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Sunday, 24 December 2017



When I got home after school,I went into the kitchen then saw a sticky note on the side of the fridge with mum's neat handwriting telling me she didn't
have time to prepare lunch so she advised to make pancakes. I nodded and started baking,I was really good when it comes to food. I prepared most of our food seeing mum was a busy business woman.
When I was done eating,I went into my room and sat on my study chair trying to achieve something by doing Mr Baker's assignment. Half way done,I couldn't concentrate I thought about Aiden's expression and his stoic attitude so I got out my phone from my nightstand and slumped on my bed searching for Aiden. What was his surname again?.
Oh Zachary.
It wasn't that hard searching him on Facebook he was popular I guess,I saw his profile but didn't see any of his pictures even his displayed picture was one of a band I didn't know exist. I saw some of the pics he was tagged in only with pictures of him bored,covering his face with his hands or frowning. Frustrated, I tried YouTube. Typed in his name and saw a suggested profile with the name "The Zach's" they were only two videos uploaded so I clicked on one.
As I waited for the video, I scrolled down to read the comments. They consisted of.
"Little Aiden and Jason looks so cute,I can literally run my hands through their hairs" MissyInkyBottom.
"Little Tessa steals the spotlight as always😂" NinaGroove.
"I totally disagree,Jason looks hotter" ID Freak.
"Nah,at ID Freak. Are you blind or something?,Aiden is way hotter than his older brother". MollyCosmo
" who's watching this in 2017" Tracymiller 20
"Wow,never imagined seeing Aiden smile,talk more of laugh. He looks so at ease" CharlieGrande.
"You are totally right at CharlieGrande,what happened to this side of Aiden?" ValeriePosh
"Guys, get a life this was like eight years ago. And you're still on this?" PizzaLover.
"I was watching a rerun of the notebook,but the next thing I know,boom I'm on this page" SalvadorKutcher. 1 0 replies.
I couldn't continue going through the comments I went to the video and it displayed a ten year old version of Aiden laughing hysterically as he went in front of the camera and put his pointer finger in front of his mouth to shush everyone and grinning wickedly as he tiptoed to a different room. He paused then beckoned on the person holding the camera to move closer he got into the room and quietly jumped on the bed laughing and brought out his tiny hands in front of the camera revealing bugs,disgusting little bugs. I cringed in distaste already knowing what was coming next. I watched intensely.
He straight out his hands on a sleeping figure and the bugs fell right on the kid's figure going into different parts hidden, I laughed holding on to my sheets. The kid yelped out of bed crying alarmingly as he ran continuously shook his body and head to let the bugs fall on the ground. He glared playfully at Aiden then grinned chasing Aiden yelling "you can't run away from me Ai,dad you're seriously filming this?" The kid of about twelve years enquired with beautiful blue eyes and messy blonde hair.
"Yes Jason,it's going on YouTube!" A little brunette walked in hopping on the bed she was about seven years old, she wore pink all through and a pink ribbon. I smiled.


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