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Monday, 18 December 2017


Cherry called her parents after school that she'd be having a girl's night over at Eleanor's because of their literature assignment .
They had lunch at Mac Donald's and headed home
Eleanor's parents had traveled for the week leaving just Eleanor , Cherry, and the maid at the mansion for the night .
"Hey I have to take a bath , you coming ?" "Sure, then Netflix and chill?" "Yeah , I even have to catch up on some movies" "yeah yeah .. I can't stop thinking of that hot newbie , I'm so fucking him before the end of the semester . His tattoos damn!" "Slut!" "Duuuurh, who wouldn't kill for that?! , the muscles .. I bet he works out every day" "orrrr , he fucks different girls everyday , you never know , he could be a walking disease" "yeah whatever , it's worth it " "seriously babe?" Eleanor laughed "bye I'm off to the bathroom " Cherry got upstairs five minutes later while Eleanor was not done undressing and was standing in front of the mirror. She hugged Eleanor from behind and started rubbing her pant from the outside . "Are you forgetting you threatened me? I don't like threats" " I was just saying" Eleanor replied breathlessly as the frictional movement became faster while squeezing her boobs herself .
"Nice ass you've got" Cherry said rubbing her bums "thanks b, now will you get on with it , I'm dripping" "hmmm, needy much?" She teased before pushing her on the bed . Cherry's fingers were trailing down her thighs slowly . She was staring into her best friend's eyes seductively to watch her reaction to every touch. Then she got to her glistening vagina and could feel the wetness outside her lace panties . "Let's get rid of the barrier now, shall we?" She purred. Eleanor was already so turned on by her teases . She was a moaning and whimpering mess "please Cher , just please" Cherry could see pussy juice running down Eleanor's private part .
She took her panties and put it in Eleanor mouth before beginning her assault on her . Eleanor was initially in bra and panties and her converse while Cherry was still fully clothed . She almost ripped the bra apart by pulling it down her boobs so they were directly lifting her heavenly blossom up in an O shape . "You've never been sexier" . Cherry was drawing lazy circles around Eleanor's cunt while grabbing, squeezing and pressing her right boobs . She took the right nipple into her mouth me and grazed the tip with her teeth "Ahh, right there" Then she started grinding her teeth on the erect bud while using her other hand to now press the right boob. She has both boobs in her palms and was moving form one nipple to another . Eleanor's boobs were bigger than her palms and that only got her wet. She attacked her best friend's lips to taste her sweetness . The kiss was rough yet filled with passion. She was kissing her on the lips only while flicking the two nipples with her fingers . As a moan escaped Eleanor , she took that as an invitation to dip her tongue in her mouth . Slowly, sensually , She was moving her lips in sync with Eleanor .
She smiled wickedly and got up to undress fully. Cold air hit Eleanor's sheath as Cherry pulled away, leaving her impossibly wet and frustrated. Cherry then went to the damp cunt awaiting her worship . Eleanor rapped her long legs around Cherry's head impatiently . Cherry kissed each pussy lips slowly before sucking on her clitoris . She coated her thumb with Eleanor's pussy juice And put the finger in Eleanor's mouth to taste herself . She began to feast on the drenched pussy by dragging her tongue up and down the length of her whole vagina . Her warm,wet mouth enveloped her clit, sucking it until she could take no more. Eleanor wanted a release so bad she was grinding herself against Cherry's face desperately . Then Cherry held her by her pelvis to steady her and captured her clitoris into her mouth while delving two fingers into the needy cunt . She kept twirling her two fingers in the pool of pussy juice while sucking with her tongue. Eleanor dug her fingers into Cherry's hair to push her farther into her vagina to find her g-spot "yes please right there" Cherry found her g-spot and started pounding faster and harder " oh yes ..hmmm... Yes," A wave of pleasure coursed through Eleanor with every penetration of her talented fingers . "Damn your cunt is so tight, wet and sweet" Her climax hit her unexpectedly and Cherry lapped her off completely . Then they shared an erotic kiss
They waited a while to catch their breaths while Cherry got up to pick her dildo and pleasure herself . "Hey, come here, let me return the favor " "awwww, but don't fall in love with me in the long run" "eew no.. I don't do girls , you're my BFF and you're in need, you'll get your wrists bruised if you pleasure yourself every time . Besides, I don't want to be selfish , come sit on my face " " wrong , not every time .. You must be forgetting I screw a guy every Friday and hell yes I'd love you to be the one pounding the vibrator real hard in my sheath , and also licking it off with your sweet tongue . Just let me have a taste of that - gripping her cunt simultaneously ." "Ok deal, you still have to sit on my face " "alright whore" "I'm the whore?" "No.. I just wanted to say it , besides you love me that way " "hell yeah I do . Now can I get my dessert for being a good girl? " "yes babe" They kissed and started their pussy eating and thrusting all over again .
Cherry and Eleanor were fully sated around midnight, did their assignments 🌝 Netflix.. And chill . Dozed off at some point ready for the next day's drama
Yeah yeah ✌ I promised smut.. You got smut...
Don't be scared.. Eleanor is still straight ,she still hadn't met Brad so their love life is yet to start
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Expect the next update real soon on friday

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