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Friday, 15 December 2017


"Oh yes my lord" take me away and with you
to wherever you want. my 'night in shining armour'
"Oh my queen you made me the happiest man alive"
he said taking my hand and easily lifting meto sit
with him on his chariot.
"Can I know your name my Queen?" He
ungrudging at me with lovely green eyes.
"Tamara my lord"
"OH,Tamara,what a lovely name,I could say it
all day".
" Tamara! Tamara! Tamara!" He said but this
time a little bit angrily and shaking me continuously.
"Tamara wake up,you are late on your first day of school" the voice said,I stirred in bed realising I had one of those dreams again,I groaned looking at my mum and squinted my eyes when she pushed open the curtains revealing light coming from the sun.
I threw a pillow at her but that gave her an idea,cause she whacked me on my butt furiously.
"Mum,I don't wanna go today. I promise tomorrow mum" I whined childishly covering my face with the pillow I was whacked with. What's so good about school,can't we just have someone coming to our houses instead of making the first move. I groaned loudly.
"That's what you said last time,and you missed a whole week of school" she narrowed her hazel eyes at me.
"This would be the last,just let me" i heard a long sigh followed by her heavy steps until she totally disappeared. Finally!,it's just you and me bed, just give me a reason I shouldn't buy you a
mansion on your next birthday mum.
I was gradually drifting back to sleep when I heard heavy footsteps and then..
"Holy cheese cake!" I was soaked wet from the tip of my curly dark brown hair to my toes. I yelped out of the bed and into the bathroom,I didn't want to catch a cold. I heard series of her laughter echoing through the walls. I take that back you are
getting just a brick for your birthday,yea go build
your mansion on your own.
" That's serves you right,hurry up and come have breakfast" she giggled and went away.
I groggily washed my hair,took my bath and stepped out tying my fancy loony toons towel around my chest,yea I'm a sucker for cartoons.
I brushed my teeth and stared at the mirror gargling and spitting the water out,blow dried my curly dark hair. Combed it with my fingers and tied it in a neat bun but still had some heavy strands sticking out. Got to my closet,picked out some random jeans and a red T-shirt pairing it with red vans. I don't really take time getting ready for school,just my everyday bath,I applied little makeup whenever I felt like,but with my lazy attitude didn't have time for that today.
I got downstairs seeing mum in the counter holding out Bacon and scrambled eggs. I smiled,my mum and dad got divorced when I was seven and ever since then she took extra care of me never reminding me of dad,she payed all my bills and served as both parents to me. Dad sent me Christmas and birthday presents but it all stopped two years ago,I waited on his present on my 15th birthday but it didn't arrive.
"But mum, I didn't see the reason we had to move to mile ville,I miss my old school" I complained to her.
"I really need this job Mara,be considerate honey".
I signed " I don't think I can fit into a new school,what about Trina? I miss her already"
"I can't believe we are having this discussion again,you can always face time Trina. You girls chatted all through the night" she said putting a glass of milk on the dining table.
we moved to mile ville two weeks ago,my mum had a contract here in our home town. She was really excited to come over,this was the town she was raised and her mother my grandma owned one of the biggest English restaurants here. So it was like coming home,but not to me. I wasn't really fond of making new friends me being the shy type. The only friends I had were Trina and her twin Tryson. Even if Tryson and I didn't quite get along but I still refer to him as a friend.
"You can deal with your new school,I know you can. My fearless Mara" she smiled hugging me. "Now eat up,you are late honey"
I gobbled my food and got up holding my glass of milk and downing it all in a gulp.
"So mum,since I'm already late,can i-
" don't even think about it,I have a meeting in about" she paused then glanced at the wall clock. She continued "two hours from now" she snapped cutting me off.
"Fine" I muttered. I didn't own a car yet,so I used mum's but she promised to get me mine when I turned eighteen.
"Put on a sweater sweetie" she called but i ignored her.
I was happy at the fact that school was just five minutes walk from home,so I carried my backpack,kissed mum goodbye and got out. I was greeted by the harsh cold breeze which almost blew me away,the weather was gelid not welcoming at all. I wanted to go back and grab a jacket but shook my head. I mean mum would just give me one of those 'I told you so' looks so i walked on.
"Hmm mile ville high school" yep a community school. I muttered going into the large gate. It was very easy to locate most of the buildings because mum and I checked out the school few days back,I was already given my time schedule for my classes and got my name signed in the principals office. I brought out my time schedule and saw math as the first subject,I groaned seeing the time 9:00 written on it. I was twenty minutes late for my first class on my first day. The school was so big,bigger than my previous school and had many co- curriculum activities during the day.
I entered into the hallway seeing few students around,shouldn't they be in their classes? then again I'm also one of them.
I looked through the hallway walls seeing posters of football tournaments,math bowls,drama club presentations and musical themes. I smiled touching the posters. My old school didn't do school plays just educational bowls.
I was looking for room 99 but failed shamelessly so I decided to ask a red head beside a tall green locker.
"Oh hey" I stopped and looked at her shirt and saw a name tag 'flora' on it. "Flora" I added smiling.
She turned to me but her beautiful green eyes grew wide and she gasped covering her mouth with both hands. I became confused and stared at her awkwardly.
"How did you know my name,oh my gosh. That means I'm finally famous,wait here" she instructed. "I need to tell max" she added giggling then ran off. I stood there gob-smacked,perplexed. What just went on now. So weird.
I shook my head and continued still looking for room 99. OK 69,I guess it would be upstairs I said to myself going up. I held on the railings for support seeing a lot of students running down the stairs,I guess first class was over. I ducked my head to check the class I had after math on my schedule but I hit my head against a hard wall,really strong wall.
"Ow" I scrubbed my head feeling light headed.
"What the hell is your problem" a thick voice said i stirred my head and saw an infuriated face,with healthy blue eyes peering at me.
"You should watch properly before moving,instead of acting like some annoyed bitch" he said rudely before laughing hysterically. I'm confused,could someone explain this. I was feeling a sharp pain in my head and I almost cried out. He called me a bitch then laughed. Ouch,my head!. What's so funny about that.
"You are such a loser max,you blew our cover,you didn't even last a minute" a pretty girl appeared hitting the guy I assumed was max on his chest. She had dark chocolate eyes and matching hair colour,tall above average height,Bronze skin. Very pretty but had this boyish attitude when she talked.
"I can't bring my self to do what the 'Ashers' do " max said emphasising 'Ashers' in quote using his pointer and middle finger.
"Hmm hmm" I cleared my throat. "Could you please enlighten me a bit, I'm confused here" I said trying my best to smile. I was beyond frustrated now having to deal with my pounding head.
"Sorry Amber made me do it" Max said pointing at the brunette beside him but she hit him hard on his dark blonde hair showing no remorse. I stifled a laugh when max screamed sounding like a dying pigeon.
"Hey I'm Amber Williams,sorry he hit you,well here is the thing we had a bet that he should intentionally hit someone and act rudely about it making him an 'Asher'" that brings us back to Asher.
"He failed,so he has to do everything I say for a whole week" she grinned wickedly.
"I'm Tamara,Tamara Alonso" I brought out my hand for a handshake but was surprised when she fist bumped me.
"Hey,you guys forgot about me" Max whined..
"This is my loser of a friend max miles" she laughed,there was something about the way Max eyes forayed pain when she called him her friend but I shook it off.
"There you are Max,been looking all over for you" a voice said and I turned to see the red head from before panting heavily.
"Just in time,come here flora,meet Tamara" max said, she looked at me intensely then told max and Amber about the whole name thing.
Max chuckled pointing her name tag which she smiled muttering "I actually thought I was famous".
" in your dreams,flora" Amber responded. "don't worry she's a little cray cray but you will get used to it". She whispered in my ears and I chuckled.
" shh here they come" flora giggled straightening her red hair.
"Who?",I questioned,I noticed everybody turned to the direction of the stairs. The girls checking out themselves in the mirror including flora,the guys holding on to their girlfriends like they were going to get lost or something. Amber rolled her eyes while max watched intensely like he was going to learn something new today. I was beyond confused.
" the Asher's" Amber answered facing me, "they are the hottest and richest guys in mile ville high,bad boys like everyone called them,they change their girlfriends like a pair of boxers,the more they dismiss them the more they come for more" she explained.
"But why are they called the Asher's?" I asked still confused.
"Here is why" she pointed at a tall handsome figure ,smooth black hair gelled to the back and dark eyes he was smirking and winking to the girls as he walked past.
"That's Sam,he owns a record of the highest amount of girls he laid,a player and the dumbest in his crew. I nodded in understanding like a humble student.
" that is Harry, the smartest,he has this charm when it comes to girls his mesmerising Gray eyes does the trick for him,also a player and he plays the guitar too" flora said giggling,then pointed at a Gray eyed tall frame with messy blond hair. He put his hand through his hair and smiled at me,I didn't know what to do so I just opened my teeth awkwardly, he chuckled and walked past me.
"That's Ethan, the most polite,he is handsome like the rest of them and the most responsible" Amber remarked.
"he has a girlfriend since a year plus now,stayed loyal all through". Max added.
I smiled at this one,he had hazel eyes like mine and curly black hair,he was the only one with a girlfriend according to max.
" and this is my favourite,Ralph" flora said pointing at a very cute blonde with sparking blue eyes and dimple on his left cheek as he smiled.
"Nice choice flora" I said to her grinning. She blushed and looked away. "and I guess he's the goofy one right?" she smiled and nodded. I waited for the last to arrive but he didn't. confused...
"Max you said The Asher's,I've seen Sam-S, Harry-H, Ethan-E and Ralph-R" I enquired, "so where is the 'A?".
"Here he comes" max replied
I saw about two girls lift their skirts up revealing their thigh. desperate muc h. and the guys grip their girlfriends but this time tightly. Then I looked forward searching for the cause of attraction until my hazel eyes landed on a set of green eyes,his expression was stoic,like disinterested it held no fun in them. He looked like he wanted to be buried deep under showing no care in them. He pushed his golden brown hair from his eyes abruptly and didn't hold any expression as he walked by us,he didn't stare at any one his muscles flexed as he walked past. I didn't know what to do,I was in shock. I've never seen someone so blank in my life,he was like a mystery I was trying to uncover.
"And that's Aiden,Aiden Zachary" Tamara stated.
Aiden Aiden
And I knew then that I was in trouble


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