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Monday, 25 December 2017



After my third class for the day, the bell was rung to signal lunch . At last! I heard they have great pizza in this school . As I got to the food canteen everyone's eye was trained on me . I'm already used to this shit I swear. I didn't even have to wait in line. Great I was famished .
I had only eaten half of my pizza when another girl approached me. I think I'm cursed . "Um.. Beatrice waiting- " yeah the slut , how could I have forgotten? "she sent you ?" She nodded "ok come along with her this afternoon to my place " I said accessing her . She had that look on her face like she was going to eat me up "get lost now ... I need to finish my meal"
The bell rung to signal the end of the day. Thank Jesus . I got to the parking lot to get my bike with the feeling that I'm forgetting something . I pedaled my bike then it came to me- fuck detention . And I zoomed off
I got home to meet the front door ajar. Something ain't right . The kids will get home in 2 hours . A burglar ? I grabbed the baseball bat and headed upstairs. Then I heard moans. I brought my phone bewildered to check if the porn sight mistakenly opened . Not my phone ... Oh fuck ..Could it be Daniel?! As I was getting closer to the rooms I realized the sound was actually coming from my room . What the hell? The sight before me was of two girls frantically kissing each other naked . Those two girls I told to meet me in the parking lot at school . How in hell did they get into my house ? "Hey Brad " Girl A slurred What the fuck are they doing in my house ? On my bed! "We were just setting the mood . Don't get angry .." Girl B purred giggling like an idiot . Imbeciles .
How'd they know my house ?Who the fuck opened the door? How'd they get in ? "It's simple , the door was opened" Amelia! "We left school before the end of the last period just so you'd meet us at your house and ... I've known your address since middle school . I used to stalk You " oh was I thinking out loud ? If I was ... She probably didn't hear me call her an imbecile or doesn't care . Wait, she just said she has been stalking me?! " And who's Amelia ? Will another girl be joining us?" She asked smiling. She definitely heard that part and didn't care . Slut high on hormones .
They were both looking at me weirdly , probably because of the funny faces I was making as I was thinking . Oh right . I've not said a word . "Yeah" I said distracted by the goodies before me and undressed. "You," pointing at Girl A "get on the bed and pleasure yourself" "ok" "you," looking at girl B " I want my cock in your mouth "gladly "
Girl B knelt before and started her oral. hmmm.. Never gets better
She placed her cool hands on my length and was rubbing it while suckling my balls . Hmm nice She continued paying equal attention to each testicles sucking expertly and I grunted in approval . My attention and mind was on the girl frantically playing with her cunt and was in a moaning mess while my subconsciousness was on my cock . A way to get over Bella. Great
She used her thumb to wipe off my pre cum and flicked the tip with her wet tongue . She dragged the tip of her tongue up the length of my achingly hard sheath, from the tip to the base and the rim again .That definitely made me harder . She took my dick in her mouth and engulfed it whole with the head touching the base of her throat and encircled my tip with her warm, sloppy, wet mouth and my cock jumped in excitement
"Hmmmm" I rolled my eyes to the back of my head . My lips parted. I was indeed getting the cock-worshipping of my life. I looked at her for the first time and our eyes met. She has been looking at my face all along and was getting more turned on from my expression while I have been looking at Girl A who has been looking at my cock simultaneously.
I grabbed a handful of her hair in my hand to get what I actually wanted. Time to be in control . I pushed my dick in her mouth without warning, the rim at the base of her throat. Getting the hint , she flattened her tongue, adjusted her throat muscles and lifted her face to get really deep throated .
She's knows what she's doing . I'd give her that .
She placed her palms on my butts and I was plowing her face like an animal. She was taking it all . Good girl . Saliva dripping from her mouth wetting my dick the more coupled some random choking...She's pretty ok I guess . I kept on thrusting my needy cock into her throat till I could feeling my climax coming .
I growled "hey, you deserve a reward, come here " I said to Girl A and released all my seed into her mouth instead . They kissed to share my cum.
Eeeew, they are acting like it's their last meal just to impress me . Bitches!
Feeling satisfied , I went to the kitchen to grab some meal leaving them to do whatever they wanted with each other.
My siblings would be back in an hour and I need to stay stay healthy to deal with their trouble. Tyrants . I have another fight this night though . All these responsibilities and I feel like my life span is shortening . Lol. I'm not complaining though . I love very part of my life. It's filled with so much fun and love for my siblings. I'll do anything to keep them safe financially and emotionally . I don't wish for them to have the childhood I did .
I don't know when I passed out on the couch .
Yaaay......that's Brad's love life for you . He's even way more and more of a player
They still haven't met. Shocking 😗
I guess they'd be meeting in the next chapter .....
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