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Thursday, 21 December 2017


As they approached their chocolate and brown two storey building, elena looked out of the window of the car taking in the air in her environment. It had been so long she was here.
Just like yesterday, she remembered when her father told her she wont be going to any school near their house
"ena you have to go, I cant let you stay in this place. Am taking you there for a change of environment. Try to understand dada" her father explained to her
"No dada, its a lie you just want to get rid of me. You will marry another woman and have children that you will love more than me" elena cried harder, she just couldn't comprehend why her father who had no one else but her would
want to take her so far from him
Her father hugged her and tried to pacify her to no avail, he even bought her different flavours of her favourite cupcake. All she said was that she would never leave him.
Remembering how childish and silly she had been brought a smile to her face covering the sadness in her heart.
Even though she was so happy for her father, she didn't know if she was ready to see any one else as a mother.
"Ena, cant you see there have been so many changes since you left?" Her father said bringing her out of her thoughts
"Yes daddy, so many changes. It had become more developed and beautiful over the years" she replied smiling at him
"So carol, where did you meet my dad?" Elena asked bringing her head to the front seat of the car to face carol
"We met at a conference. We were having an international swift developers meeting and he made a presentation, when I saw him I felt suddenly connected " carol started
"Oh you are being sarcastic" Gerald interrupted laughing
"Go on carol, don't let him disturb our conversation" elena said joining in the laughter
"So", carol cleared her voice and as if she was about to tell a secret she moved closer to elena's ear while Gerald continued to laugh;
"I went over to tell him I enjoyed his presentation but he was so rude. He just walked away.
I got angry and went after him, I was like 'mr, you don't get to
walk away from me. You're so rude' blah blah blah. Like no one had ever spoken to him like that before, he turned around and apologised. I was shocked myself that I had to take back some of the words I said and from there we got know what happened next" she winked at elena
and sat back on her seat making everyone go into fits of laughter
"Wow dad, how can you be so rude to a woman. A beautiful woman at that"
"This is scary, I hope this is not the part where both of you start ganging up against me" Gerald said driving the car to the parking lot.
When they got down from the car, elena noticed 2 more cars in the lot
"Dad, do you have 3 cars now?"
"oh I forgot to tell you, we got a neighbour. They moved in the house beside us, they own the third car." She nodded and they went inside
"Hmm...I can see me eating already. Its smells so delicious" elena said in relish perceiving the smell of food coming from the kitchen
"Trust me baby, I made the pasta very early this morning and grilled the chicken. Carol made the pasta sauce and believe
me she is better than me"
"Of course" elena said
"huuuh, that hurt" Gerald said putting his hand to his chest
like he had just been stabbed while walking to the fridge, he opened it and remembered he had not gotten any juice in the house.
"oh God ena, we are out of juice. Can you run down the street to get some?"
"Really dad, there's a place to get some down the street?" Elena asked surprised
"Yes my dear, I told you we are very well developed now. Just down the street is a mart. Get a pack of pineapple juice for yourself and 2 packs of orange juice for us while we set the table"
"OK dad" she said collecting the money
She hadn't walked for long when she caught sight of a place called Mart frenzie. She entered the mart, got what she needed and went to the counter to pay the bill.
A young man approached the counter too and smiled at her. He had a dark skin, and caramel eyes that
matched his short curly brown hair.
He was so tall elena had to look up to take a good look at him. She smiled back
"Not seen you around here before" the guy said
"Been in school. And I don't come home often"
"Oh, pardon me. I assumed you where new here. So what's the damsel's name?"
"Am elena, elena chris" she smiled shyly
"Really, I have a cousin called elena too. Must be fate" he grinned
Elena laughed at his attempt to be funny
"You ha vent mentioned your name though"
"That's true, was waiting for you to ask," he snickered "am
dylan jesse"
The attendant finally came and attended to them, elena and dylan paid for what they bought and walked out of the mart together.
"I will be going this way" Elena said pointing towards the right side of the road
"Really? I stay at that side too but right now I have to see a friend. So am I opportuned to get your cell number?" he brought out his cell phone and pointed it in her direction
"Of course" she collected the phone from him and punched her phone number into it. She gave it back to him and with a goodbye she turned and left for her house
On her way home, she couldn't help smiling to herself.
Everything happened so fast, dylan was so charming and he seemed like he was a little full of himself.
But hey she liked tall guys and dylan was almost everything she wanted in a guy. She hope he calls her.
Later that night, after a hearty meal with her dad and carol. They stayed for some time in the sitting room watching some of the home videos she had not seen in a while.
She and carol had the same taste in movies and they giggled and made comments as they watched while her dad huffed and groaned at the noise they made.
When everyone got tired and started falling asleep on the sofa, elena left them in the sitting room and went into her
She couldn't help the memories that flooded her mind.
This was the room she avoided for so many years. When she realised why her dad had wanted her to stay away for a while, she was glad he did. It gave her a stronger mind and view towards life.
Her dad had even suggested her moving to another room but she is older now. She can take anything that comes her way.
Her room was already arranged. Her bags well placed at the corner of the room. Her medium-sized bed was beautified with yellow and brown floral patterned sheets.
She knew it was carol who would have designed it, her dad would never know how to make something this beautiful. It made her feel at home, melted her worries and pushed bad memories behind.
She seemed to be liking carol more every passing minute
She had motherly features and she knew just what to do to make her happy and feel at home.
Elena got up and pulled her jeans and shirt. She laid it neatly on the arm of one of the two chairs in her room, leaving her in singlets and panties.
She stood up to turn on the little radio she had in her room, she had it since she was very little. It was a present from her mom.
Suddenly, she felt eyes on her. She looked out of her window and around the buildings in the street that were in view but she didn't see anyone.
Then she looked up, and right through her window in the house opposite hers she saw it. Someone was looking at her.

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