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Monday, 11 December 2017


I write this piece with pains in my heart and I am very much close to tears, I have been hearing and also watching movies about the ways widows are treated as thou they killed their husband. I never took it seriously till I witnessed what happened to someone so close and I also see her as one of my many non-biological mothers.
            I seriously don’t know or probably might be guilty of not researching about what the governments in Nigeria are doing about the plight of the widows. One thing I know for sure is that they suffer a lot emotionally because most of them are always accused of been their husband killer and hence suffer physical abuse and harassments of the highest order mostly from the husband families.
In most cases, the husband family will even go as far as stripping the woman of all her entitlements especially if you don’t have any issue for the deceased. This shouldn’t be so thou some deceased are guilty of not writing their wills but then putting everything into consideration you might agree with me that it is still not a good thing and the husband families are wrong. These are just the few things suffered by a widow.

            I am using this medium to call on the government and those in powers to set up not just a body that protects the rights of this widows but a body that is reachable and very much accessible so that even the illiterates get to know their rights and fight. It is time for change let us come together and fight against the discrimination of widows.  

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