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Tuesday, 2 January 2018


It was a tingling sound, coupled with a Blue light…
Something pokes my arm… And my Head is throbbing… I can’t feel my arm… Oh no, no!, what have they done with my arm?
A pink like shadow bends over me.
Sweat soaked me fully, and i sit up in bed, terror filling my mind and thoughts. I quickly look at my right arm, and breathe a sigh of
relief. It’s still there (thank God), though numb from having slept on it wrongly with my whole weight on it.
I fall back onto my pillow, shocked at how cold the sweat on the pillow feels as my head hits it.
Flipping it over to the dry side, I notice the
time. I have only an hour till my alarm goes off. Groaning, I roll over, hoping to get a little more sleep, before I have to get up, and get ready for school.
I doubt I will though, as my head is pounding, and my arm is stiff and tingling.
* * *
Buzzing fills my room, followed
right after by robotic voices screaming, “Exterminate!
Exterminate!” m0an!ng like the dead, I reach for my alarm clock to switch it off, only to find the
switch is already in the off spot, the noise ending just before I
reach it.
Sitting up, rubbing my eyes, I reach for the glass of water I left on my nightstand before going to bed last night, and try to wake my sleeping mind. For some
reason I feel like I have just run a
marathon, rather than had a long night’s sleep. I’m just glad the headache is gone, though my arm still seems a little stiff.
My door flies open, and I look up to see my roommate, Dennis,
looking at me.
“Rise and shine, dork!” he calls,
turning on my light.
“I thought I
told you to change that alarm sound. Your Doctor WHAT is
annoying in the morning.”
“I’m a geek!”( you will understand that word later) I told him for what felt like the hundredth time. “And
it’s Doctor Who, not What.”
“More like Doctor Whatever. Or Doctor What do i care”
Shaking my head at my roommate’s ignorance, I quickly get dressed, and head from my room. Reaching for the light, it flips off a moment before I hit the switch. Looking at it in confusion, my stomach rumbles,
recalling me to breakfast.
“Have you been watching the news lately?” Dennis asks me as I pour my cereal into a bowl. I just give him a look, in response. He
knows I can’t abide watching the news.
“I just thought you might be interested in what’s been happening, you being such a dork and all.” Deciding it’s best to
keep my mouth shut, I just pour my milk.
“Seems there was some girl in India that started flying around town, like some sort of Superman, and a guy in Japan
suddenly started on fire, but didn’t get burned.”
“Parlor tricks, that's older than the rate of corruption in Nigeria” I mumble around
a mouthful. For a moment I consider mentioning that there
are plenty of female comic book characters that can also fly, but then remembering his level of ignorance, I just continue chewing.
“I dunno… The news seemed pretty interested in it. There are videos of the flying girl on
Youtube and” He continues to ramble on, but somehow I ignore him, until I leave for class.

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