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Saturday, 16 December 2017


Elena caught the sight of the light in front of the restaurant and breath a sigh of relief.
It was 11:30 in the night but she couldn't help the growling in her stomach.
She always thought she could go a whole day without food, well she had but the circumstances were different.
She had conquered the first ordeal which was getting to the
restaurant from a long distance.
The second was opening the
entrance door.
She had only been here once and she was embarrassed when she had flipped the exit switch instead of
the entrance switch and everyone had laughed at her.
Little things made her embarrassed, even though from where she stood outside the restaurant she could see that there were little or no people in the restaurant.
She was still contemplating on going inside.
A loud growl in her stomach made her realise she had to do it, whether she liked it or not.
As she approached the door and made to press the button, she was still deciding which button to press when she felt a hand above hers.
She looked up to the face of a young man who should be in
his early 20s.
He didn't look at her, he pressed one of the two switches above her head and the door opened.
She stood waiting for him to go in so she could go back to deliberating on which of the switch to press.
But he didn't move, she looked up at him and saw him giving her the 'can you please go in, miss moron' stare.
She hurriedly entered the restaurant smiling sheepishly.
She mouthed a quick 'thank you' without looking at him and went to make her order.
"Miss there are no tables again for tonight, you can only
have take away" a cute attendant at the counter said smiling at her
His smile was enough to wipe away any feeling of distress anyone might have. Elena thought to herself
She smiled back
"I will have take away" he nodded and she ordered pizza and a pack of pineapple juice
"Give me a minute" the cute attendant said and went away
The young man from before came striding in. He stood beside Elena and neither of them spoke a word to each other.
The cute attendant came back and handed Elena's order to her, bidding her goodnight with a smile broader than the first.

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