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Tuesday, 19 December 2017



I felt beyond embarrassed,I shook my head at him.
"No sorry,just had a bad day" that's kinda true judging from the earlier happenings in my house today."well I'm a new student,just started today" I smiled at him. Didn't he know that already?,oh he was the one who came late when I was busy 'rearranging' my books.
"Ohh..........I'm Harry by the way, he held out his hands and smiled. I blushed. I swear I saw a blonde girl's eyes literally on the floor when he held out his hands. What the hell is wrong with the girls in this school.
"Tamara" I responded shaking him but was surprised when he squeezed my fingers a little. Oh my gosh,I literally turned to mush. I smiled taking my hand away before he kills me unknowingly.
"Nice name,well i-
He was cutoff when Mr Baker held out pieces of papers for everyone to get from his desk. Harry got me mine I thanked him silently smiling awkwardly. Then his eyes grew wide and he chuckled.
" you're that girl from earlier who smiled at me awkwardly revealing her teeth" he laughed nudging my arm lightly.
"What did u expected me to do?,dramatically faint or fan"
"Yes,that would have been better" he smirked. Oh we have Mr cocky here.
"Well sorry for disappointing you, hot pants" I retorted.
"Hey wait,hot pants really?. I'm flattered Tamara" he said touching his chest.
"I didn't mean it in a g-"
I was cutoff by Mr baker,this man sure knows how to hit the bull where it hurts the most.
We were instructed to copy notes from the board, the dude said just few words but we ended up copying literally more than twenty pages. My fingers felt sore due to the notes.
"Take those papers I handed to you all earlier,and write out what you learnt from today's class" Mr Baker stated eyeing us from his black rimmed glasses.
"But you didn't even explain,how then do you expect us to write some article about it" I heard a familiar voice say,this guy really has a bucket list and I guess confronting Mr Baker was the last before he faces the music.
The familiar voice turned out to be Harry's, some nerves.
I turned to him "do you have a death wish? Nice knowing you Harry" I said waving at him but he only chuckled, so relaxed and collected.
Mr Baker walked over to him and put his hands on Harry's desk.
"Did you say something Mr Benedict" he eyed Harry.
"Yes I said you should ex-
Do something Tamara!
" well sorry Mr Baker,he was referring to me not you,stupid Harry. I'm over here not there" I laughed nervously. At least I tried.
"What are you talking about" Harry asked what the hell is wrong with this dude. I'm trying to act like a saviour here to help your sorry ass.
Fortunately,the bell rang signaling the end of the class. Mr Baker scoffed muttering something along the line 'why do I have to deal with crazy teens" and went to his desk. I collected all my things and moved out with the other students.
"Hey!,wait up Tamara" Harry yelled coming out of the class.
He got up to me panting "damn!,you walk so fast"
"Not my fault" I simply shrugged.
"Why did you do it" he inquired staring at me with those eyes. I was almost drooling.
 "Okay I guess,no thank you,well didn't you see how aggravated he was. You were probably gonna get suspended or worse" I responded blankly.
"I wasn't gonna get suspended butter face,he wouldn't dare" he finished. Did I just hear him call me 'butter face' what does that even mean?
"What did you just call me?"
"Butter face?"
"Yeah that"
"I don't know,you look cute so I guess" he shrugged. He called me cute. No one ever called me cute,I was never noticed in my old school. But just on my first day here I was called cute. My heart did a somersault and I found my self blushing almost red as a tomato but I guess he didn't see it cause his eyes were glued on his iPhone.
"Catch you later butter face gotta run" he zoomed off. And I grinned walking over to the principal's office to collect my locker number.
I was currently at the cafeteria eating lunch which turned out good,I expected the food here to taste as bad as my old school but it surprisingly turned out amazing. The rest classes I had didn't ask of any intros just Mr big butt,oops I mean big booty. Try that again Tamara. Baker, way to go
Tamara,you did it.
"The food here is great" I smiled picking up a Fry and throwing it into my mouth.
"I know right" flora giggled. I was sitting beside Flora on my right whilst Amber was on my left with max on Amber's left.
"So since this school is full of dramas, I already met the bad boys, so where's the bumptious bitch?" I asked peering at them.
"Well..." max started "there actually is one" I smiled.
"Wavy blonde hair right?" I asked.
"Yes" Flora answered. Don't laugh Tamara. Please don't.
"Blue eyes right?" I asked again
"Yes Tamara she has blue eyes" max answered noticing my attitude. And that does it,I fell on the floor laughing,someone please hand me a rope.
What for you dork?.
Well I don't want this written in my tomb stone 'Tamara Alonso the girl who died from laughing hysterically'
Hanging would be much better. Don't you think?
I couldn't control my self I laughed but when it suppressed I started again. I didn't expect a stereotypical bitch here.
High school cliché town.
That would make a good headline. You think?
"Where is she,I can't wait to meet her?" I snickered.
"Well you don't have to wait for long,look" Amber pointed at the opposite direction I saw a group of guys laughing and punching each other out of fun and girls giggling beside them. I spotted Goldilocks and chuckled.
"She's Charlotte Clark" our school's golden girl. The most arrogant and bumptious bitch ever" Amber stated blankly.
"But she's hot" max shrugged.
"You call everyone that stupid" Amber rolled her eyes.
"Well I haven't called you hot before" max responded smirking,now I was sure that this two had something coming on. She glared at him but smiled nevertheless. I guess she knows she's more than attractive already.


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