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Tuesday, 26 December 2017


Tessa,you were in it too?" Jason frowned carrying the little doll and swirling her until she giggled and begged him to stop. The video stopped after that.
I was beyond shocked,scratch that, was perplexed..
This was Aiden Zachary, so free and joyous,happy embracing life to it's fullest. So young,insanely cute and funny. I never knew he talked.
I went on to the other video,which hit almost a million views,wow so much views for little children's cuteness. I clicked on play and grabbed a pack of mentos candy and chewed on.
"Hey guys it's Jason Zachary,well this is our first
YouTube video but I wanted an head start on what
the Zach's looks like" Jason smiled at the camera emulating perfect white teeth,he wore mickey
mouse sweatshirt and fully grown blonde hair. He
urged the other Zachary which turned out to be
"Well,I'm Aiden. Ten years old. This page will be Just about the fun we we hold,well it's managed by
our parents" Aiden stated.
"You didn't have to add our parents you know ai"
Jason snapped but Aiden rolled his eyes and
"Stop yelling at Aiden,Jason" Tessa their seven year old sister sat up from the bed staring at
"I'm no longer your hero,is that what you're trying
to say Tess?" Jason frowned peering at his sister. "Now you get to be tickled,come here you doll"
"No!!!'ja!!! - Son!!!" She screamed in between
"So guys you've seen how derailed my folks are,don't say I didn't warn ya" Aiden laughed in a
sing tone.
"Oh,mum and dad are back, let me go Jay" Tessa pushed Jason and ran towards Aiden which he
happily rescued her from the playful beast of their brother Jason.
"So,it's not like they travelled to a different country" Jason rolled his eyes coming in front of
the camera.
"Kids,we're home!" Their parents called.
"Guys we'll do this later, Aiden don't post this.
We'll start from the scratch" Jason warned going downstairs alongside Tessa.
"Rule number one:I'm my own boss" Aiden grinned as the video went off.
I laughed clutching my stomach,he was indeed his own boss. Aiden what the hell happened to you. I decided to talk to Amber to see if she has a clue on Aiden's attitude. I didn't care if it made me look creepy or a stalker,I needed to know this and I won't let some insecurities hold me back.
She didn't pick up,after trying for the fifth time I gave up and tried max,same thing,I groaned and dialled Flora's. She answered on the first ring.
"Hey Tam" she squealed.
"Hey flo,I have a question I need you to answer for me" I started.
"No you wait Missy,you didn't tell us how one of the most popular guys knew your name Tam. We've been in that school for about six years now but none of them glanced at our direction. How come on your first day we were all invited to have lunch with them,let alone invited to their party" she roared,I knew for sure she was pacing her room now.
"Wait flora,I can explain"
"I'm not done yet,do you know how I felt,you made my dream come true. I sat with Ralph today he didn't only notice me but we talked. You are a miracle Tamara. thank you" she finished and I felt her whimper. Oh my gosh,is she crying. Like seriously.
I nodded then I remembered she couldn't see me.
"Flora,no need to thank me. It just happened....I guess,Harry got into my history class and he needed someone to give him an headstart" I recalled today's event with Harry to her,she giggled all through.
"Max couldn't stop talking about it you know,Amber was shocked too. So what did you wanted to ask Tam?" She asked bringing my attention back to the topic,what was it again. Oh yes Aiden.
"Hmm" I started,I couldn't bring myself to ask her,she would think I'm crazy for stalking a guy I met on my first day of school so I went along with the 'I'll call you back' and I hung up signing. I guess I won't find that out today.
It was 5:30 pm already,mum wasn't home yet so I decided to jaywalk around the street since it wasn't busy and clear of traffic,I wore a sandal instead of a regular converse and started. I passed a few blocks and didn't realize when I entered into a different lane not too far from ours with beautiful building and magnificent gates highlighting every single detail.
I hit my leg hard against a rock at the side walk and groaned in pain seeing my left sandal torn at the front I pulled it out and decided to go back home walking with no footwear on my left foot. How humiliating,people stared at me like a maniac, what's wrong with this people,yeah look all you want.
As I was about getting into the lane closer to my house a reckless driver hit a pothole and the dirty mud water came flying all over my jeans and shirt,I cried loudly already frustrated taken in my dirty clothes. This dirt wouldn't come out even if I tried for weeks. And I loved those jeans. I stood there frustrated and quickly carried my right sandal and tore it too.
"Yeah,die like the first one" I yelled in annoyance. Sitting on the floor then I stood up still yelling at the sandal like it commited an offence. I rubbed my eyes then looked at the sky which was already getting dark as I was watching, at the corner of my eyes. I saw a figure watching me from a big building ,I turned my gaze to see,yes you guessed right Aiden!
He watched me like he was in a math class confused on how the teacher derived his answers. Then his confused beautiful face evolved into a smirk, but I thought he doesn't smirk but frown.
He watched me for about a minute,and I stood there embarrassed,I didn't ever picture this scenario as how we first met. I looked at my ruined shirt and mentally groaned. Now he thinks I'm a dirty,smelly ugly Betty.
Why me,why today,damn you Aiden.
Damn you Mondays.
Damn you stupid sandals.
Damn you fucking reckless driver.
I just wanted to craw in a tiny space with a big bowl of ice cream and cry myself to sleep.
"Well nice way to get my attention Betty" he called smirking,what did he mean by Betty oh. Ugly Betty,damn you.
"Your attention?,I don't even know you" I played smart smirking.
"Yeah,say it till you get convinced, where is your paper. Oh I don't longer sign on skin girl" he said smugly. This jerk.
"Don't your ass gets jealous of the amount of shits that comes out of your mouth pretty boy?" I retorted crossing my arms. His eyes grew wide.
"No one talks to me like that"
"Obviously someone should" I snapped.
"No girl does that" he continued.
"Well there is a first time for everything right?" I shrugged walking away,when I turned back he was gone,I couldn't stop the grin that was evolving in my face. I ran all the way to my house slamming the door shut and sat beside the door laughing like a goon. I mean,I just had a conversation with Aiden,well not a real conversation but it still counts. When most guys approached me in a cocky way,I loathed them immediately. But I didn't feel any of those for Aiden which was strange. I saw a smirk on his face and I wanted to see more of those. I yelped loudly seeing my mum on the couch staring at me then my clothes and shoes confusedly then muttering "I don't even wanna know" shook her head and went upstairs.


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