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Friday, 22 December 2017


She looked clearly, the face seemed familiar and the person was trying to tell her something.
She moved closer to take a look at the person at the other side.
The figure smiled, then she recognised him. He was the guy she had met earlier in the day.
She was surprised to see him in the building right next to hers.
When she could see him clearly, he mouthed to her to check her phone.
She nodded, And on her phone was a text from him
hey elena. Didn't know you were my next door neighbour
she smiled and replied;
I was not aware either, was very surprised. I thought you were some sort of stalker
So since you now know am the one, I hope we'll see tomorrow she smiled
The door to the room opened and carol came in.
Carol smiled at her; "am I disturbing something?"
Elena smiled back shaking her head as she texts a quick definitely, gotta go
She sits on her bed while carol joined her "looks like you got a friend there"
Carol pointed to the window.
Elena grinned shyly
"not really, I met him today and he wants to meet up tomorrow"
"oh really, I think he's a nice boy. Not seen him causing trouble since I came. You know you can always talk to me right?" She said holding elena's hands
"Thank you elena. You're a sweet girl and I hope I don't disappoint you" she continued
"You don't have to thank me, I just know you will take care of my dad. He has been lonely for so many years and seeing you with him has brought life to him that I couldn't give him myself" elena said
"Am happy you feel like that. I hope we can be as close as sisters. It would mean so much to me" carol said
"I'd love that carol. And thanks for making my bed" Elena said as carol gets up from the bed
"oh, how did you know I made it? I hope you like the colour I used. Your dad told me you liked yellow" carol grinned
"Yes I love it, its a good match with the room and obviously I know you made it, dad doesn't even know the first thing about decorating a girl's room. You need to see the way he styled my hair when I was young" carol laughed and Elena joined in, remembering the time her father grew so tired of her hair that he started using straws to tie them together.
"I see you ladies her having fun talking about me" Gerald said pointing at the two of them
"oh God, dad. How long have you been standing there?" Elena gasped
"Long enough to know you both enjoy each others company" he answered smiling
"Dad" elena whined
"Daughter" Gerald mocked
"I guess I should leave the both of you to talk. Good night Elena" Carol said making her way to the door leaving father and daughter alone in the room
"How have you been ena, there are so many things I want to know." Gerald asked his daughter as he settles on one of the chairs in the room
"Dad, have been fine. There are so many things I want to know about you too, How long have you been with carol?" She asked her father
"For about two months now" he smiled sheepishly
"Dad, and you didn't even inform me. I call you 2 times everyday and you didn't mention her to me" Elena whined
"Am sorry daughter, I just didn't want anything to disturb your studies and besides you might not be happy with the fact that another woman might take the place of your mother"
"Dad, am not a kid anymore. I totally understand and besides carol is a great person"
"I know and am proud of you. Am serious about you not going to college for a while. I want to be fully part of my baby's life from now on. So is there any boy I have to meet?" Gerald winked at his daughter
"Dad, not yet." Elena exclaimed
"well, its fine. But you told me about a boy some months ago. No deal on him? You guys seemed to be getting along well"
"we, kind of, were. But we broke up. Don't ask for a reason.We just did" elena said
"am not going to, that should be were carol comes in. It gives me joy that you have a woman to talk to." Gerald said pulling her cheeks
"Dad" elena pouts
"Come to think of it ena, you don't call me dada anymore. Is that a sign of maturity too? Hmm..."
"Dad, who still calls dada at age 18? I guess I've outgrown it." Elena said bringing out her tongue
"Then, I guess I should outgrow calling you ena too" Gerald said bringing out his tongue at his daughter
"God, dad you're such a baby. Goodnight" elena said as she lay on her bed putting her cover on top of her
"Goodnight baby" her father kissed her forehead and switch off the light

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