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Saturday, 23 December 2017


"sausage and spaghetti and some vegetables, its the remains from the breakfast. And yours is on the dining table" Carol said while she arranged the dishes she just finished washing
"Thanks carol, am famished" The light on elena's phone came on, it was a text from Dylan asking if she was still coming to see him
*yeah, give me a minute. I'll meet you outside" she took her plates to the kitchen. Carol already left so she couldn't tell her she was going.
When she got back to the sitting room, she screamed "am going out" and left the house closing the door behind her
"Hey dylan" she said when she caught a glimpse of him in front of her house
"Hey damsel. How are you today?" He asked flashing her one of his cute smiles.
"am good. You?" Elena smiled back
"Never better, let's take a walk. I won't be able to spend much time with you today. A friend of mine is coming to stay with me and I have to be home by then so I can help with his things" dylan explained
"No problem, I have to get home early too or my dad won't let me out of the house again, so let's get to the end of the street"
" what are the things I don't know about you? Neighbours should know about each other. Nice outfits by the way" he winked at her
"Stop joking around, I'd probably tell you if you were not my neighbour. Anyways am 18, just finished high school. I love reading, reading and talking. And I hang out with my friends a lot. A week from now, I can assure you lots of my friends will flood my house cause' I have so many of them" elena said
"Woah, I hope there's no special one" dylan grinned
"Special one? Really?" Elena feigned ignorance "There isn't though"
Dylan sniggered
"That's cool. Though am wondering why someone as beautiful as you, doesn't have one. Is it that they don't ask you out which is obviously impossible or you just don't have time for them?"
"Am waiting for that special person" Elena said as they approached the end of the road and turned back
"Hmm...special person. You believe in that?" He asked
"You don't?" Elena asked
"well I do, but I don't look it" dylan said
"its not written on the forehead though but you really don't look it. You seem like the player type" elena said, dylanlaughs
"I might just find a girl who would give me a child and I'll be a single father" the booming sound of sorry by justin beiber rings in the air
"Realy?..." Elena started
"Excuse me please" dylan said to elena before picking his phone
"Hey're around?...on my way...wait for me or you can get the key under the right there." He ends the call
"That was my friend, he's around." Dylan told elena
"Ohh...the friend you told me about?" Dylan nods his smile not leaving his face.
He sure smiles a lot, elena thought
"We should hurry, so you wouldnt keep him waiting"
"At this pace, I think we would get there in seconds, slow down el" Dylan said laughing When they approached their houses, they sighted a young man carrying bags and unloading more from a vehicle
"He has lots of bags" elena exclaimed
"He does, I wonder what he has there?" Dylan agreed shaking his head
"Want me to help out?" Elena offered
"Don't bother, two well built and groomed men will do the job. I can't stress a beautiful girl like you" dylan said
"You sure use that a lot" elena said under her breath
"I heard that" Dylan said as they burst into laughter
They moved closer to the young man, he turned to face them with a little smile on his face, he hugged his friend ignoring elena
Elena looked at the two friends who seemed to be bonding,she just stood there and it started to seem awkward.
She couldn't see the guy clearly but from a distance she could tell he wasn't an overly friendly person and he didnt smile much The two friends loosened the grip on each other.
Dylan turned to elena "Elena meet my friend. Ben mark" dylan said
Benjamin mark turned to elena fully as elena takes in the sight before her.

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