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Sunday, 17 December 2017


[11:58 PM, 12/16/2017] +234 906 001 7760: Dad, I'd be coming home tomorrow. I miss you too. Prepare my best meal" elena told her dad when he called her that night.
She couldn't wait to get home. Her father had been alone for so many years.
But he sounded happy when he talked to her tonight, he wouldn't tell her why and it made her so eager to go home.
"So you're leaving me?" Her best friend gave her best puppy
"You pretending goat" elena sneered throwing a pillow at her
friend who sat opposite her "we have been in the same room for the past 4 months and all you do is pick up fight with me at any chance you get. Now you're acting like you would miss me."
Elena's face drops "I miss you already angel" she said as she pulled her best friend to her as they sobbed into each others arms
The door opened
"Eww, you guys should get mature. This is an eye sore" their neighbour jessica said
They pulled away from each other and laughed
"Come here" Jessica called opening her arms for the two girls
It was the last day in high school
"I..wi..ll...miss you" elena said crying
"Shuuu...I'll miss you girls too" jessica said with a shaky voice hugging them tightly.
Alarm buzz
Elena got out of her bed and prepared for her journey
She got her bags and waited for her friends outside.
She sat in the bus waving at them when it was time to go.
"I'll come visit" angela told her while they held each other before the bus started to move
When she got to the bus stop, she saw her dad from afar. She
was so overjoyed. She ran into his arms. They hugged for a long time
"ena dear you have grown so much" her dad held her face observing her.
"Daddy, its feels like a century since I saw you" she said in a little baby's voice
"Baby, I feel the same too but am happy you are here with me now and you are not going to college anytime soon" he said wiping the tears that had started to form in her eyes
She smiled
"So let's get to the car. Its right in front" her dad said pointing to the SUV a little far from where they stood, "and you get to see the surprise too" he pulled her ear playfully handing her the cupcakes she loves so much
"Really, I love surprises" she squealed walking swiftly to where the car was packed
When they got there, a woman got out of the car. She was a tall
light skinned woman who had a green eyes matching the colour of the green gown she wore that brought out her curves with black heel shoes.
Elena turned to her father with a questioning look.
"Hi, am carol. I know you are elena. Your dad wont stop
telling me about you" carol said stretching out her hand to shake that of elena's.
Elena smiled and took her hand
"Elena, this is my girlfriend. Carol." Gerald said timidly
unsure of how his daughter was going to feel about it
"Really dad, that's cool. I thought you were never going to
let someone else into your life" she said smiling at her dad
and carol.
Carol's smile grew wider as elena pulled her into a hug
Gerald smiled, they got into the car and drove home.

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