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Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Her soft lips couldn't wait to know how it felt. His skin feels so hot under her palms . She can't wait anymore , the flood she felt in her pussy was an indication that she needed something rigid and hard ramming into her cunt nonstop . She took her fingers downtown to finger herself as she was still waiting for this sex god to put his cock deep into her throat ... "Please da-"
Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!
What the hell was that? Ring! Ring, Ring!
She raised her hand to put off that devilish device, her alarm ,she had always known that that devil was jealous of the relationship between her And her bed . Like for real, Get a lover! Plenty times ,she had thrown those things out of the window only to come back home and meet a new one. Courtesy of mother dearest "I'm so getting my house before 18, I'm dying" she mumbled in her sleep as she's still trying to locate the alarm , but it wasn't her alarm . It was her phone ." I'm so getting a gun", she said angrily , " who is the fucktard disturbing the wet dream I'm having with my man" she then laughed to herself "my man?"
Eleanor has been having the same dreams about this particular mystery dude , he's dark skinned,so of course he has a big cock ... "ho my God! I can't wait to masturbate this night again just thinking of my man" Just so y'all know , yes ! You guessed right . Eleanor is a virgin .. She's a player not a slut duuuurh
She was busy day dreaming and only picked after the sixth ring. She knew the caller of course , the only person she hates in her life ,her BFF , Cherry "hello bitch!" , "hmmm someone is in a great mood, someone is in a great mood" cherry sang . "Oh really bitch ? You're so tongue fucking me to bed this night since you already ruined my mind blowing early morning orgasm before it even started ! Argh" "For real babe? You know I'd love to do that . Believe me, your cunt tastes so so nice, especially when I drink my wine from it .. You remember? You practically begged for my fingers the last time " cherry replied and laughed . Oh! I forgot to tell you . Cherry is bisexual . She's not physically attracted to Eleanor but Eleanor allows her to do whatever with her body whenever they are both really bored or just finished watching a porno.
"Shut the fuck up bitch ! I know you're amazing and all . If I wasn't straight I'd have you as a girlfriend... Im so sexually tensed..argh! .. Should I just screw Drew ? I know I dumped him last week but that football captain has been practically begging with his eyes for some of these " Eleanor said pointing to her assets . "Speaking of school dunce, " Cherry huskily replied aroused ,"you have that in like 30 minuted and I'm downstairs waiting for you outside " . " oh mi god, fuck you asshole" Eleanor said and rushed to the bathroom .
She hurriedly took her bath with her cinnamon shower gel , got dressed in a white crop top, a high waist blue bum shorts and white converse , then styled her blonde hair to the side , very simple and less trashy . She did her make up of highlights , long eyeliner , pink lip gloss and a little contouring .. Looking fabulous as ever , she rushed downstairs to grab her breakfast of pancake and orange juice . "Seriously though, mummy should sack this cook if she can't make anything fancy and healthier . I'm tired of this crap every time argh!"
As she stepped out, she spotted Cherry in her pink Ferrari with her mouth shaped O . Wait, really bitch ? She got closer to see a clearer view of what Cherry was doing, knocked and sat down "for real bitch why are you doing that when we have like " Eleanor glanced at her Rolex " 9 minutes more to get to school ? Oh mi god take a vibrator to school? Eleanor asked bewildered. " cheery finally came down from her high , closed the porn site and smiled at Eleanor , pulled her pants up, dragged her blue tight dress down, licked off the pink dildo and raced down the road. "It's legit , I have a cursed life " Cherry laughed at that "why else do you think I miss fifth period and spend my time in the janitor's closet .Today....I think I'm eager to taste someone else's tight cunt this night ......" Then they both laughed and got to school two minutes before the beginning of hell , English !
Mr mark is a hot teacher, below 30, tries to hit on Cherry every time but that's a no no ... 1. He has had sex with six students and is no longer fresh meat to the queen Bs 2. He hates pink ! Who hates pink?! In Cherry's world ...she loathes anyone against her Disney land . The sight of her room is 'the dream' . Cherry is also tall, cream skinned, has a love shaped face, soft features , just the right size of boobs but with black hair and hot body . She has the body of a model and that's all . She falls in the B' grade category . She has been best friends with Eleanor since kindergarten . They are in fact family friends and have been inseparable ever since.
As they sat down in class , mr mark came in " good morning class, your exams are fast approaching And I expect your seriousness, less partying, more studying ". The class replied grudgingly "yeeeeees" " whatever, you know it affects your collation at the end of the semester yeah? I couldn't care less if....." He was interrupted by a knock on the door , the figure stepped in and every jaw in class dropped ,even males ! "I swear having that body is a crime" "oh my god
, is that Brad Houston?" "Damn, that face should be the beginning of sin" "that body is so yummy I could rape him!" "Is he a new guy?" All the girls in class wouldn't stop throwing rhetorical questions and all the guys had started glaring at him . Even Eleanor and Cherry were gaping at the walking angel . "Hush everyone! Meet your new classmate Brad Houston and Mr man , may I know why you're coming late to class on your first day ?" Brad just glanced at him and went to take his seat (in front of Eleanor since every where else was occupied ) expecting the teacher to understand the look of 'mind your business' ... Mr mark couldn't utter a sentence and went back to teaching in shame . The entire class laughed at this . What a way to start senior year ...

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