not for his friend, Tony. He had seen many more beautiful women but this woman was different, he was meant to get away with his attraction but seeing her tonight made him feel more attracted. He couldn't wait to touch her and feel her all over him. She was affecting him badly, she occupied his thoughts and was making him lose control of his mind. He saw Tony walk back first. There was something not right about him and Katie, he'd better hoped it wasn't what he was thinking. The thought of Katie being with Tony made him jealous. Hell, he hated the feeling. He was never jealous of anyone, Katie made him feel things he has never felt before and it was getting out of hand. "What a nice date you've got there." Tony said. He remembered the first day Tony walked into his office, all worked out. His business had been dying and he needed Fred's money to maintain it. Fred didn't wanna buy 40% of his company's shares to save it from dying but Tony had said he was working for Georgina Huckings, the successful business woman who was yet to show her face to the public, yet had been doing a lot of charity, philanthropy and partnership. Her companies were the ones booming right now and Fred intended on getting to her through Tony. He seemed to wonder why Tony hadn't gone to meet his boss for help, but then he thought about it, maybe Miss Huckings also wanted to know him too because Fred was proving to be a big challenge to her leadership of the market. He wasn't going to let any so-called business woman take business away from his companies. "Very beautiful isn't she?" Fred gently took his wine on the table and sipped while eyeing Tony. "Yes, very beautiful, I've always known her to be." Fred knew he was expecting the question so he asked. "Always known her?" Tony smiled. "Yes, it isn't the first time we meeting, she was or is rather, a close acquaintance of mine, if you'd understand" oh yeah he did, he understood quite clearly. Fred dropped his glass and faced Tony closely. "I do, but what I don't seem to understand is how you could let a great girl like Katie go." He waited patiently for the reply. "Trust me, if it were to be under any other circumstance, wouldn't have. But some things are better left unsaid, anyway, this time around, I'm never going to let her go." He wanted Katie back, it was obvious. He also knew Katie was his date, that must be the reason he met him blocks away from the hotel and made it look like a coincidence. Fred was smart and even though he didn't know all the story, he knew Katie didn't want him back, she didn't have to tell him. And he was just going to do as she wanted, he also didn't want her with him. He wasn't going to let her go back to him, no he wasn't. He felt a sense of protectiveness and ownership towards her but he didn't care about any of that, he just couldn't imagine Katie with another man, and not especially Tony. He was here to prove she didn't affect him but things already got worse, he couldn't back out now. "Stay away from her, she can't ever be yours anymore." Fred warned. He couldn't believe he was protecting a girl, he never did that and definitely not a girl that he had just met a day ago, how ironic. Tony chuckled, "the same way she can't ever be yours? Listen, I know Katie more than you do, and you can't keep up with her, trust me, only I know who she really is and everything about her." Fred smiled now, Tony might have known her for a long time but Fred felt he knew her for long too even though it was just a day. "Well, you can say that again. Knowing won't make her go back to you. I dunno anything about you guys but I can say for sure that anything you guys had between you two..... is definitely over." Fred smiled wickedly, he never lost and he wasn't going to lose this challenge. "Let's see who turns out right." Tony also relaxed, it wasn't going to be an easy challenge but he was willing to take it anyway. "Copy that. "
     Just then Katie walked out of the restroom and took her seat in front of him, still looking so beautiful and innocent. And at that moment, he knew she belonged to him. He wasn't planning on loving her or having a relationship with her, but he was willing to win the challenge and after all of that was over, he would go his way and forget he was ever attracted to a dangerous girl called Katie. She was a distraction and he hated distractions, he couldn't wait to get rid of her. "Do you need anything else?" He asked her. She flashed her eyelashes at him with a fake smile. He knew she wasn't comfortable with Tony around and he intended on taking advantage of that. "No thanks, I'm fine. It was a great day Fred and I appreciate a lot. It was nice meeting you Mr Lorrel, sorry, Tony, I think I should get going." She said and stood up. "Let me drop you at home." Tony also stood up. "She's my date, it just feels right to take her back home myself." Fred interrupted and stood up too and went to Katie. "Shall we." She nodded and he winked at Tony before leading her to the car. They both sat at the back seat and the chauffeur drove off.


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