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Monday, 11 December 2017


It is said that experience is the best teacher, but to learn consciously without wisdom may even be a better and more convenient way to learn and to learn by experience is a way where a person learns from mistakes which might give u a scar or probably hurt you for life. It means you have burnt your fingers and now your eyes are open. This is a tough, costly and an inconvenient way to learn, why do we not learn consciously through wisdom?
We can learn by consciously going out of our way to acquire knowledge and wisdom rather than leaving our learning to chance. Surely we can easily learn from our mistakes but why wait till we make mistakes before we learn? It is not necessary that we learn from our negative experience, it is good to realise that life is simply the outcome and outplays of decisions, our life now is the sum total of our decisions and our future will be determined by the decision we make today. If we decide to learn today we are not likely to make mistakes and when we do not make mistakes, Experience need not to be our best teacher and to avoid mistakes, we must couple our decision with a complete and whole hearted devotion. Discipline is also needed and in this regard means learning something new every day by wisdom and not from experience.
It is much easier and cheaper to learn consciously by wisdom than to learn by experience. When we learn by experience, the deed is done and we are just picking up the pieces, regretting and learning how to avoid such mistakes next time.

Consider a child who sees a burning coal and goes to hold or touch it, he has learnt the hard way through the painful experience but his fingers will remain burnt, thus the saying that experience is the best teacher may not be justifiable after all and rather a saying that wise thoughts are more desirable than experience should be adopted.

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