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Friday, 19 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…

Steve took us to a very cool bar which I didn’t know existed around there. Well I was still new so there was no way I would have known. We had fun and when we were done, he drove us back before leaving for Eket.
At the bar, I noticed that Steve was doing everything possible to please Precious. At a point it became embarrassing to me but i just had to let him do his thing.
When he dropped us, he had pulled out his wallet and counted out five thousand naira and handed over to me. I wanted to politely reject it but he insisted which made me collect it with a thanks. I left the car to give them some privacy to talk.
After they talked, Precious came down from the car and the guy turned and drove off, and we walked down to my lodge saying nothing to each other. When we got to my room I excused myself to take a leak while she laid on the bed pressing her phone.
“Ok fine, I’m tired of this already, what is the problem?” she asked as I stepped out from the bathroom.
“I don’t have a problem with you or anybody. I don’t just want to be compared with anybody.”
“But I didn’t compare you with him. C’mon, that was just a passive comment.”
“It didn’t sound like one to me.”
She stood up from the bed and walked to me. Holding me by the waist she said, “Purity, I am sorry if you think I compared you with him. Believe me whatever I said then had nothing to it.” she held my gaze while saying those words.
“Ok it’s cool, I have heard you.”
We locked our gaze for a couple of seconds before our lips joined. Savouring the emotional kiss, we took our time exploring each other’s mouth like it’s our first, I walked her backwards and gently pushed her down to the bed. For some seconds I observed that she had her eyes closed while I worked on the buttons of her top. That was a part of her that I had never seen. The quietness that eluded her that moment was something I couldn’t comprehend, she was never like that. Done with the shirt, I laid on her as our lips met again. We took the time of our lives kissing once again like we cared about nothing in the world at that moment. As we kept probing into each other with our tongues the tension kept building up.
Slipping off her lips from mine, she held my head and whispered into my ears, “Please, now baby. Make love to me now please.” I was taken by the tune of her voice and reaction.
“Who is this girl” I asked myself looking at her face.
Pulling up her tank, I gently circled her areola into my mouth while working on her zipper. Pushing her trouser down with her panties, I pulled free from her to get them completely off her legs. Done with that, I pulled her free of her tank and gently parted her laps. I had no time to savour that sight of her clean Shavn before pushing in my dic.k with one swift thrust. She wrapped her legs tight around my waist and held tight to Eme making it hard for me to move.
She held unto me for a couple of minutes before releasing herself while I started thrusting in and out. I had already summed up the mood and decided that maintaining a momentum will be the best for the moment. I kept it at a pace going in and out, receiving a reassuring moan to each thrust. I was thrusting slowly and deeply making sure to hit at something with each thrust.
I kept it at that pace for a while before deciding to change the game plan. Pulling off, I turned her around and pushed a pillow under waist propping it up while she laid down with her upper body. I penetrated deep from that position but had a little difficulty getting my all into her. She must have noticed this after a few thrust as she brought herself up in a perfect doggy position. I held unto her waist thrusting deep into her with every will power left in me.
She held to the pillow with her head buried in it while I was hitting her hard from behind. It must have been hard for her to hold back as she let out a scream of pleasure that re-echoed through my room and beyond. It wasn’t long before I felt my balls tightening. I was close and withholding it was the very last thing on my mind. I increased the pace of my thrust and within some seconds my seeds came shooting out into her.
We laid down with her snuggling into me as we basked in the euphoria of that moment. I played with her hair staring up in to the space with some thoughts running through my mind. For some moments I felt guilty for what I had done. I know I was breaking my words to Shania but it was something I had no will power to stop. I was still lost in thought when the light came back on. Shifting the already sleeping Precious gently, I stood up and wore my boxer and headed out to pump the water.
I came out and met my landlord and the new two girls who came the previous day. They were already packing in. I greeted them which my landlord replied with an unusual grim all over his face. I caught the gist and suspected that they must have been there long enough to have heard everything. The girls on their part greeted me awkwardly feigning too busy with unpacking their stuffs.
I left them and went back to my room, just when my phone started ringing. I checked the caller and it was IJ. Walking into the kitchen, I took the call.
“Hey! What’s up? Good evening” she hailed as the line connected.
“Good evening, how are you. Hope you got there safely?”
“I’m fine and yes I did, how are you?”
“Am cool.”
“Have you had anything to eat since you came back?”
“Yea, a friend of mine came around from Eket so we went out together.”
“He or she.”
“Thank God I am not around.”
“Why did you say that?”
“I wouldn’t have endured another night of torment unlike what your girlfriend put me through the last time she came. Do me a favour, anytime she is coming around, do well to inform me earlier so that I can stay away for the period she would stay” she said laughing.
“Wait I don’t understand what you are saying, what do you mean by torment?” I asked pretentiously.
“Hey don’t even pretend to me. Is it because I never talked about it? Well how would you know when you are the one hitting the drum that was producing the sound.”
“I’m not a drummer so I don’t know anything about drums and sound please.”
“Yea right you don’t.”
We talked more before she rang off. I had to hydrate before joining Precious on the bed. She was sleeping so peacefully that I had to cover her with the duvet as the fan was oscillating on the highest.
I was about to drift into the dream world when she woke and kissed my lips bringing me back to consciousness.
“Hey! You are awake?” I asked from my consciousness.
“Yea, has it been long I slept?”
“Yea, like two hours ago.”
“Woow! Kudos to you,” she said resting on me. “And it has been long you know.”
We made some small talks after which we went and showered. Back on the bed, she laid her head on my shoulder playing with my hairs while we gisted. For some reason she avoided asking me about Shania, moreover it’s not like I wanted her to. Just then, something struck my mind as we were talking.
“Yea that reminds me, do you mind if I ask a question?”
“Provided it has nothing to do with my bank details then go ahead” she replied laughing.
“You remember in camp, you told me that I was the first guy that you ever had something to do with sexually?” I allowed the question to sink before I concluded it with, “what happened?”
She breathed heavily releasing the air which seemed trapped inside her before deciding to narrate her story.
“Well long story short, I went to a girl’s boarding school. I was handed over to a family friend’s daughter who I saw as a mentor to take care of. As a little girl I had an early development, that by the time I got to jss2 I already had Bosom and was very curvy. I was the envy of my classmates and other seniors were jealous of my school mother.
So one night when everybody was out for night prep, she had called me to her hostel. One thing led to another and she started touching me, handling my Bosom and the rest. I was scared, embarrassed and uncomfortable that I had to run away from her hostel that night.
The following morning, she had started being mean to me. She wasn’t talking to me and even when other seniors punished me, she never seemed to care. After a couple of days, I couldn’t bear it anymore so I had to go back and plead for her forgiveness. She had told me to go away that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me again. I went back to my hostel that day and cried my eyes out. I had cried myself to sleep that I didn’t know when my mates had gone to the refectory and from there to class. The only thing I remembered was that she woke me up and led me to her hostel. She had given me food and apologised for treating me badly.
For a couple of days, she didn’t make any advances towards me and I felt bad. She started becoming closer to some of my friends but never allowed her friends to come closer to me. One night I had slept in her hostel and late into the night she had started touching me. That was my first time of experiencing Sekxual pleasure. It was awkward at first but over time, I kinda got used to it. She had been the one who broke my virginity with her fingers and tongue.
Well, I never told anybody, I mean apart from the fact that she warned me, what would I have told people? Fortunately, in my ss1 she was expelled, together with other seniors in relation to the act of lesbianism. Some junior students and some of my classmates also went under the hammer but how I wasn’t pointed out remains a mystery to me.
After she left, things changed. I wasn’t having anybody to touch me and I never had the courage to touch anyone. One day, out of frustration I had walked myself down the guidance and counselor’s office and bore it all out to her. She had talked to me and helped rehabilitate me. That was it.
I never had anything sexually to do with a guy since then. Not even a boyfriend staying close to me apart from you. So that’s it son” she concluded smiling.
“So you are actually telling me that you have gone down the line of ………” she didn’t allow me to complete what I was about to say knowing that I was going to tease her before she started fighting me. We played around till early hours of the morning before we slept off.
To Be Continued…

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