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Wednesday, 20 December 2017


 I continued devouring my food but was shocked when I heard my name at the other side of our table. Maybe it was another Tamara. Ignore.
"Hey,butter face over here!" The voice yelled. I recognised that cocky voice and the nick. So I turned to the opposite direction praying it wasn't me been referred to.
"Why is Harry Benedict waving at our direction?" Flora asked panicking.
"Yeah,he's practically yelling"
I kept quiet, they all turned to me and I gave them the shoulders and pretended I was in Mars.
"Why is he moving towards us?" Amber inquired watching intensely.
"I guess he finally noticed me" Flora squeaked adjusting her dress. I rolled my eyes still not bothered about the whole fiasco.
I felt large hands on the table and titled my head to see Harry grinning.
"Hey Tamara,mind joining us" he pointed at his table I heard whistling sounds and rolled my eyes.
Flora froze,she didn't move, her eyes were as large as the earth.
Max was smiling all through he wanted to speak so badly but he ducked his head.
The only one calm was Amber,she continued eating making little sounds.
"I don't know,do you guys wanna?" I turned to the others.
Flora and Max nodded simultaneously, Amber shrugged.
Harry smiled and helped me with my lunch and we got up and proceeded to the popular's.
"Someone pinch me,I can't believe this is actually happening" Flora squealed quietly.
"Ow,what was that for".
" you requested it" Amber shrugged.
We got to the table,and I immediately felt the urge to run out from the scene. Two handsome guys were seated with a group of two girls,then turned their gaze to us and I felt shy at the spot.
"Hey guts meet,butt-,I mean Tamara" Harry introduced. The guys looked at me confusedly,the girls hissed in reply.
"Please be nice,and these are her friends" he nodded at them to speak up.
"Flora" she said shyly.
"Max" he smiled.
"Ugh,must I do this" Amber groaned,I laughed at her expression and I didn't miss the small smile coming from the guys.
"She's Amber" max hooked his arms around her which unfortunately didn't last long cause she bit his arms. They nodded and we took our seats.
I sat with a dark haired boy I recognised as Sam,he looked like one of those Greek gods. He noticed me and gave me a cocky smile hooking his arms around my shoulder.
"Hey beautiful" he winked smirking. "So what's your name macaroni?" Didn't he hear Harry introduce me,well I guess they were too engrossed with their chats.
"Nothing important for you to know" I retorted,and abruptly removed his arm and placed it on his lap.
"Oh,feisty I like it!" He smirked and wriggled his brow. OK this dude is really pissing me off.
"Don't you think that line is pretty overused" I rolled my eyes picking on my fry. I turned my gaze from Sam and studied the rest of the table. Flora was blushing as red as a tomato staring at the guy on her left which I now understood to be Ralph cause she told me earlier she liked him. Well literally.
Amber looked uninterested as she talked with max,Aiden and Ethan weren't in the table.
Hey!,what I'm really good with names.
I stared at the two girls in cheerleaders outfit,one of them had hazel-brown hair,light brown eyes and very hot she passed as one of those slutty girls mum warned me of to never mingle with. Then the other,the stereotypical bitch,what was her name again. Charlie,cha cha,Celine. Urgh never mind. I fought the urge to laugh at her expression, she was typing angrily on her iPhone frowning and cursing.
"Why are you staring at me?" She rudely asked sending daggers at my direction.
"It's a free world miss, the last time I checked staring wasn't part of a judicial crime" I retorted.
"I totally agree" Ralph stated nodding.
"Ralph,which side are you on?,you barely know her" she pointed at him pouting.
"With a mouth like yours,I would rather side with Lucifer" he responded grinning. Ouch,I totally felt a sting. I laughed so hard,the rest of the table noticed and shook their heads smiling.
"Natalie,say something" she urged the girl sitting beside her. Natalie only shrugged.
"Now listen here bitch,I don't know how many rounds you went with Harry,but that same shit won't work for me" she screeched. What the hell is she yarning about?.
"Charlotte!!" Harry warned making her roll her blue eyes.
"Yeah,whatever" she scoffed.
"So tell me Tamara" at least this playful blonde knows my name. Ralph turned to me. "I haven't seen you around school" he inquired searching my face.
"Yes,she resumed today" Flora answered politely but slightly shy when she peered at him.
"Oh,just like the rest of you girls right?" He asked pointing at Flora and Amber..
Flora blushed a deep shade of red "no silly we've been here since middle school, well you guys possibly don't know that cause you are busy being....." She paused.
"Popular" Amber finished and Flora smiled. Ralph nodded.
"I've seen Max a couple times though" Ralph shrugged stealing a piece of my fries. I glared at him and he put it into his mouth then smiled innocently. This hot germ.
Ralph whispered something into Sam's ears,then Sam reciprocated the action to Harry. I looked at them confusedly. Harry nodded then Ralph cleared his throat smiling.
"We would like if you guys can make it to my party this friday" Ralph pleaded giving us the puppy eyes. Max gasped but controlled himself and quickly nodded,Amber did the same then Flora. They all turned to me but I didn't miss the glares coming from Charlotte whilst Natalie continued to munch on her half eaten burger.
"No way guys" I shook my head,there was no way i was attending a frat party with the guys I just met today.
"But why?" Flora frowned.
"I got things to do" I shrugged.
"Like what?" Sam
"Yeah what things butterface?" Harry.
"We don't bite Tamara,well Sam do.... I mean, look at the evidence right on Natalie's neck" everyone laughed at Ralph's statement even Sam but Natalie's eyes grew wide and she groaned before placing her head on the table covering her neck to hide the hickeys.
"Well I hope not,but don't think I can make it guys. Don't wanna keep a promise I can't keep" I spoke scratching my temples.
"Well at least try" Sam suggested.
"Hey,that works too" Ralph smiled stealing another fry but this time I hit his hand so hard that he yelped in pain. I didn't miss the small smile coming from Harry. I signed, I guess I have to buy the mansion for my mum on her birthday..I silently laughed.
"Aiden?...where the hell is Aiden" Sam asked noticing his friend wasn't among the group. Just as the bell rang a tall figure approached our table,his tight maroon shirt hugged his body so perfectly, revealing his thick abs and muscles as he flexed them unknowingly,his tight jawline giving him an adult look but beautiful green eyes that held pain,bitterness and suffering making him look mysterious. I wondered how he looked when he smiled. Or does he?.
His golden brown hair looked messy which only made him look more gorgeously cute. I was lost for words everyone in the cafeteria stopped and stared whispering incoherent words. The girls dramatically fanned others swooned and fainted dramatically. I mean all this attention for just a guy?
He got to our table collected his uneaten lunch and went away without saying a word. I turned to the guys they shrugged I guess it wasn't new to them. But they was something about the emotions in his eyes,I was going to find that out and help him in any way possible.
But the question is, was it really worth it?
I needed to find that out.


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