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Friday, 15 December 2017


Hit! Hit! Hit!
She should be somewhere around this corner , that I'm sure of . Hit! I've checked under the bed . The balcony also. Wtf! Hit! Hit! Hit! "Where is the blood coming from?" "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Hit!
Hit! Hit!
" Mark! Mark! Have you found her ?" Hit! Hit! Hit!
"Me too" "I can't take this anymore" Hit! Hit! "She only left this bag" .... Why her ??? Hit!
Memories from that night keep flooding Brad's head as he takes out his pent up anger on the poor guy gushing out blood from his nostril and mouth "please ....leave me....I promise to .....that ...that ...that...neighbourhood" Hit! Hit! Hit! Hit! Hit!
Is she still alive? Where the hell is my Belle?! His ears were auto tuned to the gibberish coming from this nigga's mouth . "I hit! just want hit! hit! to see hit! my Belle!" Hit! The man passed out on his final blow and Brad took a few lungfuls of air for stabilisation.
Sweat dripped from Brad's forehead as his attempt to get illicit information from this man was futile . He heard the man knew every single influential person in the town . He hadn't planned to end it in a blow fight of course . But his anger got the best of him . He had to find his Belle!
The newspapers still wrote 'Belle Compton missing' . Over three years now and no news from the police department . Brad knew he had to get matters into his own hands or Belle would be forgotten completely . He has been having nightmares since that fateful night . Every lead has been ineffectual so far and he's about to lose his mind. Even his connections with 'The barleys' weren't helping .
Brad was forced to be an adult at such a young age and had to make touch decisions . His mother died when he was 7 and his father absconded to live with a younger woman . He did all sorts to provide for his two younger siblings , Amelia and Daniel . These responsibilities were weighing him down and affecting his studies. He honestly couldn't care less about his academics . This is the eleventh school he's being transferred to . But the new rule in the boxing ring for people below 18 is to have a certificate . Like who cares? But he needs the money so bad . His street racing isn't paying as much as street fighting . He also needs money for Daniel's medicines which is fucking expensive . Being a black folk comes with different problems especially when you live in the ghetto of America . You go harder or go home! Live to survive , survive or be killed . It's that simple .
"What the fuck , I should have been in school 10 minutes ago!" He quickly cleaned the blood stain on his knuckles and got on his bike . One-way ticket to hell -school
Picking up on his speed , he managed to arrive at school just immediately the bell was rung signalling the end of homeroom . Who cares about the stupid timetable? He already had the feeling he wouldn't like it here . From the fancy cars in the garage to the big building before him. They even had a separate building for musicals behind the main school building and a very wide field . Should I be expecting Troy and Chad to come out of nowhere ? This fucking feels like Disney land . I ain't for this shit yo. I'ma be out or get a transfer in no time . No litters ? No single litter?! Damn
It took him extra twenty minutes to get his timetable and find his class . As he entered, he got his usual attention,drool, gawks and bewilderment . I think I heard something about mister blah blah blah He noticed the teacher before him . why this man looking like I sucked his dick last night or something? , yeah whatever.
Brad then nonchalantly took his seat and escape in his Disney land - sleep .
This chapter is damn short and I know it . I just wanted you to have an insight on Brad's life and shit .....
Dear sluts, this chapter is also void of romance .. You probably weren't expecting the violence
Check the next chapter however for your smuts to fill your dirty minds
You're advised to skip the next chapter though ..


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