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Tuesday, 26 December 2017


"Elena" carol called "Are you awake?" She called again
looking into Elena's room
"Come in carol, I just finished making my bed" Elena said
"how you elena, you are up early today" she said with a soft
"I know right, I had to set an alarm to wake me up. A friend
of mine wants to come over" Elena said
"Really? Wow. Is it the boy in the next house?" Carol said
pulling one of the chairs in the room to herself
"No, another friend have not seen for a long time" Elena
"Oh, that's cool. I will be having a friend over too, I hope
you will be around. She's a little nosy and she would want
to see you" carol said
"That's no problem, I will be home, but am still going out
by noon. Going to see Dylan." Elena said
"No problem Elena, as long as you come home early..." She
winked," Because of your father"
Elena nods
"speaking of your father, Elena he's a little worried. He
said you won't talk to him" Elena shrugs and sits on the bed
"don't mind dad, he's just been nosy" Elena said
"Elena, I know you're a big girl but you can't always keep
everything to yourself. You need to talk to someone about
what you are going through" carol said
"I know, I just think its too embarrassing to tell my dad"
Elena said
"Is it too embarrassing to tell me?" Carol said moving closer
to Elena
"I guess I can talk to you"
"You can, so why did you break up with him or why did he
break up with you?" Carol asked
"Carol he broke up" Elena trails off
"Elena it's okay, did he abuse you?"
"No, he asked me for sex and I said I was not ready. So
after some months he broke up telling me he cannot be in a
relationship with a daddy's girl" Elena sniffed "I feel like
I made a mistake, so I decided to meet him and allow him. so
I went to his room and saw him with someone else. And he
didn't..." Carol hugged her
" Elena it's okay. Am proud of you. I don't want you to feel
burdened, a guy who cannot wait for you is not in love with
you. He only wants your body. Don't let anyone make you do
what you don't want to do. No matter the love you have for
him, if you are not ready to have sex. Don't." Carol said
Elena gave a weak smile "Thanks Carol. Am so happy I didn't
make any mistake"
"You are always welcome dear. You had better get ready,
breakfast will be ready in five" Carol winked and left the
Elena slumped on her bed with a heavy heart. Carol was just
so nice to her and it was starting to scare her. She didn't
want to lose her too.
A ring from her phone brought her back to reality
"You are downstairs? OK I will be there... Be right there."
Elena slipped on a dress and dart to the door putting on her
slippers hurriedly.
She ran back to the room to check her face in the mirror, it
was okay, she packed her hair into a lazy pony tail and ran
"Wow, who do we have here. Aquila, you came really early
though. How are you?" Elena asked
"Hey Elena" Dylan called from the front of his house
Elena gave him a little smile
"Elena you are really grown, the last time I saw you, you
were this tall" Aquila said as they climb the stairs
"Are you for real? You were smaller than me. How's your
brother? Heard he left for college." Elena said giving him a
light push.
"By your left, its painted in chocolate...yes...I'll be
down in a sec" Carol hung up the phone and rushed downstairs
"Carol where are you off to?" Elena asked making way for
carol who seems to be in a hurry
"Oh, Elena there you are. My friend is around, I want to get
her." Carol said taking a glance at the boy beside Elena
she waved and left
"So she is?" Aquila asked
"My dad's girlfriend" Elena said
"Oh, like your step mom, I mean, to be" Aquila said trying to
rephrase his word
"It's okay if she becomes my step mom Aquila"
"Really, if I can still remember you always threw a tantrum
whenever something like this was mentioned. And did you ever
stop blaming yourself?" Aquila said
Elena felt a tug in her heart, he just reminded her of something she has always wanted to take far from her.
"I...I..." Elena stuttered.
"Hey babe, you look bigger than the last time I saw you. Is
Gerald feeding you something? I expected you would be so
lean I wouldn't recognize you as a result of babysitting
Gerald's beloved daughter. Am sure she's a brat" Brenda said
looking her friend over again and again
"God, will you keep quiet Brenda. When will you ever change?
Just come in, I don't want you saying things when we get
inside though" Carol said leading the way to the house
"Whatever, you never let me talk" Brenda grumbled and
followed her
"Have your seat, let me get you something." Carol said
before going to the kitchen
"Make it snappy. Babe I have news for you. Can't wait"
Brenda shouted so carol could hear from the kitchen
Carol shook her head laughing, she carried a pack of juice
from the fridge with two cups and went to the sitting room
"So Brenda, what was it you were saying?"
"Well, I was telling..." The sight of a girl and a boy
coming from the room stopped Brenda.
"Is that the daughter?" She asked in a muffled tone
"Yes, please be polite" Carol cautioned
A blond was seated in the room sipping her juice carefully
like she was trying not to spill her million dollar pink
shirt, black jean and black boots. She had a shiny pink lip
stick on and a branded bracelet and earrings to match.
Looking at her you could tell she was really lousy.
She turned to Elena
Elena walked up to her telling Aquila to wait outside for
"HI, you must be Brenda"
"You know my name?" Brenda said in the most polite way she
"Of course, carol told me about you. I hope you're enjoying
yourself here?" Elena smiled
"I am, carol is a home maker, she knows how to take good
care of anybody. Even motherless kids" Brenda said in a
"Excuse me?" Elena said and walked away
"Did I say something wrong?" Brenda shrugged and sipped her

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