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Monday, 25 December 2017


"Meeting you was nothing, knowing you was nothing. Loving you is scary" unspoken rule
~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
"Elena meet my friend. Ben mark"
Benjamin mark turned to elena fully as elena takes in the
sight before her
He had gentle, warm brown eyes, wide shoulder and muscular
arms, he had really tall features, a little taller than
His hair looked flat at the back and high from the middle
to the front, they were jet black.
His smile was warm and short lived. He would tilt the corner
of his mouth like he wants to smile then close them back.
He was light skinned with a mole under his left eye. And a
slight dimple that shows at a corner of his mouth when he
tries to smile.
"Hi" elena said
"Hi" he muttered and carried a bag into the house
"He doesnt talk much" dylan said in an apologetic tone
"It's okay, I thought as much. See you when I see you" she
"alright el, bye" dylan said
"el" dylan called her and she turned to face him," you want
to come over to my place tomorrow?"
"Call me" she winked and walked away
"I'll take that as a yes" he shouted for her to hear
"Elena is now a big girl, she can take care of herself Ger."
Carol said closing the curtains from which she and gerald
where looking at elena
"I know, am just scared of these boys. I dont want them to
break her heart. You see last month, there was this guy she
was really crazy about but yesterday I asked her about him,
she said they broke up and I could see she looked hurt but
she wouldnt talk to me. She acts like she can handle things
herself but I know she cant" Gerald said bringing Carol to
his laps
Carol holds his face and kiss him on the mouth
"Dont worry babe, I'll talk to her. She seem like a very
open person. But you know I wont be telling you all our
secret" he laughs into her hair
"I know you won't tell me. You know am so happy you guys are
getting closer. I was really scared to tell her about us. I
thought she would get angry or misunderstand but she really
has grown."
"She really has" Carol said as they lie down on the bed, her
head on gerald's chest.
Elena jumped on her bed, waiting for dylan to text or call
her but he didnt. She decided to text her best friend. It
has been a while she heard from her
angel of my life she messaged and after some minutes her
phone vibrated
Two messages popped up. One was from her angela, the other
was from a friend she hasnt seen in a while
She checked angela's first
*lenaaa, I missed you. I wanted to inform you that I would
be coming to your house next week. I hope you're around*
"Ofcourse angel, I am. You're always welcome, I can't wait
to see you. It would be so much fun* elena texts
yes baby, talk to you later. Love ya much angela replied
Love ya too baby girl elena replied and dropped her phone
Then she remembered she had received a message earlier, she
checked the content of the message
elena, it's aquila. Been a while. How have you been?
Elena smiled, She didnt know she will hear from him this
*Aquila, its been so long. Am fine, have really missed you.
Do you still stay in south street?* she texts
Few seconds later
*I miss you too and ofcourse I still stay in south street. I
could pay you a visit tomorrow. Want to see your face, if
you want me too ofcourse*
that's no problem, I'll be around till noon
Some minutes later, still no response. Elena held her phone
to her chest hoping dylan would still call, till she slept
Phone rings
"Brenda, how you? in Geralds place. You want
to come?...alright dearie. I'll be expecting you girl" Carol
hang up the phone
"who was that?" Gerald asked slightly opening his eyes from
where he slept on the bed
"it's my friend brenda. She wants to visit. She will be
coming later today. I hope that's fine with you"
"Ofcourse dear, that's no problem. Do you know if elena is
awake?" Gerald asked
"I dont, but I'll check on her. There is no work today so
you have all the day to sleep, I'll bring your breakfast
soon" Carol said as she kissed him on the cheek before
leaving the room

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