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Saturday, 23 December 2017



Some days are not your days. There are times you just wish it'd be night forever . Well, mine is everyday! The most stressful part of my day is when I have to get up from bed. If I don't hurry I'll be late again! I groaned loudly, then rushed to the bathroom to take a shower ,put on my ripped hoodie long sleeve top , my black tight jean , and my leather jacket . 20 more minutes great!
Going to school means relating with annoying people (everyone) , stressing over exams , anticipating irrelevant dramas, seeing all those rich snubs dressing all fancy . For who?? lol . Well, their parents are at their beck and call . All they have to do is look good and get good grades that were probably paid for . A part of me is happy I don't belong to their circle . My life is pretty simple as it is . Even more interesting than their pitiful lives lol.
I walked out of my room quietly to wake Amelia and Daniel and get them ready for school. "Yo, sleepy heads " I said shaking them " yooooo... I'ma be late to this motherfucking school!" I growled . That did it. "Big bro what's up, did you piss your pants or something " Daniel was the one to open his big mouth " well someone else will be pissing his pants while I spank his black ass.... Wait ... Why is your dick region wet?" He grinned " those aren't words boy" "that asshole over there," Amelia got up and said pointing at Daniel "has a crush on Becky , the school sluuuuuut" "hey! Don't you dare call her a slut because she's hot, sexy and has lost her virginity in middle school ! There's no big deal!" " can you hear yourself right now?! She has slept with half of the football team at her age!" "Which doesn't concern you ! She had her reasons, she was probably defenseless at some point or in the moment, you're just jealous you're not as flawless as Becky! And can get 'stiifbin' the nerd" he retorted, laughing to himself for the last part. How in hell is that even funny? . "Becky with the caramel skin , Becky with the fine arse, Becky with the nice hair , Becky with the sweet smell " he said those parts to himself more than us grinning weirdly. " For your information , it's Stephen not whatever you just called him. At least in the end, he'll be ending up with a chick that still has her virtue" she smirked and they started a staring contest . As amusing as it is to watch them banter about their unrequited love life, neither have ever lost in a staring contest . They always cheat me with it . This would definitely take forever . Assholes . Speaking of forever , I looked at my watch holy shit I have school in five "yoooo! Quit it . Daniel , we're having nigga to nigga conversation when I'm back . Amelia you're in charge this morning . Get your brother to school for me, will you ? " I barked others while sprinting out of the house . What have I done ? Won't they have chopped each other's each off before my arrival ? I hope I don't come back to meet this building in ashes . I really don't have enough change for another rent . I've paid the rent for a year in advance with the money I gained from my last bike race tournament . Just in case. I got to school the minute the bell was rung . My bike should be worshipped . What a lifesaver .
Students swarmed toward the classroom like a colony of ants. As I approached them , the way was paved as usual and I was felt like I was walking down the aisle or something lol. I don't look intimidating, do I ? Argh .
I entered my classroom and sat down . The teacher was also late so I brought out my phone and plugged in my ear piece to play candy crush . I don't know why the game sound just makes me feel really relaxed .
Five minutes later someone tapped my table and I had to unplug my ear piece . Not surprisingly, a girl . "Um.. Hi.. I'm Shelby" she slurred in a high pitched tone. I really had to stop my beautiful moment of getting a sugar crush for this slut ? I don't care about your mother fucking name! " so I'm kind of really good I'm this class . If you.... " I just plugged in my earpiece because she was beginning to annoy me a lot . Some minutes later my table was tapped again "I swear I'm gonna smash your face on this table!, then pull your clothes down and grab your fake boobs so hard you'd wish you were without them! I'ma break your ...." I finally looked up to realize it was the teacher not another clingy female. A female teacher for that matter! Oh lord "Yes , Mr Houston , care to tell me more about what other part of my body you want to assault?" "Um" I looked around and noticed the entire class had their eyes trained in my direction . Definitely not for my good looks this time around. Brad , congratulations "no umm.. I don't want to ear it . You'll explain yourself to the principal , then go to detention . " And she left. nice ass though I thought smiling to myself. Should I fuck her ? Her tits look beautiful . I grabbed Brad junior which seems very excited but felt like I was being watched . I looked around and saw a chick biting her lips and staring at my cock .
The fuck? She caught me looking at her and smiled . I smirked and passed a note to her to meet me in the janitors closet during the lunch break . She was grinning for the whole of the class like she had won billion dollars check. slut

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